One Ottoman, Three Ways

I feel like I can’t leave Target without buying a pouf or an ottoman or a basket or some other adorable item that is practically impossible to pass up at Target’s low prices! A recent purchase was two of these little storage ottomans from the new Room Essentials line. They are upholstered in the most perfect color of persimmon red felt and they have the cutest little accent of natural stained bent plywood that makes them look very Eames-y and vintage.

 photo IMG_0686.jpg

I love little ottomans like these because they fit in tight spaces and make for perfect extra seating in a pinch. We had a big family party at our house this weekend and the extra seats came in handy! I love that they look at home pretty much where ever they’re sitting. So let’s take a little trip with my new red stools and try them out all around my living room!

 photo IMG_0691.jpg

I love them as a pair in front of the fireplace (or how cute would they be in front of a bed?).

 photo IMG_0693.jpg
I like them layered in front of a side table too.
 photo IMG_0703.jpg
 photo IMG_0714.jpg
The interior storage compartment makes it easy to tuck in a couple of throws. You know, just in case you’re a weirdo like me that can somehow manage to get cold even when it’s 115 degrees outside.
 photo IMG_0718.jpg
 photo IMG_0716.jpg
I also like one of the stools tucked under our antique secretary desk. Isn’t the poppy red color pretty with the blue velvet sofa? 
 photo IMG_0742.jpg
It seems like a lot of people buy vintage or antique secretaries and don’t know quite what to do with the desk areas. Do you keep a chair there all the time, etc.? I think a little stool or ottoman is the perfect way to keep a desk seat accessible without taking up a huge footprint in the room. 
 photo IMG_0743.jpg
What’s your favorite way to use little benches in your home? Have you found any Target treasures lately? Last weekend I scored a really great basket for one of my indoor trees and some cool hooks for a mudroom makeover that’s coming your way later this week! :)
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19 thoughts on “One Ottoman, Three Ways

  1. Love it! Small ottomans like this one are great because they can be used as extra seating when you have a lot of guests. Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie Herzlinger

  2. Persimmon is my color! And they are so cute and vintag-y! I wonder if our local target carry those? I use an antique buffet as a tv stand and I've been looking for stools/ottomans that can be tucked away under the buffet when not used. These might be perfect!

  3. 1) I think the Shop This Look buttons are super elegant! Feels seamless and it's a great addition for a sponsored post. I'm loving how Target is working in the blog world – it makes it so much easier for me to see how I would use their pieces in my house. Otherwise, I just wander around the store and nothing quite feels right.
    2) I cry a few tears of happiness every time I see those yellow velvet chairs. To me, they are the Ryan Gosling of furniture.
    3) LUUURRVVVV the way you styled that secretary. Oh HELLOOOOOOO Madame Secretary!

  4. i have the same ottomans in gray. they're in my boy's room and they store the video game controllers. it's an easy way for them to tidy up. i loved yours in the the gallery wall room with the yellow chairs.

  5. I'm with you, I cannot leave Target without wanting to buy a basket or some sort of poof. I have to rein it in because we are in a one bedroom apartment though!

  6. Target is just nailing it lately with everything. Love the ottoman. What is the shop this look button that shows up on the photos? When I click it a bar on the side shows up but it's blank! So curious.

  7. I love all of the ways you have shown to use this ottoman. I think so many times people just get stuck in the same routine and uses of their furniture. This displays a great way to mix it up.

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