Looking Back Through the Little Green Notebook

Yesterday I did a lot of reflecting on 2009. It was a big year for me and my husband and our careers. He graduated from law school and started a clerkship and I really committed to growing and developing my design business.

It’s crazy to think that in January ’09 I was getting just about 5,000 visits to LGN per month. Now I get twice that many every day! This has been really exciting for me and gives me the motivation to keep blogging and to work harder with Pearl Street Interiors.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your support and for spreading the word about my little offering to the blog world. To show you my gratitude, I’ve got some great giveaways planned for the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

And, for my newer readers (and those who like to reminisce), here are some of my favorite design posts of 2009:

January: LOTS of Children’s Rooms

and Painting Interior Doors

February: Using miniblinds to make custom fabric shades

and a living room mock up

March: Make an ottoman out of a coffee table

Our Cambridge bedroom and adventures in spray painting upholstery

April: Love seats at the foot of the bed??

May: Wing Chair Inspiration

and a Special Delivery

June: A client’s fun before and after

July: Dover Living Room, here and here

August: My mom’s Living Room

and Dining Room

and my Monogrammed Umbrella Stand

September: The Girls’ Room

October: My Office

November: Our Dining Room and the projects (parts 1 and 2)

December: A recent client project

Did I leave out any of your favorites?
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46 thoughts on “Looking Back Through the Little Green Notebook

  1. Wonderful recap of 2009! I've been reading the LGN for about a year now and look forward to your posts. Probably my favourite post is your Christmas Eve birth story. Just saw your tweet about nursing. You'd think it would be breeze but it is so hard! Hang in there and I look forward to your 2010 posts.

  2. I've had LGN on my Reader for a while now. I love your work and the insight you share. I hope 2010 brings more success and beautiful things for you and your family. Best wishes!

  3. Jenny, your work is beautiful. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog 6 months ago.

    I wish you all of the best in 2010 for your family and your business.

  4. I love watching your style and abilities grow– and I am just itching to try that Martha bias frame technique. What a big year for you! I just found you a few months ago, but I've been all through your archives and I'm so happy every morning when I see you've posted!

  5. It has been a great year – thanks for letting us all go along for the ride! Looking forward to seeing more in 2010.

    Cheers to you and the family!


  6. The only reason why your blog has become so popular is because you are so crazy-talented! No amount of press or linkage can give someone that kind of boost… I'm loving the blog and excited to see what's to come in 2010 :).

  7. I remember when I first came across the AMAZING site you had posted the fabulous tape frame idea (one of the last pictures on this post). You have such talent!
    Happy new year and cheers-

  8. Your blog is the first log I read every day. I don't have much time to comment, but want you to know your blog is my favorite. You got my vote in the homies contest! Looking forward to 2010! Francoise

  9. I think it was the girls bedroom which made me sit up and take notice. And I have really appreciated all your tips, which have helped me so much in my own painting adventures (!) I can't believe some of the creations you manage on a shoestring – keep it up! Happy New Year!

  10. You deserve your success and look at all you accomplished in 2009–while pregnant! We are so excited to see what you'll bring us this year.
    Continued success to you,
    MPW Communications

  11. I love your blog. I have been so inspired by so many of your posts. Thank you so much for blogging! I know that it takes time, not only to complete your own projects, but then to share them here as well. Job well done, my dear! You deserve an all around "good egg" award!

  12. I absolutely love your dcorating style….the mix of color and texture…the randomness of it all that somehow magically looks like it was made to be placed together…such as your office! Be still my color lovin heart!

    I do have a decorating question for you…is it a decrating no no to put pictures of your family in your living room? I've always heard this but not sure how accurate it is. I noticed you have framed some pics in your dining room but I couldn't quite make out what the content was in the frames. Love them though!

    And your girls room is precious by the way!

    Do you shop antiques? Auctions? Goodwill? Just curious where you find such unique pieces.

    happy 2010!

  13. Your precious little girls room was definitely my favorite post of the year. I am constantly amazed with what you can envision and create on a shoestring budget. That is true talent. Happy New Year! xoxo

  14. Way to go Jenny! You and Michael had a big year with the perfect finale. I always knew you were going to do big things. I'm so glad I got the chance to get to know you and be inspired by your creativity and your beautiful life. Best wishes for 2010!

  15. I absolutely LOVE your work! Thanks for giving us lovely design tips and eye-candy! I just featured LGN on my blog as one of my ultimate favorite blogs (!

    Please keep it coming and best wishes with your upcoming endeavors!


  16. You're amazing. You do absolutely beautiful work.

    Do you have a post with instructions for the "right" way to paint a piece of furniture? When I saw that gorgeous orange chest in your office it occured to me that when I paint furniture it doesn't have that same beautiful glossy finish.

  17. I have to say, two of my favorite all time posts of yours were on the wingback chairs, and loveseats at the foot of the bed. Beautiful pictures and so inspiring!

  18. Great recap!!! You do amazing design work!! I really enjoy looking at your blog each day!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2010!

  19. Awesome recap are things going with your new bundle of joy ??

    Would it be okay if I put your story on our family blog ??? The Christmas Evie one??? I loved that and what your Dad posted sent chills up and down my spine..what a guy !!!

    Where did hubbie go to law school…in Mass ???

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  20. Your office is definitely my favorite! I am just amazed at how you're able to do all of that with two (and now three) little ones. Such an inspiration!! Happy 2010!!

  21. That is one busy year and wonderful to look back on! You have done so many clever projects and all of them have ended up looking amazing. Huge congratulations! 5,000 hits?!!! Wow !!!! KG

  22. Your ottoman out of a coffee table is the post that first introduced me to your blog!

    I've enjoyed following, and am excited to see what you have in store for the new year.

  23. First-time commenter here, reader for several months. It was a google search on DIY Roman Shades that first led me to your blog. After I read your ingenious post about converting mini-blinds to shades (glad to see it made your 'best-of list'!), I read back through all of your archives. LGN is now one of my top two favorite design blogs (Decorno is the other). I join in wishing you continued success in 2010, in both your personal and professional endeavors.

  24. I just found your blog a few months ago but I sat down and back tracked through the whole thing in one day. Absolutely love it! Very inspiring to those of us who have only been blogging a little while. . . sometimes you wonder if anyone is reading. But, I think if you provide great ideas and inspiration, they will (hopefully) eventually come :) Can't wait for more good stuff from you in the coming year.

  25. I came across your blog only recently, but I think by now I read everything! I LOVE it. Thank for the hard work you put in this blog, it is an inspiration.

    Thank you,

  26. Just found your blog yesterday and I am so glad the recap was there to greet me! I spent way tooo much time browsing through the archives and I have to say that I am so inspired!! Thank you for sharing your home and ideas with us!!
    Congratulations on your Christmas Miracle! I have 3 girls as well and my first was born just before Christmas. And although I would have said 6 yrs ago I am SO not a home birth kinda gal, I have ended up having all mine at home!
    It certainly is an amazing experience! Congratulations again!

  27. I love reading LGN. You are so inspiring/amazing. Can't wait for givaways. I loved the kid rooms and the making shades out of miniblinds. Hope your 2010 is fabulous.

  28. Forgot how much I loved your dining room. I want it. :)

    I've been reading this blog for a while now (possibly from day one? I remember following the link from your family blog, so it's highly likely) and I love so much about it. Can't wait for those giveaways. I married a musician, so giveaways may be my only link to recreating a home as beautiful as yours.

  29. Forgot how much I loved your dining room. I want it. :)

    I've been reading this blog for a while now (possibly from day one? I remember following the link from your family blog, so it's highly likely) and I love so much about it. Can't wait for those giveaways. I married a musician, so giveaways may be my only link to recreating a home as beautiful as yours.

  30. Wow! I'm a first time visitor in your blog and I must say I'm thrilled! Actually I should be working, but I can't stop reading! I'll definitely come back for a longer visit. By the way, congratulations on that beautiful baby!!!! My girl was also born in my house, and it was a wonderful experience. LOVE your work.

  31. Oh my gosh. These were a lot of my faves. Your blog is trouble for my google reader. I am always starring and keeping unread almost every post for future reference!

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