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My sweet friend and right hand helper, Kate, just moved into a new house with her husband. They’ve been tackling some really cool DIY projects the past couple weeks. Look how cute their house is now after a coat of paint and some grass seed! One of our sponsors, Boxed, reached out about trying their…

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My sweet friend and right hand helper, Kate, just moved into a new house with her husband. They’ve been tackling some really cool DIY projects the past couple weeks. Look how cute their house is now after a coat of paint and some grass seed!

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One of our sponsors, Boxed, reached out about trying their service as a housewarming gift for Kate!

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Boxed is like an easy-to-shop online wholesale club store, without any membership fees, and most importantly, none of the headache. (Going to Costco is truly like torture for me!) Boxed has a great website, but their phone app is a breeze to use, too. 
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They sell non-perishables in bulk sizes for really great prices, and they ship right to your door in two days or less. I especially love popping over to the sale page every few days to see what specials they are running on my favorite cleaning products, like Mrs Meyers. Boxed also has great prices on baby items, like diapers and wipes, baby food and shampoo from companies I trust like Annie’s and Honest Co.
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Kate has this great little pantry space off of her new kitchen that we decided to give a little makeover before stocking it with items from Boxed. Here’s the space before:

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We took out the old thin shelves and painted the inside of the pantry a really pretty color called Templeton Gray from Benjamin Moore.

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Using the same technique I talked about yesterday, we added wooden shelves to dress things up a bit. I think the wood looks so pretty against the gray/blue/green wall color!

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 photo IMG_5667.jpg
We also painted her pantry door with chalkboard paint so Kate could make a note of supplies she’s getting low on. Remember that it’s important to “prime” a freshly painted chalkboard surface with a good layer of chalk before writing.
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The black of the door looks so pretty with the art we hung in the kitchen. It’s a print of a photo taken by our friend Angela Hardison we printed out ourselves and framed in an IKEA Ribba. I LOVE it.
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We’re both so happy with how Kate’s pantry turned out! I’m a big fan of putting extra effort into cleaning and storage closets. It helps me feel more organized and inspired to keep my house cleaned.
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A big thanks to Boxed for sponsoring this post and for the housewarming gift! :) All first orders on Boxed ship for free, so be sure to check out their app here!
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19 thoughts on “House Warming Gifts with Boxed

  1. Boxed is new to me, so thanks for pointing the out (and smart move, Boxed, on using blogs! I for one really like sponsored posts…new product info brought to me by people I trust in a place I like…for advertising, that's as much of a win win as you are going to get).

    Also, Jenny, I wanted to write a quick note about how much I've enjoyed your blog lately. I can't quite explain it, but it feels a lot more like earlier in your blogging days. I haven't been commenting, but, I wanted to say I think the pace and content has been really nice. I don't know if you have made any decisions about your blogging career, but, I still love what you do in this here corner of the interwebs.

  2. Jenny, I want to echo Zoe's comment as well. I've been reading since before Evie was born, and you are killing it with the design of this home. I love how you're bringing warm woods back in. The pace of your posting is perfect. Thank you for all that you do and for lending your design expertise to us!

    Also, I love that citrus print. Is there a chance that your friend will be selling prints of it?

  3. This reminds me – I've really been delaying that trip to Costco to stock up on a few things. Good to know I've got options.

    Also tagging on Zoe's comment to say that I like how you keep sponsored posts interesting and enjoyable, so they aren't automatic dismiss for me like on some other blogs. I'm a relatively new reader, and hope that I won't lose your blog any time soon :)

  4. I love it! Do we get a supplies list? I am loving those larger baskets. Ditto the earlier comments. You make space beautiful. And I love everything Angela does! What a pair you two must be.

  5. I love love love Mrs. Meyers products! Never heard of Boxed so I am about to check them out – sounds convenient. The photo your friend made of the fruit looks amazing – great touch!

  6. Jenny, would your friend Kate mind sharing her exterior brick color, and also her door color? Thanks!!! Love the citrus print.

  7. This is one of the few blogs that I read daily. Your creativity, talent, and skill are so inspiring. It must be hard trying to keep up with so many posts and DIY projects to share (with three little girls to boot), but you are doing a great job. I hope you continue to blog for many more years.

  8. Why is Costco so overwhelming?! Especially the one on the UES in New York, I just can't ever go back here, ha! I'll definitely have to check boxed out. I absolutely adore that photo, it's lovely.

  9. Jenny, more info on the fruit print please. How did you print it out yourselves? Love the lively pops of juicy colors! Best wishes!

  10. There's something about this house that I love. It's got a "Wonder Years" feel about it :) I found your friend's shop and I'm going to buy that citrus print – it's so vivid & retro-inspired! I would love to see a tour of this house, with paint colors and furniture & accessory sources. It makes sense that since she's your friend, she has good taste :) please encourage her to share! Thanks :)

  11. I LOVE that color. Templeton Gray. Can you tell me what sheen you used? I love that the back of the little pantry is planked. Great idea, whether it was hers or the previous owner's!

  12. I love the paint color to the right of the closet. I would really like to use it my mid-century home – do you know what it is? Thanks for all the inspiration!

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