Vintage Bassinet Redo

Our little one is due in the next two weeks or so here (!) and we are all getting very excited!

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I think we are going to do a few little bedroom switches when the baby gets older, but I haven’t worked it all out yet, so I’ve held off on buying a new crib. I did pick up a bassinet off Craigslist though and gave it a little makeover during the holidays.

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I love, love the shape of the basket, but the finish and color of the wood was not my favorite.

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Since the bassinet will stay in our bedroom, I thought a soft white would be prettiest against our dark walls (the color is Ben Moore’s Knoxville Gray). I had a couple cans of Rustoleum’s Heirloom White on hand, which is the perfect off-white.

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I think the secret to a great spray painted finish is several thin coats with lots of drying time between coats. If you get any drips or dust in the finish, a fine grade sanding block will work wonders.
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I had to trim the corners of a portable crib mattress down to fit the oval shape of the bassinet and I think it needs a little more trimming to fit perfectly and I might end up altering the sheets, but I’m pretty happy with how the bassinet turned out.

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All her little clothes and swaddling blankets are washed, her car seat’s installed and ready, we’re just waiting for her to show up! The poor little thing is breech and the cord is tangled around her neck a few times, so she’s having a hard time flipping. I’ve been doing all sorts of awkward yoga to get her moving and untangled, but no luck yet! Any tips?

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  1. My first baby (25 years ago!) was breach and we tried both external version (OB in hospital setting) and moxibustion (a form of acupuncture)and both seemed to inspire the baby to move! Unfortunately, my baby didn't turn, but it did seem like both procedures could have moved him. Worth a try.

  2. I had a breach (and a wacky midwife) 25 years ago. She had me lay on a tilted (supported) ironing board…it was the only large flat item we owned….I put one edge on the high point of the couch and the other end on the floor. Lay on board head at floor feet in air…ice pack near crotch, warm compress/waterbottle at ribs…..10 minutes on 10 minutes off.

  3. my first baby was breech so we did the external version.
    dr turned baby successfully, but he went right back to breech position at whichpoint i was satisfied that he was in a comfortable position that way and we scheduled a c-section.
    my husband video taped it and its on youtube. its crazy how they manipulated me/baby, but amazingly didnt hurt at all. here it is if you are interested:

    good luck jenny!

    1. So pretty…but my unfolded pack n play is the only piece of equipment that is still with is after 13 years. Car seats have been replaced. Swings. High chairs. But my basic pack n play is going strong. And I can put it away. And I can pull it out when my 2 yr old gets testy in the bed and I can say you have to sleep in the baby bed or ue it when cousins come over.

  4. My 2nd was a vaginal breech delivery. I tried all the yoga poses, laying upside down on ironing boards, etc. (although didn't know about spinning babies at the time), and none of it worked, and we didn't want to risk a c-section by trying an external version. I ended up laboring at home longer than I should have and was ready to push by the time we got to the hospital (which really pissed off my ob at the time–liability issues and all that) so she ended up coming the natural way. This time around, I made sure I had an ob that was willing to do vaginal breech delivery, if necessary. Luckily baby #3 is cooperating so far, but in case she flips in the next 3 weeks, I won't have to worry about it too much. Hopefully your baby flips on her own! Or you can always switch obs! Good luck!

  5. Oh man I tried everything to get my turkey to turn!! Accupunture got her wiggling a bit, the chiroprater, talking to her asking her to turn, sitting on my head with my butt in the air…..oh I also tried an ice pack. Sitt in a warm bath not all the way full and put a bag of frozen peas up top where her head is.

    Of course none of it worked and I had a c section, but it gave me peace of mind knowing I tried eeeeeeverything!

  6. #3 flipped last minute, but still came out sunny-side up. I had a really gifted acupuncturist/midwife/cranial-sacral therapist who was incredibly helpful and gave him room to move. Also, my former doula was a helpful resource and she recommended the spinning website for info. Good luck!

  7. My aunt, and later on her own daughter, we're instructed to crouch on the bed butt up with head on the mattress for 10 minutes every night. Their babies turned.

    Little Green Notebook: the blog to learn anything!

  8. Headstands in a swimming pool worked for me at 37 weeks! It was awkward, tiring, embarrassing and sent my other two girls into fits of laughter….but it worked! I actually felt her flip later that day! Try it!

  9. Cute basinet!
    My daughter was breech. We tried for the Version, but 39 weeks was a little late. Went in for the csection and all turned out okay. I was originally very anti-csecion, but overall it was still a really good birth experience. Not quite as much work on my end and I still got to do skin to skin contact moments after her birth. Either way, praying for you guys.

  10. I'm also wondering about the goose blanket – we call our daughter Goose too! If you don't mind sharing the source I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  11. Try the chiropractor for the baby's position. My baby was breech at 34 weeks and I saw the chiropractor for the Webster technique. It ultimately did not directly turn the baby, I ended up doing a version at 37 weeks, but I think everything the chiropactor did, helped to make the version go more quickly and smoothly. It seemed to help loosen up my round ligaments so the baby had more room to turn.

  12. Is the spacing of those bars O.K. for a baby? How do you evaluate the safety of vintage baby items?

    The concern over babies getting stuck in things seemed overblown until I met my boyfriend, who apparently spent his entire childhood cramming his limbs into every small space he could find, then getting them stuck there.

  13. If the cord is around the neck won t they schedule a c section? My middle daughter had a full knot in the cord unbeknown to us which caused a few worrying moments during the vaginal birth.

  14. Very sweet bassinet. I had a breach baby too and the cord was wrapped around his neck. I chose to leave it be… didn't want to mess with it. C-Section was easy breezy. Whatever you do good luck and I'm sure it'll be a smooth and uneventful delivery.

  15. There is a trick recommended by spinning babies which involves turning upside down in a pool which tricks the baby to flipping. I think if you google it you can get specifics. I've never tried it, but have heard it works.

  16. Oops, forgot: chiropractor trained in maternal care and, this seems really silly, but leaning on a counter (like with folded forearms) so your spine/legs are at an angle and your belly is hanging down. Thinking turning thoughts for you!!

  17. Our 3rd baby was Breach at 39 weeks so in L&D doctor gave me an epidermal and tried the Version which didn't work. they were going to prep me for a C-section and then the little guy turned in position so I was able to labor and have a vaginal birth. He just needed a little reminder I guess. The doctors where so surprised and said they had never seen that before. We where moving in 2 weeks and I was so glad not to be recovering from a C-section with a newborn and a move. Best wishes

  18. I did hand stands repeatedly in the shallow end of the pool and used gravity to make her flip. I also did the ironing board thing mentioned above and it all worked. Wishing you a healthy and speedy birth!!!

  19. @ Emily:
    "The regulations for the distance between crib slats changed in June 2011, when the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) mandated that cribs sold in the United States must have crib slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart and that the slats must be made stronger to reduce the possibility of them breaking or coming loose. This applies both to new cribs and used cribs sold commercially, whether full-sized or smaller. If you don't carry around a measuring tape, you can use a soda can as a quick and easy measurement tool. If you can easily fit the can through the slats, they're too far apart."

  20. I echo a lot of the previous ladies' comments. My son was breech at 35 weeks, so we did moxibustion, Webster technique, crawling around on all floors, laying upside down on the ironing board, acupuncture, and then finally the external version which was successful and I went on to have him at 40 weeks (at 10lbs 1oz!) I will definitely be thinking of you, I know it's extremely stressful on a pregnant Mama…

  21. What a sweet little spot for your babe! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was reading Evie's birth story! Sure hope things go well and the adjustment to four is a breeze ;) In addition to the awkward poses you're probably already doing, I did lots of swimming when I was pregnant and heard that breast stroke in particular is great for positioning baby.

  22. Mine was breach and I did both the inversion exercises – although mine were hips over head using a stack of pillows – and the pool headstands. I couldn't tell you which one worked but I still had to have a c-section, since he flipped with his arm over his head and decided to come out hand first!!

    Even so, c-section (at Scottsdale HC North!) was totally fine. Very best wishes to you and your family!

  23. HI!

    Our daughter (now four) was breach. I did "inversions" i.e. hanging out upside down, I did a lot of swimming including summer saults and hand stands in the pool, we did moxibustion AND the biggest thing was going to a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique. So find one- also just great to do for pregnancy in general! (did this with our second and helped keep everything open down there)

    Ultimately we had to go to the hospital and have an external version. And it took all of 5 seconds, every one was amazed! swoosh she turned and at 38.5 weeks too! I think it was all of the other stuff we were doing that kept me so loose.

    I will say the biggest thing was just relaxing, when all was said and done, i stopped doing all of the stuff a few days before our version just to give myself a break and to relax. which helped A LOT!

    And if you do- do a version, my midwives told me to not abide by the rule to not eat anything since the night before or to not drink anything. you need that baby alert and energized (so I had a small breakfast) and being well hydrated gives you more amniotic fluid making it easier for the baby to turn. (I had to do a pee test before everything started and my crystal clear pee was a dead give away! ha!) but we had a great version that allowed me to have a home birth.

    hope this helps and good luck. (Play for the baby "Turn Turn Turn Turn" by the mamas and the papas! ha! I did this too, i did just about everything!)

    ~abigail @GrayDayStudio

  24. I did the Webster Method (in my last trimester for a breech baby) with a chiropractor, and it worked great! My little girl turned after about 4 appointments. Also, I had a big baby and she still turned. At one point, my little girl was transverse and had her head on nerves in my hip, it was really painful. I did CranioSacral Therapy with a physical therapist, and it was AMAZING!!! I had really great results with both!

    I can't wait for your birth story! I know it was years ago, but your story with your youngest daughter has stuck with me. I dont know if anything can top that swift birth!

    Also, on a side note, I still ended up with a c-section for other reasons and it was a really easy recovery! Worth it all no matter how they arrive! God Bless and congrats on another lovely daughter!!!!!

  25. Myrrh & Peppermint essential oils may help with turning a breech baby!
    Mix one or both of the oils (I’d start with 2-5 drops each) with equal parts carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) and rub on your belly.
    Start with 2-3 drops peppermint essential oil mixed with equal portion carrier oil, on the top of your belly, rubbing in a rainbow motion. This “cools” and nudges the baby to turn his/her head down.

    Next, use 5 drops myrrh essential oil in one teaspoon carrier oil and rub on your belly in a circular motion.

    I read that this can be effective almost immediately (but to keep trying the protocol if you don’t feel the baby flip) and it can even be effective DURING labor (not just the weeks leading up to labor).icon smile essential oils for turning a breech baby

  26. That's exactly the position my daughter was in, too. Except we didn't know the cord was around her neck (and in a knot) until after the c-section. I tried everything I could find on the internet plus my doctor tried to turn her. That was pretty much the worst. I almost passed out and the baby didn't budge one bit.

    I was also hoping I could do a vaginal breech birth, but the doctors were worried about her size, too, and made me schedule a c-section.

    I wouldn't want to do a c-section again, but I'm glad it worked out that way after finding out about the cord troubles she was having. I feel like she knew she couldn't get untangled and was staying in that position because that was safest for her. I actually felt bad I was hanging upside-down and doing all these crazy things to her while she was sitting in there uncomfortably tangled up! Poor thing!

    Good luck whatever happens!

  27. My two girls were both breach. I tried sitting in a warm bath tub with an ice pack on their heads both times. Both times I had external versions. Both were successful. Also did some upside down exercises, nothing but the version worked.
    I was pretty determined to have them vaginally but truly feel that any birth where you end up with a healthy baby is a perfect birth. The important thing is to get the baby out. Possibly I feel that way since all three of my babies were at least a week late. The third I went into the hospital THREE times before she showed up. The first time was for the version where they schedule a delivery room just in case there's a problem, but she turned and stayed. The second time was one week later when she was induced-Advanced Maternal Age, I was 42 and they didn't want her in there too long. The third time was one week later when she didn't come with the first induction. Doc finally broke my water after a morning of pitocyn and she showed up 30 minutes later. 17 years later she is still stubborn.

  28. Try an energy worker, an intuitive who can connect with the baby. I'd love to do distance work with you(I'm an intuitive dual and shaman)! Your blog has brought so much sunshine into my life, I'd love to return the favor! Many blessings…

  29. Crib is awesome! My only tip is that, if you start to worry about the baby's safety, C-sections are NOT as bad as you might think esp if you have not started laboring. I was terrified the first time but it was actually okay! Good luck!

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