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Somehow I’m already about eight weeks out from having this baby! The last trimester has really snuck up on me – and I’m not at all ready. We got rid of all our baby stuff in New York so I’m full on starting over with everything. source I know everyone has a different ideas about…

Somehow I’m already about eight weeks out from having this baby! The last trimester has really snuck up on me – and I’m not at all ready. We got rid of all our baby stuff in New York so I’m full on starting over with everything.

I know everyone has a different ideas about baby gear, but I’m a fan of bassinets for at least the first few months. I want to find a good one to keep in our bedroom while I finish up the nursery.

I’d love to find a really cool one like the bassinets above, but most are crazy expensive or really hard to find. I do have a family friend that offered up an antique bassinet like this one below. She’s going to get rid of it either way, so I could do whatever I wanted with it, like paint it or change the base in some way.
 photo 00f0f_c9WMzsQeleO_600x450.jpg
I’m also drawn to the clean lines of this super affordable bassinet. Could be cute painted, right? I feel like I’ll miss the casters though.

 photo babyletto-Bowery-Bassinet.jpg

I also really love this rocking Moses basket stand!

 photo 0f39f2babe216a8f1449c89e29ca3fbc2.jpg

I like this basket to go on the stand. I love that I could pull it off and use it at the park or when we go on overnight trips. 
 photo 586035.jpeg

Have you seen any great (and affordable) bassinet options out there? I’m also looking for car seat recommendations if you have one that your especially love. :) I feel like a brand new momma again!
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  1. I have a friend with the rocking moses basket stand and she LOVES it. Was so tempted to get it for our third – it just makes so much sense!

  2. So exciting! I used a bassinet for my first baby but switched to the not cute but practical arms reach cosleeper for my second, and it is so much better! And after much research we chose the Britax Chaperone for infant and Advocate for older baby. (Also – you didn't ask, but my #1 favorite baby product which I can't shut up about is the Snuza Hero. See reviews on Amazon. Only reason I sleep when they're new!).

  3. I am a bassinet fan as well. Found one on craigslist for 50 bucks and painted it. The basket comes out to which is handy. As far as car seats go, I think the latest thing (just in the past few years) is to get an infant seat that also turns into the toddler seat then you are only buying one

  4. I bought one from Restoration Hardware for my grand daughter. It was wicker with a beautiful wooden stand and ruffled padding. It was very expensive and was an impulse by. The bumper padding had to be removed because it is a risk for newborn babies and without it the wicker is rough and prickly. Once the baby starts moving a bit, they can bump up near the edges and it is awfully rough. SO DO NOT BE TEMPTED by it's prettiness. It has become a $500 play toy for her to put her dolls in now.

  5. Those are so cool! I'm used to seeing the wicker kind and Moses basket…it's true though, after a few years with out a baby it's crazy how different everything is…new cool gadgets that didn't exist! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. We loved our Chicco keyfit 30 for transitioning babies to and from the car. There are some newer seats that actually work from newborn to forward facing too. Car seats for the littles on facebook is a good place to start doing research. Good luck!

  7. My youngest just turned 7 so I don't know about the newest & latest trends but I will say I loved the Moses basket for both babies! The rocking Moses basket looks perfect as does the FREE bassinet.

  8. Hi Jenny!
    We used Graco Snugride 35s for our twins and the Britax chaperone for our older daughter (it's huge). I just bought a Diono Radian RXT b/c I couldn't fit two britax seats and a booster in my middle row. The Diono is great and can be used from birth to a booster. Very sturdy (heavy), folds flat, very comfy and slim. Obviously can't be taken out of the car like an infant bucket seat but it's so good if you have 3+ kids and have space issues. HTH!

  9. I marvel how you accomplish all that you do being pregnant. Your energy level always amazes me.

    I've never been a fan of bassinets because I always felt they were unsafe. My babies went straight into cribs.

  10. We have a gorgeous cradle that my dad built but we were fans of the moses basket with rocking stand. We used it downstairs and took it traveling with both of our babies (though bell boys look at you a bit funny. ha!). Ours was fairly inexpensive from Buy Buy Baby (if you find a BuyBuyBaby in combo with a Bed Bath & Beyond, you can use your ubiquitous BBB coupons on baby stuff!). I didn't worry about the bumpers because, honestly, what swaddled newborn can move? By the time they can move, they've outgrown the basket anyway. That's just my 2 cents though.

    We like the Chicco KeyFit 30 for infant seats.

  11. Seriously – the uppa baby system is so practical and not to be un-pretty about the bassinet, but it comes with the bassinet piece too – great all around system and lightweight easy to get around. also, i believe it fits w/ a chico car seat. they are expensive but awesome for all kind of things.. park/travel/home…

  12. My path to motherhood didn't involve newborns so I have no experience with bassinets. But they are all so appealing. Ah, babies ….

    I have to believe that you could add casters to the one without, I like the simple lines on that one. I'm also a fan of the flexibility inherent in the moses basket on the rocker base.

  13. I'm another one who used the Uppababy bassinet for the first couple months. It's rated for sleeping, and you can get extra sheets. The sunshade is actually great for blocking light a bit when you're in a room without blackout shades, and you can wheel it right to the park on your stroller. I used it with that rocking Moses basket base, actually–it fits perfectly, and it was nice to be able to rock it and have it up higher off the floor.

  14. Muslin swaddle blankets – Adian and Anias or Target brand are both excellent. Say Yes actually made her own and are super cute.
    I use them for everything – Stroller rides, nursing cover, ect.

    Britax or Chicco infant car seats. I have a preemie who couldn't pass his carseat test in a Graco because they sit them up higher – dropping their chins to their chest more which lowered his oxygen level. Had no clue this existed! I went with the Britax seat and stroller combo! It's awesome.

  15. So excited for you! I just had a baby one week ago (4 weeks early), and the Fisher Price Lumnosity Rock 'n Play has been a lifesaver (albeit not very good looking). I was also really interested in the Baby Bjorn cradle, although it was ultimately out of my budget.

    As far as infant car seats go, we have the Cybex Aton Q and are really happy with it. Very pretty design. The Aton 2 is essentially the same thing at a (slightly) more affordable price point.

    Finally, check out Lucie's List; I found her tips VERY helpful:

  16. I'm on child #5 and have used a Chicco for 4 of them. I briefly tried a Graco and hated it and went and bought another Chicco Keyfit 30 because my first one had expired.

  17. Our little guy had acid reflux so HATED the bassinet (lying flat is uncomfortable). We spent $70 on a Fisher Price Rock and Play and now I tell everyone to get it. From a design standpoint, its a little sad. But its lightweight, super portable, folds flat and works for MONTHS. I can't say enough good things!

  18. We loved the Chicco Keyfit 30 and used it with all 3 kids. When we bought them they were the safest on Consumer Reports. They have lots of colors and patterns to choose from. Really lightweight-without baby- and easy to use. If you get one make sure it is one that holds up to 30 pounds if you have bigger babies. My 3rd son outgrew our last one before one year.

  19. I had the Moses basket and stand pictured in your blog, and while I liked the basket, that stand was a beast to put together. I think I would have preferred the one from Restoration Hardware. As for car seats, I really like the Graco Click Connect 35. I was the crazy preggo in the store feeling all the seat fabrics and that one felt the most luxurious to me. Also, it's one of the lightest seats on the market.

  20. hi jenny

    babies are us sells a moses basket and stand that together costs about 100. or just google jolly jumper moses basket and rocking stand. the basket is wicker but has a nice birdie material covering it. it is the kind that you can take the basket off. my bub is now 12 weeks and still in it.

    also this is my third baby and my most pized possesion is a very thin merino wool swaddling blanket. so soft. it makes swaddling so easy because it stretches, so babies cant get out. and it is warm and not to hot. my friend sent one from australia and i used it every day until i lost it. i bought two more, one from etsy but another one through the uk, i think the brand was merino bambino. would love to hear your birth story this time and see a belly pic.

  21. My sister and I both swear by the Rock n Play Sleeper. As noted above it ain't gorgeous, but it keeps baby's head higher than the belly, which is very helpful for babies with reflux.

  22. We just had our first baby in July and got the Cybex Aton 2. It's one of the safest car seats in the world (German engineering, not surprising!) we read the consumer report top 10 safest car seats list and looked at their top 5. Interestingly, Graco did not make the list. They have fallen behind on their crash safety ratings which is the most important thing to me with those precious babies! Good luck with everything! Such s great time :)

  23. Ok, so I never comment even though I love your designs but I have to say something about bassinets! Mostly because I have a 7 month old and I finally feel like I have something to add! We loved our wicker bassinet we got from Craigslist for $40 but he moved out of it after about 7 weeks. So I wouldn't spend too much unless you are sure you plan to room in for a long time. Me, I needed the space but man was it a cute bassinet. Congrats on the little one! I hope everything goes smoothly and exactly as you want!

  24. Fisher price rock n' play sleeper- it's a lifesaver and one of the best $60 I ever spent! It's not aesthetically pleasing in the least but it works as a cradle and I've never heard of a baby not liking it.

  25. I like the Arms Reach co sleeper for my babies. It becomes an extension of the be adding can be used as a pack and play afterwards. I like Maxi Cosi car seats for infants, Clek for the older kids. Stokke also came out with an amazing collapsible tub

  26. In the hospital here, they gave us a little bassinet thing on wheels similar to the one in the picture with the b/w mountain photo. I missed that thing hardcore when we came home. It was exactly at the right height, it was on wheels, it was perfect! The wheels, really, are the KEY selling point! Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything even remotely similar to it. If you have a family friend that's willing to give you one similar, I'd jump at that chance!

  27. For a few months…. Why are you hesitating on the beautiful gifted wicker basket? It's already ful love loving memories… Add your own new mattress and linen to set the tone. Put your savings towards the longer lasting cot and nursery items.

  28. It has been many years since I had me three children but here's my two cents. The antique wicker is gorgeous especially if you have carte blanche to alter it to fit your taste. It also looked like the basket part could be removed for travel.
    When mine were infants, I used a wicker laundry basket with a piece of firm foam in the bottom for the few social events we attended. As for travel, I was known to use a dresser drawer as a convenient and readily available bed for baby.
    Remember, you are only talking about a few months.

  29. Hi Jenny, We purchased that same bassinet and stand from Giggle (but we got the grey liner one, not the nicer cream one). One note is that the foam "mattress" and fitted sheet it came with were terrible quality, so we cut a thicker piece of foam and made our own sheets. It is pretty small but very cute for an infant. We now use it in the living room as a very cute place to corral toys and books! We also bought the Baby Dream Home Cot in grey, it has metal legs so not the most beautiful but it is streamlined and amazing quality. It has legs that enable it to stay still, rock, or roll on wheels. Baby stayed in there until 4-5 months comfortably! And it travels great. Love your blog :)

  30. We have loved our Chicco Keyfit 30 for both of our daughters! It's so easy to get in and out of the car, fits in a snap and go stroller so you don't have to take the baby out of the car seat when you arrive where you're going, and you can rock them in it on the floor. We also love our Diono car seats now that our girls are older, and those actually work from birth as well, but they stay in the car. Congrats and good luck!

  31. Chicco Keyfit 30 is the highest rated infant seat on consumer reports and also the lightest (by a pound but still, those things are heavy).

    I recommend using this in conjunction with the City Mini GT stroller with adapter bar to fit the car seat. This stroller has the versatility/feel of a jogger without the bulk of a BOB. Plus it is HIGH quality. Since the adapter allows the infant seat to click in, it's the only stroller I'll need! Less = more :) Have fun!

  32. No matter what you do, make sure you use materials safe for the baby. NO VOC paint is best for the mama and baby environment. Benjamin Moore makes a good one. You might consider organic cotton fabric for the inside. Less toxins in the fabric, and that new baby's world.

  33. Those are rad bassinets!! I wish they were easier found/cheaper as well. A friend of mine recently got this bassinet and I LOVE it! It's light weight and roomy and spacious on the inside for baby. Has wheels and rockers and comes in lots of colors. Wish I would have known about it with my first two. I will be getting it for the next for sure. It's the "BabyHome Dream Cot"

    And for infant car seats… I had this one for my first two and I looooooooooove it. "Peg Perego Primo Viaggio" in "Paloma" material/colorway. It's on the heavier side for a seat but my kids are big babies and they could fit in in forever (until 30 lbs or 30 inches). Plus the cream leather is so chic and easy to clean/functional… hello wipe-able!! The seat is a great seat safety wise but I am also IN LOVE with how cool it looks. I'm vain that way. ;)

    Good luck with the third trimester!! Yay!! Hope this baby isn't born in your living room! Although that is the coolest story.

  34. Warning: the problem with that moses basket is that it's not very comfy. We have it, and to use it again, I think we'd need to find a way to replace the mattress. It's lightweight, and the stand has cross bars that end up pressing through and making it… not… super comfy for him. I'm not totally sure if we'd use it again, but… maybe. It just needs some modifications I think.

  35. I'm 37 weeks and we purchased the Nuna Pipa. It's one of the top rated car seats and weighs in under 7 pounds which is one of the lightest!

    As for baby bassinets, I found a shop on Etsy called PopVintages. They're located in Paris but her prices are reasonable for the bassinets and shipping so may be worth looking into. I ordered one from her and it's absolutely darling!


  36. Not sure that if they are easy to find in the US but we hade BeSafe Izi Sleep car seat for our newborn. When you take them out of the car you can tilt the back so that the baby is lying flat and you don't have to wake them to lay them down (since babies shouldn't spend too long in an upright position this was great for us). It also doubles as a baby rocking chair that you can rock with your foot while doing other things ;). Very convenient! Good luck with the search and thank you for an inspiring blog.

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