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REVEAL PART 2: #JuniperStudioDeckMyHalls Dining Room Giveaway with Overstock!

Are you ready for Part 2 of our EPIC Living and Dining Room Makeover Giveaway?! If you’re just joining us, here is Part 1 where we revealed the living room makeover! We partnered with the incredibly generous Overstock.com to make this giveaway a reality and we couldn’t have done it without all of their beautiful…

Overstock Room Giveaway-65

Are you ready for Part 2 of our EPIC Living and Dining Room Makeover Giveaway?! If you’re just joining us, here is Part 1 where we revealed the living room makeover! We partnered with the incredibly generous Overstock.com to make this giveaway a reality and we couldn’t have done it without all of their beautiful furniture in these spaces! Thank you, Overstock!

Overstock Room Giveaway-64

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Let’s jump in with the before photos! Our giveaway winners have a dining room and kitchen that are open to each other. They felt a little unsure about the space planning in here and they were specifically unsure about what shape and size table to use.






We started the makeover by painting all the walls the same bright white color we used in the living room. We also decided (with the owner’s permission) that the island could use a little color and contrast, so we painted it a deep navy with green undertones (the color is Benjamin Moore Newburgh Green). If you plan to paint kitchen cabinets, its a really good idea to wash them thoroughly first with Sanding Deglosser and then used an alkyd enamel paint.


While the island was drying (we rolled on three full coats with drying time in between), we installed picture rail moulding we bought online just using nails and a hammer, old school style! It was super easy to do and after caulk and a coat of paint, the picture rail gallery wall was ready to hang!

I used 16 gauge steel wire from the hardware store to hang the art from the hooks. It takes a little bit of trial and error to get the lengths right so that the frames hang at the height you want them to, but it really wasn’t hard!


The end result is worth all the extra effort! I LOVE how the lines of the wire adds extra interest and somehow feels modern even though it’s a very traditional way to display art!

Overstock Room Giveaway-10

Overstock Room Giveaway-69

We hung mostly prints from Jenny’s Print Shop in the gallery wall along with a few vintage pieces and a Beth Allen original oil painting.

Overstock Room Giveaway-3

And aren’t these fabulous lattice front credenzas perfect in the space? We placed two next to each other and I think it helps ground the big picture rail gallery wall. The pattern on the doors is so very cool.

Overstock Room Giveaway-11

Overstock Room Giveaway-17

When it came to selecting furniture for the dining space, we definitely felt there was room for a larger table, so we picked this beautiful farm table from Overstock that fits the room better and can grow with their family. And now they can have friends over for dinner! Yay! :)


We used this large flatweave rug to help define the dining area and to help break up the tile. I love the subtle color and pattern!

Overstock Room Giveaway-67

The rug looks so great with the blue captain’s chairs we found on the Overstock site. And those modern metal windsor chairs are my very favorite! I want them for my own house!

Overstock Room Giveaway-65

This brass chandelier was another amazing Overstock find. Great lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel more designed and finished. The great news is you can find pieces that don’t necessarily cost thousands. This one was affordable and makes SUCH a big statement!

Overstock Room Giveaway-16

Overstock Room Giveaway-64

The lighter blue elements in the space, like the captain’s chairs and the rug, really tie into the island color. They’re all different shades of blue and navy, so they really work well together without feeling matchy-matchy!


We also made sure to weave bits of blue through out the accessories to help move the eye around the room and to balance out the brown color of the tile and granite.

Overstock Room Giveaway-15

Did you notice we swapped out the kitchen hardware too? We thought black hardware would match the dark appliances a little better than the brushed nickel and that the black hardware would add a modern touch to the traditional space. I love how it coordinates with the dining chairs and the curtain hardware too!

Overstock Room Giveaway-14


Do you know what I LOVE the most about this giveaway makeover? It’s that we were able to make such huge changes in the feel and function of the space with just paint and furniture! We didn’t tear out the floors, we didn’t move walls. I think there is so much truth to the old advice of start where you are. Make small investments here and there in your furniture and accessories. Tackle weekend projects like these bookshelves or the picture rail gallery wall.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a home that makes you proud! I know that I am proud of what we did in this space!

Overstock Room Giveaway-8

Overstock Room Giveaway-49

Overstock Room Giveaway-16

I’m so happy for this wonderful family and so grateful they were 100% trusting of me and my team! I hope they love these design decisions we made for them this week for many years to come!

Overstock Room Giveaway-97

And of course, I have to thank Overstock again for being SO WONDERFUL and so incredibly generous. They donated all of the furniture, rugs and lighting for these spaces and I couldn’t imagine a better partner for this project. When I visited their headquarters a few months ago it was immediately apparent that they are a company that cares deeply about people, especially their employees and their customers. I knew they would be as excited about this giveaway project as I was and the passion they showed throughout this process was nothing short of heartwarming to me. Thank you Overstock!

Overstock Room Giveaway-5


Dining Table

Black Dining Chairs

Blue Dining Chairs


Dining Room Rug

Dining Room Chandelier

CLOUDS I print


BOUGIE print

GEMS print

WOODS print

ELANOR print

LUNA print

FLORA print

VALLEY print

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40 thoughts on “REVEAL PART 2: #JuniperStudioDeckMyHalls Dining Room Giveaway with Overstock!

  1. Very lovely and inspiring! Kudos to you for a wonderful idea and to Overstock for their generosity. Thanks for your infinite positive energy! I appreciate you.

  2. That gallery wall! Wow! So classy & European. This really makes me want to give Overstock another look. I must say I get overwhelmed on their site looking for things (also on sites like Etsy, Spoonflower, EBay, etc). I’d love some tips for “weeding” through all the selections. Thank you for including and sharing your brilliant DIYs. Happy New Year!

  3. Love it! Both the final result and proving you don’t have to go full renovation mode to make a space beautiful. Very inspiring. Happy New Year!

  4. Amazing. Again.

    One thing I have always loved about you (and learned from you) is to take the time to make your home a beautiful space that you will love to be in no matter the budget, space, time you’ll be there, etc. It matters! I admit I don’t have as much energy to do that as I’ve gotten older when I know I won’t be in a space for long, BUT as we’re gearing up for what we’re considering our forever/dream house I think a lot about wanting to make each and every room, closet and space in our new home beautiful and reflective of me and my family. XO

  5. As a new homeowner of an old craftsman, I love your use of the picture rail! The black hardware for that is exactly what I was looking for, but unable to find. We got brass, but I would love black. Would you mind sharing your source?


    1. Ditto on the source for picture rail and the black hooks — I think this is perfect for my tiny dining area!

  6. It’s so refreshing to see such an honest makeover. No smoke and mirrors, no magazine styling tricks, just a great makeover for a great family that doesn’t require a whole- house renovation. I love the simple updates, as well as the smart, doable diy projects. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us how to make things work in an existing space. You and your team rock! Keep up the outstanding work.

  7. Another timeless, curated and budget friendly design that I can’t get enough of. And just so cool of y’all to realize that in giving back, you actually gain. Overstock just gained a new shopper for life!

  8. Love everything about all of this! It’s so great! Beautiful people, beautiful space… you made it so simple and fresh, I love that!

  9. This is my very favorite kind of blog post. I absolutely love it when you do makeovers like this “…with just paint and furniture! We didn’t tear out the floors, we didn’t move walls. I think there is so much truth to the old advice of start where you are.” I’ve been a loyal reader for so many years and whenever I see you and your team doing an approachable before-after makeover, I get so inspired to do areas of my own home or help friends and family with their projects.

    I absolutely adore the cabinets you chose for the dining room and the small but impactful changes in the kitchen. Really well done!

  10. I love seeing you go back to your DIY/ budget roots. It’s really refreshing to see a work with what you have senario instead of a total gut job (although those are great too). Great job! Can’t wait to see your new direction in 2018

  11. Bleaching out the photos makes it hard to see, especially on the white background of your blog. I love seeing the details, but I have to work hard to see stuff, which makes me end up just scrolling through. Just a hopefully helpful point.

  12. Love everything! Can’t believe this all came from Overstock! Will be browsing their site for some gems!

  13. Both rooms are amazing! What a fantastic job. Going to browse Overstock and Jenny’s Print Shop right now. I feel so inspired!

  14. So so good!! I NEED those credenzas now… and the chairs… and.. and… Love your blog and your work! Really great, attainable design with practical tips is v appreciated. :). Is the basket/bowl on the credenza from Overstock too? Love that!

  15. Where did you get the frames for the cloud photos? I purchased them from your print shop but haven’t gotten around to framing them. I love your work and I’m always so impressed at your use of color. Thank you!

  16. Hi Jenny!

    I love, love, love your blog! In doing some searching for some archived posts I’ve found that no pictures show up in the posts past 2016, and I the link to your home tours seems to not be working. Is that something that is an easy fix so that those of us who are LGN die hards can get back to some of that content?

    Thanks for a fabulous, inspiring, unique blog!

  17. I just loved what you did to the space but I loved the most seeing the expressions of joy, excitement and gratitude on this couple’s face. That’s what makes it all worth while, doesn’t it?!

  18. What an amazing makeover in the dining room and kitchen! It’s really cool that Overstock made this possible. The dinning room looks so much brighter and inviting. I could see myself wanting to actually spend more time in there. It’s amazing how removing the background and replacing a brighter table and colors made such a huge impact. Hope you guys continue to upgrade your home!

  19. Love eBay our this makeover. It’s so light and bright and simply gorgeous. I was wondering if you could share what alkyd enamel paint you use. I am looking to paint our kitchen cabinets and have been on the hunt for the best kind. Thank you!

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