New Mattress!

Big news, guys. We got a new mattress over the weekend and we’ve already put it through rigorous comfort testing! Margot gives it two tiny, chubby thumbs up.

 photo IMG_9242.jpg
After I posted about being in the market for a new mattress, a cool new company called Leesa reached out to me. They sell amazingly comfortable mattresses for a great price – and they ship them for free, straight to your door, with a 100-day risk-free return policy. This is the future, my friends! 
When the mattress box arrived, I was worried that they had sent me the wrong order. The box was much smaller than I expected it to be! I thought it was maybe a crib mattress or something? 
 photo IMG_9045.jpg
But once we started unwrapping it, the mattress began to expand and take shape.
 photo IMG_9055.jpg
Within an hour or so it had expanded to its full 10″ thickness! It was pretty cool to watch. And the whole time I was thinking how amazing it was that I was getting a new mattress without actually going to a mattress store (which feels a lot like buying a car to me – i.e., torture).
 photo IMG_9238.jpg

The mattress is so, so comfortable – super soft, but still firm and supportive. And it’s a shame it has to get covered up with bedding – the mattress itself is gorgeous! It looks and feels like a soft sweater.

 photo IMG_9061.jpg
I am all heart eyes for my new mattress and for Leesa, who donates a mattress to a shelter for every ten sold. I love it.
 photo IMG_9073.jpg

Getting this new mattress was step one in our mini bedroom makeover. Step two is getting a new bed frame (one that better fits a true king – more about that here). I’m hoping to get that ordered and the walls painted this week. We’re lightening everything in here up a bit and I can’t wait for the change!

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Thank you to Leesa for sponsoring LGN! For $75 off your order (for the first 50 readers), use the code LGN75 at checkout.
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24 thoughts on “New Mattress!

  1. Yes, the baby approves it- but do the kids for jumping support? :) Yes I'd also like to hear how you feel about it 100 days later of sleeping on it.

  2. Oh that baby! What sweet girls you have. Can you also report if there is any smell to the mattress please? I looked into this type of mattress and some of the reviews said that the smell didn't go away for them. I'm super sensitive about smells and get migraines from them easily so I'd have to be careful about that. Hoping you've found the one that works as I'd like to try one!

  3. Oh! That picture of Morgot is the sweetest! And I cannot believe how big Claire and Grace are getting! I almost thought they were older friends of the girls. I'm excited to see what you do with your bedroom, and I'm always hoping for a peek upstairs! I'm sure there's plenty of good stuff happening in those girls' bedrooms, because you're superwoman.

  4. Oh thank you! this comes at a great time! We were about to pull the trigger on a 3500 Tempurpedic but felt absolutely sick spending that much money on a mattress! Were gonna try this one instead and feel much better with our purchase! Thanks again!

  5. Hi Kelly!

    They say on the packaging that there is going to be a faint smell after opening. I put my nose up to the fabric while the mattress was expanding and I could smell it just a bit. By the time we went to be that night I couldn't smell anything though. Hope that helps!


  6. We bought a Lessa mattress about 4 months ago. I'll be honest, at first I didn't like it. I wasn't used to sleeping on such a firm mattress. After the first month though, it felt comfortable to me. My husband loved it from the beginning. We are very happy with our purchase and feel like we got a top notch mattress for a fraction of the cost.

  7. I love love that your gals are in these pics!! They are growing up sop much!! And all so adorable. We are totally in the market to get a king sized mattress. I'll have to look into this. Is it bad tostill have the mattress from when you were fist married 13 years ago??!!

  8. I'm sorry, I have no idea what you actually wrote because LOOK AT THAT YUMMY BABY! She is so cute!

    I love the colors in your master bedroom already… can't wait to see what you do next.

  9. This could not be more perfectly timed! We have been talking about upgrading our bed to a King for the past three years and finally decided this is the year. I just ordered our bed but needed a mattress. We had decided to go with the tempurpedic until we saw this. At significant savings and a risk free 100 day trial we are giving Leesa a shot! Thanks for the referral!

  10. Seems just like Tuft & Needle, which is at a lower pricepoint ($600 for a Queen) – Same free delivery, shipping, 100 day trial, etc. Also made 100% in the USA. I am in the process of shopping for a new mattress, but have heard GREAT things from many people about T&N. Never heard of Leesa, but I'm sure they are great too! :)

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  12. Hi there – I love your blog and read it regularly. very inspiring.
    You mentioned that you were "tempted the horn inlay chairs.
    If you did not purchase them, i wonder if you might point me to them — I have been searching high
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    Thanks – Claudine

  13. Hi Jenny, can you give an update on how you are liking this mattress after having it a little while? I'm thinking of purchasing a Leesa mattress and I'm curious what it's been like.

  14. I really like it, Just the RIght SIze! It's a lot like a Temperpedic, so if you like those, this is an amazing deal. I will say that my back hasn't felt this good in a while and I'm attributing it to my new mattress! :)

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