DIY Modern Upholstered Platform Bed

I’ve always liked this modern, low profile upholstered bed frame from Blu Dot, especially in the bright chartreuse color. When it came time to order a new bed for our bedroom I was sick of spending money and wanted to see if I could make a simple bed frame for a lot less. I first…

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I’ve always liked this modern, low profile upholstered bed frame from Blu Dot, especially in the bright chartreuse color. When it came time to order a new bed for our bedroom I was sick of spending money and wanted to see if I could make a simple bed frame for a lot less.

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I first had to find some bright chartreuse linen, but I kept striking out at local fabric stores and I didn’t really have time to order something from a trade source. I even tried buying some chartreuse linen on eBay, but the color was way different than the photos when the yardage arrived.

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I had just dyed the playroom curtains and figured it could be pretty easy to get a chartreuse color by dying white linen with equal parts lemon yellow and green apple liquid dye. The final color was a little more yellow than I probably was shooting for, but I really like it.

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I had the handy man that was over at the house helping us with trim work build me a simple box frame for the headboard and a platform base from mostly scrap wood and a few sheets of plywood.

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It only took him about two hours to build both pieces so the project ended up being incredibly inexpensive, even with all that wood.

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Here’s a photos of the underside so you can see how he structured the very sturdy base.

 photo IMG_5676.jpg

I was a little nervous to upholster the platform base with the Parsons style legs, but the headboard was a breeze. I used my cheap pneumatic staple gun and flew through the rows of staples!

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I think the layer of high loft batting really helps soften the edges of the upholstery.


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I started on the two long sides of the bed by tacking on the batting which I cut to fit.

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I stapled the fabric on the top of the platform and pulled and stapled around to the underside, but I used fabrictac to glue down the front side edges.


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It made for a surprisingly crisp line!

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I also wrapped the inside of the leg with fabric using glue.

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The only tricky part ended up being the front of the platform. I had to use a roll of upholstery tack strip, which I hadn’t used in a while. I had forgotten how awesome this stuff is! It makes for perfectly crisp lines.

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I cut the tack strip to size (the length of the whole side of the platform) and then stapled it in place while it was sort of rolled into the fabric. Then I cut batting to size and tacked that into place before folding the fabric around, right side up.

 photo IMG_5685.jpg

Just look at that pretty line!

 photo IMG_5690.jpg

I used another pieces of tack strip to make a sharp line on the inside of the leg too and glued that part in place.

 photo IMG_5691.jpg


 photo IMG_5695.jpg

Ta-dah! The upholstery tack strip really saved the day and made it pretty simple to get a Parsons style leg. I love the clean, strait lines of our bed!

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Not bad for about $200 in labor and materials!

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38 thoughts on “DIY Modern Upholstered Platform Bed

  1. Your courage and creativity know no limits Jenny! I would never have thought this to be a DIY bed nor would I have even thought of trying. You are a constant inspiration – really! Thanks for that!

  2. You are incredible Jenny! I'm so grateful for the ammount of inspiration I get from you. I love the bravery in which you tackle projects that I couldn't even imagine. My design hero!!

  3. No joke, I've been waiting with baited breath for this post. I'm obsessed with your bed! The color, the lines, the shape, the proportions, everything. I've also been curious to know how Claire's bed turned out! I loved the shape of it and your inspiration photos.

  4. This turned out great! If you need more linen in the future, and have no time to dye it, or want a particular weight, try (I'm not affiliated, just a very happy repeat customer.) Many many colors and weights, and cheap fast sample shipping.

  5. Despite the nicks and bruises from working with them, I'm OBSESSED with upholstery paper strip tacks. They're so magical — a clean line every time!

  6. Bananas! you are such a rockstar. I really appreciate that you just jump in and try and in doing so, make gorgeous things for your home. I totally want to make a bed now. ;-)

  7. Jenny-you never cease to amaze! One question: is the headboard attached to the platform in some way, or is it mounted to the wall?

  8. I LOVE this! That color is perfection.
    Just one thing I wanted to mention: When we were building our platform bed (, we were thinking of putting plywood on top, too, but we read online that you need air flow under the mattress to prohibit mold growth. Here's one of the sites that mentioned it:
    I know you're in a pretty dry area, so maybe this doesn't apply for you, but wanted to share it just in case!

  9. I have been wanting to build myself an upholstered platform bed for awhile now. This is perfect. Thank you for all the pictures/instructions.
    Wow – the price is right too!!

  10. This post couldn't have come at a better time. I was just getting ready to hack an Ikea bed frame into an upholstered bed. I might just decide to build a frame instead of buying an ikea one! Thanks so much Jenni! You are an inspiration!!! P.s. the bed looks amazing!!

  11. You are so creative and fearless! You made a bed with a "hmm, yeah I'm tired of spending money, I think I'll just whip up a bed." attitude. Like no big deal. Just simple really. Never found the Domino magazine with your house featured. I went to the book store three times and each time, it was the old issue on the stands. I think I'm going to have to break down and order it. Still want to see it!

  12. I have a headboard in mind. It is twin sized as my bed is a twin. It was a mattress frame, something like the first pic with the bookcase headboard. I am really looking forward to getting started on it. Lots of other things to do first but it is out in my garage saying come get me really loud!

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