Overdyed Quilts

How gorgeous is this overdyed quilt from Spartan?  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to copy the idea.

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I’ve been holding on to a small child’s quilt for a while now that has some staining on it, but the overall pattern and the individual fabric patterns are so sweet!
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I thought about cutting it up to make pillows or to frame, but how sweet would it be to overdye this quilt for Margot’s nursery? I love the idea of getting to save the quilt and I think hot pink would be SO cute! 

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0 thoughts on “Overdyed Quilts

  1. I love this concept, but adore the quilt "as is". I restore vintage linens regularly with excellent results. Try hydrogen peroxide on the stains, wetting the fabric well first. Ammonia also works, and even dilute lemon juice. Don't mix them all togehter, just use them in sequence, rinsing well in between. Follow with some time in the Arizona sun and you'll be amazed.

  2. Awaiting the result with bated breath. I have been toying with this idea for an old quilt I own, but too scared to try it. Thank you for being a trailblazer. I think the hot pink will work really well with the existing colors of the quilt.

  3. I love overdyed rugs, but for some reason I feel that you'd be losing the sweetness and beauty of this quilt. I would try Dans cleaning suggestions first, then if that doesn't work go pink.

  4. This is genius. I have an old quit that's in great shape but just not my style, I'm not a quilt person. But I can TOTALLY get on board with the dyed quilt! It's beautiful! I'm totally digging the dark blue. Trying this.

  5. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I have several quilts that I would love to update to match my style so I can keep them out.

  6. I have a small quilt from Target that just might work for overdying. I've never dyed anything before so this would be a first for me.

  7. as the daughter of a quilter, I am almost offended that anyone would do this! at the same time, there are some really ugly quilts that could be salvaged by doing this!

  8. Thank you for this idea! I have a pretty little store-bought quilt that my son scribbled all over, before I learned to keep the Sharpies out of reach. Boo! I was going to use it to "fill" another quilt. Until then . . .

  9. Hi, I'm a quilter and collector of antique quilts. This an adorable quilt as it as and I'm sad for the original quilt maker that you are going to over dye it. Someone put their heart and soul into making this. I wouldn't object if this were an ugly quilt or one from Target but its not. To take out the stains, you can purchase Vintage Quilt wash at your local quilt shop and try that first. If that doesn't work you can use Tide Bleach pen on the white parts to take out – but be careful not to get it on the colored fabrics. I have also soaked antique quilts in OxyClean. After I get the stains out I run it through the washer on very gentle cycle and then dry for 10 minutes on low to get the dampness out. Then I lay out the quilt and square it out.

  10. I'm so interested that this topic has had some strong opposing viewpoints! I would have thought that the magic of the quiltmaker is in the intricate design and stitching, not necessarily in the fabric choices. The overdye process protects the beautiful pattern and stitching, I would think. I also am pro-anything that brings homemade and handmade goods by artisans into more peoples homes. Quilts aren't super accessible for people with a modern aesthetic so this really fits the bill. Plus, not buying new is also a huge win. There are plenty of ebay quilts that I think could have a fun new home with this idea!!

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