New Oushak on the Landing

Thank you all for the kind words about the studio reveal! I hope all of you have entered the $2000 give away! I’ll be posting more info and sources and angles of the room soon. :) While I’m working on those posts and tutorials, I wanted to share this pretty rug find with you! My…

Thank you all for the kind words about the studio reveal! I hope all of you have entered the $2000 give away! I’ll be posting more info and sources and angles of the room soon. :)

 photo IMG_3510.jpg

While I’m working on those posts and tutorials, I wanted to share this pretty rug find with you! My friend Kendra Smoot tipped me off to an eBay listing for this beautiful little Oushak rug (what a friend, right!?). I think I got it for just over $100 and I love how soft and worn it is. It’s slightly overdyed with blue and pink pastels. So pretty!

 photo IMG_3589.jpg

Right now I have it on the landing by the girls’ rooms. It fits the floor space perfectly up there. It might end up moving around to one of the other rooms, but I love it here for now.

 photo IMG_3599.jpg
 photo xIMG_3508.jpg
There’s a lot of black happening up there with the stairs still being bare and all the pretty but dark black doors. I think the rug helps lighten things up.

 photo IMG_3584.jpg

I have the little scalloped secretary on the landing still, but I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to paint it or leave it as is. I’m leaning toward trying to paint it or doing a limed/cerused finish on a dark base. I think it would look so pretty if I could pull it off!

 photo IMG_3548.jpg
 photo IMG_3521.jpg
I put some art up in the landing too. I’ve had this very naive painting for a couple years now and it always feels like it belongs in the girls’ space. I think it’s sweet and I love all the bright pops of colors. The frame was pretty lame though, so I painted out the faux gold glaze with some Gentleman’s Gray paint I had laying around, which is a deep, soft navy color.
 photo IMG_3529.jpg
 photo IMG_3532.jpg
I leaned the painting against my framed button collection that I made a few years ago using buttons I inherited from my grandmothers. The twisty concrete planter was a more recent project.
 photo IMG_3554.jpg
Anyway, I’m loving my new Oushak! It makes the landing feel like an actual room! :) Makes me also want to put a little bench up here against the stairs. I also need to pick a flush-mount light for the ceiling, and I really need to finish up the stair runner. 
 photo xIMG_3539.jpg

PS if you’re looking for a Oushak on eBay, always sort the listings by lowest price first. The private seller listings will almost always be auction style and not Buy It Now.

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27 thoughts on “New Oushak on the Landing

  1. I love the soft look of the rug! I need something like that for my studio. Thanks for sharing.

    "URBAN FESTIVAL STYLE" Blog post at:

  2. the legs on the secretary desk are so gorgeous! what a beautiful piece. and that rug, honestly, what a steal and it's perfect! love the muted colours.

  3. LOVE everything! I'd leave the secretary as is – she's gorgeous :)

    Whatever happened to that gorgeous homegoods runner that you were going to use for the stairs!?!?

  4. Lovely rug! And I like the painting in the newly painted frame – a very nice upgrade. I would move the rug out from under the secretary leg, though as it looks a bit odd just being tucked under that one leg. Also, I think that the button(s) should be hung on the wall and maybe the painting hung on the other wall. But it's not my house. :)

  5. On the secretary, I'm sure whatever you end up doing will look amazing, but I would also vote against painting it. The limed technique is really neat and would be a great way to highlight the gorgeous tiger grain (love how it radiates on the lid!) while improving the condition of the wood. Maybe it's worth trying to lime it first and leave painting as a backup option? Either way, can't wait to see the end product!

    Also, as a first time commenter, just want to say that I love your blog, not just for your greatg style, but how good you are at sharing the process to achieve it. It's really inspiring!

  6. What are your thoughts keeping rugs in place? Do you use some kind of pad or grippy strip? I've had horrible luck lately with my flat weave rugs slipping all over the place, especially in high traffic areas. I saw a Martha Stewart trick using caulk on the back, but wonder if that's good for wood floors.

    I love the black stairs and doors. Almost always in favor of painting wood, but must add my vote to leave secretary, it sure is a nice contrast with the black and white.

  7. I love how it's coming together. We have black doors as well. I wouldn't change them at all except for the fact that if the door is closed in the middle of the night and you're on your way to the bathroom sometimes it's hard to tell if it's open or closed!

  8. Nice rug! I love that faded look. Sometimes the space wants something neutral without being boring, and that fits the bill. I love the button artwork too! Did you make this? My mom has had a jar of amazing buttons and we have gone back and forth over the years trying to figure out what to do with them! Mind if I steal your idea? :)

  9. Don't you just love a worn rug! Such a beauty and a great find….you must have awesome friends to look for deals for you. Love the changes and the blog. Get it girl!

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