Decorating With National Geographic Magazines

I found a bunch of National Geographic magazines at an antique mall recently that I bought to put in my parents’ new game room.

 photo IMG_9574.jpg

I love these magazines! My girls have been in heaven, poring through the pages and looking at all the gorgeous photos and maps inside! Evie said it best when she told me “Mom. The Earth is pretty magic, don’t you think?” :)

The covers are so pretty, too! It reminds me of this beautiful Tilton Fenwick room!

 photo TiltonFenwick_Showhouse03.jpg

And speaking of that gorgeous room, at the same antique mall that I bought the National Geographic magazines, I found a pair of horn-inlay Karl Springer chippendale style chairs. Major, major heart eyes for these! I’m so tempted by them…

 photo IMG_0727.jpg
Wouldn’t those seats be great reupholstered in a black leather?
 photo IMG_0726.jpg
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12 thoughts on “Decorating With National Geographic Magazines

  1. Perfect! We are in the process of moving and my husband wanted to get rid of all our National Geographics … this is exactly what I was envisioning for them. (he kept them.)

  2. We love National Geographic at our house, too! We have a bunch of copies from the sixties and seventies that get pulled out quite often. I also love the Trixie Belden books! I had the whole series as a child. They are currently on display on a bedroom bookshelf, although the covers aren't nearly as well-preserved as your copies.

  3. Also really loving the wall behind the national geographics—could be a cool DIY…fabric as wallpaper with a geometric pattern via metal thumbtacks/pushpins. Wheels are turning!

  4. Those chairs are absolutely gorgeous – what a great find! I also love the idea of decorating with magazines. I love that it's both practical and beautiful!

  5. I was looking through a huge collection of National Geographic magazines at an estate sale once in Dallas and discovered envelopes of cash (over $7K) that the elderly couple had stashed in the magazines in the garage for "safe keeping". It was so exciting that I forgot to buy the magazines! The cash went to the Scottish Rite Children's hospital – I followed up with the hospital to make sure they got it. Everyone did the right thing. Such a happy memory!

  6. National Geographic just remains so old school and so current at the same time! makes for a pretty perfect design element.

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