Juniper Offices Bathroom 1 Reveal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Signature Hardware. All opinions are 100% mine. It took a few months longer than we hoped it would with the pandemic, but the renovation on our new office is pretty much wrapped up! We’re so happy with how everything turned out and I can’t wait…

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Signature Hardware. All opinions are 100% mine.

It took a few months longer than we hoped it would with the pandemic, but the renovation on our new office is pretty much wrapped up! We’re so happy with how everything turned out and I can’t wait to share all the pretty spaces with you here. First up is Bathroom #1! We partnered with Signature Hardware on this post and I’m in love with everything they sent us for this space. I’ve used and loved their kitchen and bath products for years!

Vanity  //  Brass Faucet  //  Mirror  //  Pendant Lights  //  Storage Shelves

I always recommend starting with the tile selection in a bathroom design since it’s usually the trickiest to nail down. The tile I chose here (it’s sold out but the maker and name is Somertile Arquivo) has a terra cotta color border and I chose a similar tone for the grout. I decided to play off those tones for the paint color on the vertical paneling (Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon).

To help ground the space, I wanted to find a black or darker wood tone vanity with a white carrara marble top and a brass faucet. I chose this 36″ vanity and I love the color and the texture of the wood grain. So pretty! (This is another beautiful vanity I considered!)

The vanity came with different hardware, but I switched it out for these pretty brass knobs. The old hardware left two extra holes in doors, but this walnut wood filler matched the vanity stain perfectly and you can’t even tell where the old holes were!

I love mixing metals in bathrooms and kitchens! I used a mix of brass, bronze and matte black finishes in this bathroom. Here are some of my favorite pieces below:

Brass Faucet

Cast Bronze Towel Hooks

Satin Brass Knobs

Toilet and Bronze flush handle 

The opal globe pendant lights add so much to the space (we just had can lights in here before). It’s so important for every space to get a healthy dose of both black and white accents! These pendants provide both!

We also got the shelving from Signature Hardware as well. I love how much storage this piece provides! Here is another one I loved too.

I designed the top of the wainscoting to be deep enough to lean art on top, but I forgot to consider how to hang a mirror above the vanity with the 2.5″ deep ledge! Luckily, Signature Hardware has mirrors with tilting arms which is nice both for adjusting the angle of the mirror, but also is plenty deep enough to help the mirror clear the ledge! :)

I love that there is color in this space, but I think it’s the textures of this bathroom that stand out to me the most – from the linen removable wallpaper, tile, paneling and wood finishes. I’d love to hear your favorite part!

A big thanks to Signature Hardware for sponsoring this post and bathroom makeover! Here are all the links to help you get the look:

36″ Wood Vanity with carrara top

Brass Faucet

36″ Round Tilting Mirror

Black Oak Distressed Linen Storage Shelving

Pendant Lighting


Bronze Wall Hooks

Baskets under sink – Homegoods

Tile – Somertile Arquivo (sold out)


Vertical Paneling DIY (Paint color: Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon)

Turkish Towel

Poppies and Hyacinths Prints

Coastline Print

Toilet Spray and Candle

Linen-look Removable Wallpaper

Woven Bowl (on top of Linen Shelf)

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32 thoughts on “Juniper Offices Bathroom 1 Reveal

  1. This whole bathroom is just YESS!! I love the color and all of the texture! I actually also feel like the colors really lend well to what I feel like Arizona looks like with the red clay and the desert….this feels very “Arizona” without being all red clay and cacti. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Cant wait to see the rest of the spaces! I think my very favorite part of this bathroom is the Dead Salmon paint color, and how good it looks with the vintage rug over the patterned tile. Proving pattern is A-Ok!! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I love these tones so much and they absolutely do remind me of our beautiful desert! I appreciate your kindness and that you stopped by! xo

  2. Hi There! Loving the color palette. Question for you with the vanity/faucet combo. We are renovating and have a similar faucet picked and another faucet will be wall mount. Are there any options to deal with predrilled holes that don’t match the faucets or is a new vanity top necessary?

      1. If you just need to cover the center hole, look for a faucet or sink hole cover.

    1. Hi Rebekah! If you go with the wall mount faucet, you’re going to want to buy the vanity separate from the top and just have a stone fabricator make you a top using a remnant. It’s a little extra work, but is worth it! Plus then you can pick your own stone material! I’m loving dramatic stone lately!

  3. Weird you guys still promote the coastline print as a film print. Jillian wouldn’t know film if you loaded the camera and developed it yourself. Smh, need to do better vetting of your ‘artists’
    When will your bipoc prints be launching?

    1. Yesterday we launched a new print called Anemone with a wonderful photographer named Azzari Jarrett who also happens to be a BIPOC artist.
      Many additional new artists will be joining our shop in the coming weeks and months as well. I’m looking forward to it.

      I’m not sure why it would be weird for us to trust the guidance we get from our artists? We love Jillian and her work – this print is one of my favorites. The great news about art and the world we live in is you can like what you like, and I can like what I like, and that shouldn’t be a problem when those things are not the same. This is my space though, and my business, not yours.

      I hope this clears up some of the points you brought up in your comment. In the future, I would appreciate a kinder tone and less accusations in your messages with me here. I celebrate and participate in interactions that are kind and encouraging in real life and also in my personal online space. I have control over the conversations I sustain in both arenas, and I kindly ask you to leave the community if you can’t respect my wishes.


  4. This looks amazing!

    The faucet. Was there a pre-drilled hole that you put the cover on? I’m debating changing my kitchen faucet for a bridge and covering the center hole but haven’t been able to find photos of what it would look like. In my mind it seems like it would be fine and the minute I saw your IG story I was super excited!

  5. I love that you painted the water intake connection for the toilet the same color as the wall! Genius! Do you typically do this? I’d go and paint mine this minute but I have a white wall and I don’t think the look would be the same. Otherwise I love this bathroom, finally something a little different.

    1. The supply lines in a lot of our old apartments in NYC were painted and I always loved it! If the hardware matches, or if it’s not too noticeable, I don’t worry about it. But when it’s glaring like it was before here, I think it’s a great option! I would totally try the white paint. I think it would work great actually!

  6. I’m curious about the ceiling medallions you put up around each light fixture. Did you do this to hide anything, or did you just think that the mount needed some extra detail? And where did you get them?

    1. Hi Holly! We had can lights in here before so the ceiling medallions were to cover the gaps in the drywall! These are just from Home Depot! :)

  7. Jenny, I just love your work! The layers, the art, the textures and colors are so so beautiful. Could you share how you liked the removable grasscloth? I’d love to camouflage an ugly ceiling of you think it would work? Anyway, I’m excited to see all of the sure-to-be amazing spaces at your new HQ. Stay safe!

  8. Hi Jenny! How exciting to finally see a reveal from the office. This bathroom is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. I’m pinning it for reference for a future bathroom of mine. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing which light fixture is outside the bathroom in the hall. If you’re saving that for another reveal, I get it. Just curious. Again, wonderful job!

  9. I love the design, however, how do you go around ADA? This restroom is beautiful, but not ADA compliant, I feel like you are sending the wrong message here for a commercial space.

    1. Hi Ana! We have three bathrooms in our office and the location of another bathroom was better suited for ADA compliance. In Arizona we are only required to have one ADA compliant bathroom available and I’ll be sharing that soon as well.


  10. Absolutely gorgeous Jenny! I enjoyed watching the stories along with this post. Is the beautiful tray on the storage shelf one of your sister’s pieces? I love it!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you! The tray is very old Target, but doesn’t it look like one of my sister’s pieces?! I love the little handles! :)

  11. Such a great idea to start with the tile! It feels really integrated into the design. Love the countertop too. Everything turned out fab!

  12. This is all beautiful! Apologies if you shared this elsewhere– what’s the source of your doors, hinges, and knobs (the black door into the bathroom.) I’m looking to change my builder basic ones to something really simple and would love a hot tip from my favorite jenny! :)

  13. This bathroom is stunning, I love the warm palette you chose!
    The linen tower you linked is not found, there seems to be an error.

    Do you know where I can find it?

    Thank you!

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