Evergreen House: Main Bathroom Reveal

Next up on the Evergreen house reveal tour is the Main Bathroom! Our goal was for this space to feel as big and open as possible – light, bright and clean. I love what we accomplished in here! Wayfair partnered with us on a lot of this product, which was SO appreciated! I love using…

Next up on the Evergreen house reveal tour is the Main Bathroom! Our goal was for this space to feel as big and open as possible – light, bright and clean. I love what we accomplished in here! Wayfair partnered with us on a lot of this product, which was SO appreciated! I love using Wayfair as a resource for furniture and decor as well as renovation items like lighting and hardware and vanities.

vanity  //  brass handles  //  brass knobs (similar)  //  faucets

marble hex floor tile  //  shower tile (similar)  //  sconces  //  mirror (similar)

You can see more about this floor plan changes in this post about the main bedroom, but essentially, we gave up a small bedroom at the back of the house for this bathroom and a separate mudroom/laundry room. It was COMPLETELY worth it from a resale stand point to have a better main bathroom with a double vanity, large walk-in shower and a separate water closet.  Here’s what the room looked like during framing. I wanted to incorporate ledges, shelves and benches in the shower for more storage and some interesting movement so the shower wouldn’t look like a big white box.

When you’re designing a space, you have to think about the details as much as possible. One of the exercises I like to do in my design process is sketch before I put designs into CAD. I have a hard time getting creative in drafting programs, but sketching helps my brain loosen up a bit!

One of my favorite sketching techniques (this works especially well for tile layouts or gallery walls) is after drywall is up, take a photo of the space with your phone, brighten it in your phone or in photoshop so the image itself it really, really light and then print it out in black and white. Here is the photo I took of the shower area with my phone before lightening and printing.

I use my very favorite erasable pens to sketch right on the printed image. This exercise forces me to think through almost every detail of the tile install. Grout color (PolyBlend Warm Gray). Corner edge detail (matte gray schluter). Glass shower door and panels size and swing. Direction of pattern, especially on the top of the pony wall and valve ledge. Etc, etc, etc.

I chose this gorgeous terra cotta brick subway tile (similar) from Wayfair that we had installed in an offset vertical pattern, which is one of my favorite patterns for a large shower.  We chose a marble hex tile for the floors and I think the two are so pretty together!


The vanity is also from Wayfair and I’m obsessed with the cabinet color (a beautiful blue-gray) and the flush inset drawers and doors. This cabinet would be $2500+ to have made be a cabinet maker, and this one came WITH the marble countertop and the sinks!! Such an amazing value! (And it’s on MAJOR sale right now!)

We ended up changing the hardware to these brass pulls and these knobs to better match the brushed gold faucet finish. I like the smaller scale of these a little better too!

Painter’s tape is one of my favorite design tools. I basically have a roll and a tape measure in my bag or car at all times! Before we ordered the mirror, I taped out the ideal size to my eye and then measured the dimensions. I’ve mentioned this before, but Wayfair has an incredibly accurate search function. I put in a range for my desired dimensions and searched for floor mirrors and found several that worked for us! Sometimes I prefer one long mirror over two smaller if I’m trying the make the room look brighter and bigger! The bigger the mirror, the more light is spread around!

I also used painter’s tape to figure out electrical placement for the sconces. Can you believe how affordable these sconces are!? I was PUMPED when I saw they were really beautiful in person too. Such a great buy!

vanity  //  brass handles  //  brass knobs (similar)  //  faucets

marble hex floor tile  //  shower tile (similar)  //  sconces  //  mirror (similar)

I don’t have any photos of the water closet but it’s behind the door to the right you can see here! Also check out that cool floor drain that incorporates the tile pattern!

We also got a lot of the accessories in here from Wayfair as well! Like the striped Turkish towels (similar), the brass wall hooks and the rug in front of the vanity (similar).

striped Turkish towels (similar)  //  wall hooks

I hope you love the way this space turned out as much as I do! As always, here are the links to the sources for this project, and we’d like to thank Wayfair for partnering with us on this room!

Evergreen Master Bathroom Source List:


Marble Hex Floor Tile

Shower Tile (similar)

Brass Shower Trim (similar)

Mirror (similar)


Brass Handles

Brass Knobs (similar)


Wall Hooks

Striped Turkish Towels (similar)

Hand Towels (similar)

Rug (similar)

Wall Art

White Vase (similar)

Wicker plant stand (similar) on vanity (plants are faux from local craft store)

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81 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Main Bathroom Reveal

  1. Pretty! Can I make one comment? I wish we could stop seeing Turkish carpets in these reveals (ie. Every bathroom blog). Have you ever gotten out of the shower on a vintage rug? They are not comfortable and get very smelly when wet. About as impractical of a bathroom rug as you can get. How about some pics of actual bath mats, that are actually beautiful AND useful?

  2. Well done. It’s beautiful. Especially love the tile on the shower walls. It’s a little different from what we are seeing lately.

  3. That mirror is amazing. It looks great with the other finishes and I love the idea of one mirror instead of the expected two..

  4. Can you provide a link to the actual wall hooks? The link above takes you to wall hooks that look different from the ones shown in the photos. Thank you!

    1. Oh! Sorry about that Rosie! I thought these were the hooks! We are working on a lot of house projects at once so maybe these got mixed up with guest bathroom hooks! Let me dig around in my inbox and see if I can figure out where these are from…

  5. This bathroom is so well done. I love how the rug pulls together the colors from the vanity, towels, and tile. And then the few punches of dark for contrast. Just so pleasing to the eye!

  6. lovely! wow, vanity and sconces all sold out. i am in midst of two DIY bath renovations. We are trying to swap some hardware for brass too, but found that the original to the vanity left a big ring with missing paint when we removed it. Any experience with this? What did you do if so? I called the company and they weren’t sure which paint it was but sent a possible touch up kit but I havent been brave enough to try it yet. Interestingly, they also said that changing out the hardware nulls the warranty (also just interesting since everyone is switching to the brass these days). Thx :)

  7. It’s so beautiful, I love how you can find beautiful elements with a tiny budget
    You are my favorite designer, because I can find inspiration through your post in a real life .
    Thank you Jenny for all this free work for us

  8. Beautiful – as always. :)
    Can you share where you found the black picture frames? Thank you, Jenny!

  9. it all looks great! it looks like the trim and wall color are slightly different from each other. would you mind sharing the colors? thanks!!

  10. Hi, I love the bathroom and all that you do! I was wondering what sconces did you use? The link for the sconces takes you to a sconce that has clear globes. Thank you!

  11. May I ask what color grout you used for subway tile? I’m doing something similar and love this color.

  12. Jenny, you’re extremely talented and this room shows it! All the tiny details like the gold hardware are so beautiful. But then it’s also designed well all the way from the base. GOOD JOB!!!

  13. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this! I was wondering where you found the milk glass looking domes for the scones? The ones on Wayfair are showing as clear glass and I love to find the ones that you have! Thanks so much! Love you, love your blog so much :)

  14. Hi, this whole bathroom is lovely. I’m actually considering that same vanity for our remodel but have a question and haven’t found anything online. Those drawers under the sink: are they actually usable? do they have a custom shape inside to maximize space?

  15. So lovely! Working on a master bath reno and I’m loving the way you designed the shower – wouldn’t have thought of doing the bump outs but they’re ideal! Thank you!

  16. Everything is so beautiful! I love the shower especially! I do have a question about the glass enclosure and door. Does that have to be custom made to fit? What sort of professional do you have to hire to get that sort of glass door? Or are there standard sizes that you buy at any home improvement retailer? Thank you so much for all your advice and openness!

    1. Hi Cheryl! It does have to be custom fit. You can just google Glass Shower Doors near you and lots of options will pop up I’m sure!

  17. Hi Jenny, this is so beautiful! Were you able to find the link to the correct towel hooks, I’m also interested in them. Thanks!

  18. Hi Jenny! This bathroom is fantastic and is providing such amazing inspiration for our remodel. What are your thoughts on the upkeep/maintenance of marble floors? They are so beautiful but also make me nervous because I don’t want to always be worried about stains! Would so appreciate your expertise. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing designs and talent!

    1. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with staining! We have marble in our bathroom and the same tile has been there for about 10 years and it still looks great! I think it’s a safe bet! xo

      1. Thank you so much! People seem to love it but then others warn about the regular maintenance. I won’t want to worry about every shampoo and soap in a bathroom! :) Thanks again for taking the time to respond and share your tips!

  19. It’s so insanely pretty- in love! The details are so perfect. And now I’m wondering about the only thing that isn’t linked (sorry) — that round enamel tray with the black edge?

  20. I second the question on the only thing that isnt linked. Where is that black tray from? Thanks!

    1. Hi guys! That tray was just in our styling collection we have in the basement here at the studio! My foggy memory is telling me it’s old Target?

  21. Love this bathroom! Using as inspiration for our new build. Shower specifically. Yay for Moen Weymouth. Great color, great price! Random…may I ask who makes the hand shower on the back wall? Doesn’t look like the Moen Weymouth collection. Many thanks! xx

    1. It’s also from Moen! I had to go into a plumbing supply store to order that configuration. I wanted something a little more streamlined. I’m sure if you show them my photo they can get you the exact same set up! xo

    2. Thank you! You are so inspiring as I help make decisions for our new build. If you have a moment, I’d love any guidance on your thoughts of satin brass vs unlaquered brass. totally get the difference, and its probably just personal. I know you just put the living finish in your kitchen…I’m so torn (leaning toward UK devol ante brass ionian)! I, like you, appreciate imperfections, but I’m wondering if the unlaquered will simply patina to the point of dirty if I dont select the right brand? On a semi-limited budget, bathroom fixtures are challenging! To go unlaquered brass or not?!?!? THANK YOU!

  22. Such a beautiful bathroom! Thanks for sharing. I went to the Wayfair link for the vanity. I see it comes in Gray. Can you confirm that’s the correct one. In your photos, the color looks more bluish gray. I just want to make sure it’s the correct one. Thank you so much!

  23. what a beautiful bathroom! As we plan our renovation i’m having a tough time figuring out what a good size shower is. Can you share the dimensions you have here?

  24. Hi Jenny! This bathroom has been my inspiration in our own remodel. So beautiful! I ordered this vanity but realize now that the door knobs have two screws… how did you replace it with the one screw knob? Thx in advance!

  25. Jenny! This bathroom is so beautiful. It looks so clean, but is also cozy and functional. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m wondering about changing the hardware. Did the brass pulls and knobs fit perfectly into the previous holes? Or did you have to redrill and patch? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Becca! There were two holes in the cabinet doors, so I filled and patched one hole with wood filler and color matched paint (I just picked up a sample pot in satin finish). That worked fine! I bought drawer pulls to match the hardware holes on the drawers, so no patching necessary there!

      1. We have the same issue – you just had a paint store match the paint?

      2. Yes! I took one of the shelves in to a paint store and they matched it perfectly and mixed a small sample for me. Easy!

      3. Hi Jenny,
        I love this bathroom and it really helped inspire my master bath renovation. I ordered the vanity and the pulls that you linked but unfortunately the pulls don’t fit. Would you mind sharing what size you bought? Thanks!

  26. So beautiful! How did you hang the mirror – the description says its a floor leaning mirror without mounting hardware. Did you add your own? Thx :)

  27. Hello! I’m a little late to the comment party – but wondering if you can share where the actual mirror is from – you linked a similar one in the post, but I love the one in the photos and am curious where it is from. Thank you so much…this great design has given us such fun inspiration for our own master bathroom!!!

  28. This is a stunning ensuite! I noticed the unique shower floor drain and I really like how unobtrusive it is – I’ve never seen one quite like it. Can you tell me where to source such a drain? We are in the process of renovating a bathroom in our summer home, and I’d love to incorporate a drain like that if I can source it in time. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your time and talents.

  29. Hi Jenny! Love the changes with this bathroom! I’m wondering if you can share the rough dimensions of the bathroom?!? Thanks so much!

  30. Such a beautiful design! I love everything about it. I was trying to get the link for the rug to work but it sends me to an error page. Do you mind sharing where you found it from?

  31. This is a great design! My question, quite hilariously, has to do with the toilet receptacle. Is there a separate room, or is it in the bathroom, freestanding? Pictures would be amazing! Thank you, and God bless!!!

  32. I loved your bathroom! It’s my inspo for my remodel! I do have a question for you, i’m having a hard time picking out grout colors. Which ones did you use?

      1. I can’t remember the exact color we used here, but I have a highlight bubble on my instagram account that shares all my favorite grout colors. If I had to guess, I would say this is Oyster Gray from Polyblend.

  33. I’m looking for a similar rug for our master bathroom. The link is taking me to the main Wayfair page. Do you have a direct link by chance? Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna! The tile you linked here looks really similar to what we ordered! When we wrote this post, the actual tile was out of stock. Looks like this one is out of stock here too, but maybe it will come back? Best of luck with your project! xo

  34. Hi!! I copied this bathroom almost exactly in my house :)
    Any chance you still have the paint color formula for the vanity?

  35. I love this bathroom…great job! Can you tell me which color/brand grout you used for both shower and floors? Here’s the weird thing. My current project I am doing the exact same subway tile in a stacked staggered pattern AND doing a marble hex floor. Here’s the kicker: the name of my project (street name) is also EVERGREEN!!! Too weird! But i figured it was a sign to email you and ask. I love how it looks. We are doing an accent wall behind our vanity in SW Iron Ore, so I wanted the grout for floors and shower to be more understated. I’m thinking Mapei warm gray for floors, and debating on either white, frost or warm gray for shower. Thanks in advance!!!

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