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In addition to getting the mudroom up and running before the school year, we really wanted to get a homework desk set up in the playroom. The two older girls have been begging for a real-deal desk (they’re sick of sitting at the kid-sized play table), and putting together a homework station felt like a…

In addition to getting the mudroom up and running before the school year, we really wanted to get a homework desk set up in the playroom. The two older girls have been begging for a real-deal desk (they’re sick of sitting at the kid-sized play table), and putting together a homework station felt like a great way to start the school year off right!

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I have been working with Office Depot and Expo brand to spread the news about the #TeachersChangeLives campaign, where we are trying to make it easier (and more affordable with these coupons!) for families to donate school supplies to classrooms, or to help ease the financial burden that these teachers are taking on personally each year to stock their classrooms. Here’s where you can learn more about #TeachersChangeLives.

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Office Depot invited me to share this brand new homework station in celebration of the campaign. I’m so happy with how this cute desk area turned out and my girls are over-the-moon excited about having a big girl space to do their school work and to display their art and best projects! Here’s what we did:
We started out by getting a piece of homasote, which is a great soft-but-sturdy material, cut down to 40×40″ for a large memo board. We get our homasote at Heldt lumber in Phoenix, but when I lived back east I could usually get it at Lowes or Home Depot. I upholstered the cut-to-size board in a soft lilac linen fabric from my stash.

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Tips for how to tackle corners can be found HERE!
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I have a feeling this board will be well-used. I hung it up (using D-rings) and tacked on these papers and things only yesterday and already it looks completely different today. Michael likes to say there are four decorators that live in this house. :)
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We also had one of the smaller 2×4′ pegboard sheets cut down to 12×40″, so it could sit evenly right under the memo board. We sprayed it that Rustoleum Aubergine color that I love so much.

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I think it pairs really well with the lilac linen!

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I stacked eight small washers behind the pegboard before screwing into the wall, so that the board would sit off the wall a bit, making it easier to move around the pegboard accessories.
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Home Depot has tons of these pegboard accessories. We spray painted a couple of baskets and prongs to match the pegboard, and then loaded them up with all sorts of school and art supplies.
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Expo and Office Depot sent us some new highlighters (which have see-through writing tips?!) and a few mechanical pencils that have mix and match colors (which, of course, the girls love). I put assorted little cups in the baskets to help us keep the supplies organized and off the desk top.
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Yesterday was the inaugural run of the new desk area and I’d say it was a wild success. Never have I seen my girls so excited to do their homework! The real question is, can this excitement last? I’m really, really hoping so. :)
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A big thanks to Office Depot and to the #TeachersChangeLives campaign for inviting me to contribute to the program! Click here to read more about how we can help these wonderful teachers who already do so much for our children.
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27 thoughts on “Homework Station in the Playroom

  1. cute homework station! I would have loved something like that growing up. Where is the sconce from? I also want to hear more about the chair. Loved the IG picture of it.

  2. What a great space for homework! It has some fun components to it, but what I love most is how you incorporated the "big girl" accessories like the good stapler, light, and, of course, the chair. This set up will grow nicely with your girls. I wish my kids were still young…enjoy ;)

  3. Love all of it but would love more details about the desk, chair and lamp. I think our 14 year old would kill for a set up like this and the desk is exactly what I've been scouring craigslist for.

  4. This. This is EXACTLY why I follow blogs like yours! The washers behind the pegboard! I'm such a moron that I never would have thought of something that simple, yet ingenious. I look at peg boards and think, "How do you get the hangers into the holes when its mounted on the wall?" Yes, people like me exist, and I thank you for helping us.

  5. I just did a similar bulletin board for my son's room and used a piece of 4'x8' soundproofing board from Home Depot (might be the same exact material that you mention – I'm no expert!). The board cost $11 and they cut it to my exact size. I felt like a bulletin board wizard for doing that project so inexpensively :) We attached it to the wall with screws and decorative washers on the front of the board at each corner. So much better than trying to track down large pieces of cork (that are waaaay more costly).

  6. I love this post. I have been consumed by thoughts of my own desk space and had an epiphany last night. I was feeling too tired and unmotivated to do homework on the bed, and I realized that the difference is I no longer have a desk (even if it was temporary)! They make a huge difference in productivity. Therefore, I'm very happy for your girls. I feel their pain! (Literally. Craning your neck so often hurts).

  7. For other people looking to install a pegboard (or other board) set off from the wall, you can also find plastic washers in different thicknesses and depths (some up to 1" think). The plastic washers will give you a more uniform look and can be painted to match the wall or the board (they come in white-ish cream color)

  8. I love her ceiling, sooooo very sweet anchoring to her more mature room of thought.
    Love the mix of pieces makes for a perfect room to want to hang out in and study or just dream.

    A wonderful job on all your created here.


  9. What a perfect little homework nook! My little guy is still a couple years away from needing one, but I am in desperate need of an office makeover for my own desk, so I love seeing all of these creative ideas!

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  10. Hello! Everything looks great! I love the tip w/ the washers and the peg board! Where did you get the wall-mounted lamp? I've been looking for one like that for my craft room.

  11. I've been planning a similar pinboard for my kitchen, but have been stuck on how to attach it to the wall. How many D rings did you use? Where are they placed on the board so it hangs flat? How are they attached to the homosote? Thank you – I now have renewed energy to go out to buy some pretty fabric!

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