Gift Idea: Artfully Walls

I was recently introduced to an amazing online gallery called Artfully Walls. They produce prints for some of the artists you’ve definitely seen lately, like Kristi Kohut, Lisa GolightlyBritt Bass TurnerAnna Ullman, Beth Winterburn, among many talented others. They sell museum quality prints at super affordable price points. (Hello, perfect gift idea!)

 photo IMG_4139.jpg

What I love the most about Artfully Walls if that every single print they carry is beautiful. There is not any fluff on the site – every piece is thoughtfully curated.

 photo IMG_4109.jpg

They have a great selection of beach scene photos that we are all loving right now! The colors in this one by Claudia Chloe are STUNNING. The bright green water and the lemon yellow umbrellas are so happy!

 photo IMG_4143.jpg
 photo IMG_4158.jpg
They also have a great collection of floral prints, which are always so pretty to me. I especially love the more abstract florals, like this one by Daniela Orlev. That touch of black in the print is just perfect! 
 photo IMG_4060.jpg
All of the prints from Artfully Walls are museum quality, printed on special archival paper with archival inks. Print sizes vary, depending on the artist, but there are usually 2-4 sizes to chose from, which gives you more price point options. 
 photo IMG_4097.jpg
Isn’t this frame pretty great too? A little different than what I’m normally drawn to, but I think it compliments the colors of the print nicely! Most of the Artfully Walls framing options are very clean and modern (which I love). There are a few great moulding options and a simple mat or no mat choice. EASY!
 photo IMG_4096.jpg
Artfully walls also has a great collection of portraits. I fell head over heels for this portrait of two girls on the beach by T.S. Harris. It feels very Elizabeth Peyton to me. 
 photo IMG_4234.jpg
I love it all – the colors, the composition, the stripe in the girl’s shirt… 
 photo IMG_4256.jpg
It looks like it was meant to be hung in our music room. It fits right in! It seems there can never be too many lady portraits in this house full of real life ladies. :)

 photo IMG_4195.jpg
 photo IMG_4179.jpg

Here are some of my other favorites from Artfully Walls (I’ve been eyeing that fig one for a while now!). So many beauties to fall in love with!

 photo LGN AW1.jpg
figs  //  beach
 photo LGN AW 6.jpg
 photo LGN AW 5.jpg
leaf abstract 1  //  leaf abstract 2  /  Grand Canyon

Thank you to Artfully Walls for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. :) 
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  1. accessibility to the masses, –a company like this who makes fine prints. really, it's the trickle down that blesses the average home! i treasure my (humble) art, and am always looking for the 'right' next 'piece!'

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