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Holiday Gift Guides: For The Beauty Lover

Gifts for the beauty lover in your life!

1. Rose Quartz Gua Sha – Added this to my morning routine. Naturally relieves puffiness and tension.

2. Heated Eye Mask – The ultimate stress reliever after too much screen time.

3. C.E.O. Brightening Serum – Light, soothing brightening serum that is good for all skin types!

4. Snail Mucin Snail Serum – Sounds weird, but makes my skin feel amazing!

5. Silk Pillowcase – The best thing I have done for my hair and skin is switch to a silk pillowcase!

6. Ice Roller – Keep this in your freezer for mornings when your face feels tired and puffy.

7. Under Eye Patches – Perfect for a self care afternoon. These feel so good under my eyes!

8. Dyson Air Wrap – Worth the hype. Gives a blowout that lasts for days!

9. Travel Makeup Bag – The most user friendly travel bag. Simply scrunch the sides up to gather and go!

10. Epilator – Long lasting hair removal!

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