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Vintage Mushroom Lamp

I found this adorable little vintage mushroom lamp at the thrift store recently. I love it next to the girls room! I like that it feels a little bit whimsical but not too cheesy – and the girls love it. It casts the perfect soft light so we leave it on for them at night.

I’m a big fan of quirky little lamps, and these feel fun and not too serious.
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PS These lamps look great in grown-up rooms too!
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16 thoughts on “Vintage Mushroom Lamp

  1. Very cute. It's good to add something "fun" and little different here and there, makes the space more interesting and not so serious.

  2. I visited Kykuit this weekend, the Rockefeller estate, and there was a toadstool table and stools nestled in the gardens. I thought it was so magical. I guess we're on the same wavelength this week!

  3. That's an amazing thrift store find!! I love the brass detail on top and the marble base. I have the same color combo as yours, but in the style of #7 on your list. It was actually fun to see that link as I've never thought of what it might be worth. Mine is priceless as it was originally my gran's, and I always loved it as a child. Now it's in my daughter's nursery!! If you'd like, you can see it here:

  4. P.S. I ordered the abstract floral from L&S and it just arrived today. I was going to have it sewn into a bolster, but lo and behold it is a stiff felt! Wondering if you have any ideas for using felt…I'll Google it but I wish I could Jenny it. :)

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