Bathroom Reno Progress and A New Sputnik

Sometimes I like to jump right in to three or four big projects all at once. I figure that the house is going to be a mess and all covered in construction dust anyway, so why not knock out a few things at the same time? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my kitchen cabinet upgrade, our new sink and soon-to-be-stripped faucet, and some of our bathroom demo. And hopefully you took a minute to vote on our exterior house color choices. I need to share photos of the front of the house too, which we hired Jason again to help us rework. All the projects are moving at break-neck speed, so we’re all feeling a little tired, but excited by the amazing progress on the house in a very short period of time.

 photo IMG_4792.jpg

 photo IMG_4795.jpg

We also hired the same guy who took out our well to help with removing the giant bathtub (his company is called Kyle’s Moonlighting and Kyle is pretty much the nicest man in the world – totally recommend him for exterior/interior removal services!).

 photo IMG_4807.jpg
Once we got the tub and the vanity out, we called in some plumbers to get the pipes ready for the new tub and for a single sink vanity.
 photo IMG_5007.jpg
Next, we’re tackling tiles. I’m going with one of the tumbling block patterns I posted before I think. Of the two I posted, I’m leaning toward the lighter version peeking out up above and here below:
 photo IMG_4996.jpg
I picked a stone for the sink and I think it will go together beautifully! Can’t wait to get going on this install. The floors need to be floated a little though to prep for the tile and to make the bathroom level with the wood floors. (The blue walls are getting a big change this week hopefully too!)
 photo IMG_4991.jpg
Oh, I also wanted to share that I found an amazing vintage sputnik a few weeks back at Modern on Melrose, which is a really fun vintage consignment shop on 7th Ave. It’s becoming one of my favorite stores to pop in to – their selection is always well curated and the prices range from very fair to amazingly inexpensive. One of my favorite lamps in the studio (the one on my desk) was only $20 there. If you stop by, be sure to check out the salvage yard area in the back! 
 photo IMG_4603.jpg
 photo IMG_4222.jpg
The brass on the sputnik was not in the best shape, but just a little scrubbing with some soapy water cleaned up the grime and not-so-great-patina.
 photo IMG_4225.jpg
Aren’t those “petals” amazing? 
 photo IMG_4229.jpg
 photo cIMG_4233.jpg
We’re going to take down that pendant and move the electrical box to be centered over the tub and the window for the sputnik. Won’t it be so pretty with the wall of subway tile and the pretty clawfoot tub?!

 photo IMG_4992.jpg

Sometimes fun decorating purchases help me get through the projects phase a little more efficiently! I’m getting anxious to see how it all comes together. :)

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51 thoughts on “Bathroom Reno Progress and A New Sputnik

  1. As always, amazing! I did want to make sure you checked your local building/electrical code for the light? It sounded like you were going to hang the light over the tub, which is a no-no in some places. Safety first, awesome style second!

  2. beautiful ideas and finds… can't wait to see the finished result! Agree w/ Megan, my builder wouldn't put a light fixture over our air tub d/t code and CO issues when we renovated our home… but looks like the original placement of the light was over the tub to begin with!

  3. beautiful ideas and finds… can't wait to see the finished result! Agree w/ Megan, my builder wouldn't put a light fixture over our air tub d/t code and CO issues when we renovated our home… but looks like the original placement of the light was over the tub to begin with!

  4. That light fixture is beyond awesome. And the price?!?! Also had to agree with the previous comments – in Charlotte, NC we weren't allowed to hang a chandelier over the spa bathtub. The contractor told us it's because a person may grab at the pendant light if they are slipping and then the light could fall into the tub and electrocute the person. Just a thought.

    1. We're all good on the code issue! Double verified there! The Sputnik is pretty small too, so no potential issue with grabbing.

  5. oh man! you've done it (are doing it) once again! I NEED to 411 on that tumbling block tile. I've been searching and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

    1. There's a place in Phoenix called like tile for less or tile world or something that has close outs. I will look on the box though for any signs of the manufacturer!

  6. Every single element here is going to be stunning! So nice of you to share your source of the light (and other things in the past). Curious why you are choosing to go from two sinks to one?

    1. Thanks Cammie!
      We are using this almost like a powder bath – mostly just a place for guests to use the bathroom and to bathe the girls. So we would rather have the floor space than multiple sinks. :)

  7. Re: the light over the tub issue – I've been looking at installing my bath fan over the tub and code here requires that the fan be on a GFCI breaker. It may be the same with lights over bathtubs too. Bonus with installing a GFCI breaker for the bathroom means you can use regular outlets by the sink. Downside is you have to go to the breaker box to reset it if necessary.

  8. It sounds like it will be amazing! I did wonder though, specifically how was your demo completed? Did the tub fit out the front door or did you take it out through the window? Also, did the countertops and cabinets come out whole or did you have to break them up? We're you able to sell any of the bathroom fixtures to help with the Reno costs? We are contemplating a major bathroom Reno and the demo of this bathroom that's up two flights of stairs in a windowless room has me stuck a bit.

    1. Great question! We're salvaging as much as we can! All the granite (we had the same stone in the kitchen) that didn't break in the removal process will be given to a friend (we have it in the backyard right now). Unfortunately the bathroom counters had to be thrown away due to breakage. (The sink areas are especially prone to breaks). The tub didn't make it out alive either, which was probably okay becaue my local thrift stores all told me they wouldn't be able to take it! Crazy right?

  9. Oh I like Modern on Melrose! Modern Manor ( right behind it) is good too but a little pricier. Thanks for giving your source. I live in PHX and often wonder where you score some of your great finds!

    We got our tile at Floor and Decor at a great price. Stock varies- sometimes very good.

  10. Have been waiting to see if you were going to replace your kitchen counters as I've been debating ditching our mint green with grey flecks Corian. I kept thinking that if you could make that granite work, I could somehow deal with my counters. Now I just need to know what you're putting in! Like you, we want to do a major layout redo in the future (when that big bag of money drops from the sky) and don't want to spend a ton on the interim. Can't wait to see more of the kitchen! Love everything you do

  11. LOVE your tile choice and the new tub is going to be spectacular! In Australia we can't place light fixtures over baths (safety regulations); I always admire the look in magazines and blogs! It's a shame noone could reuse your old bath, it looks like a fabulous soaker! Look forward to seeing your progress, am trying to choose tile for my main bedroom ensuite here and am always thwarted by price!

  12. Oh, my…love it ALL! And I agree that the floor space and feel with one single cool sink will be amazing! We could not put a light fixture over our tub either, but the electrician wired the space over the tub for us and capped it off. It's ok if WE put a fixture there, but by code he couldn't do it for us. I am still searching for the perfect fixture for that space! Cannot wait to see the tile and details…Amazing, Jenny!

  13. Jenny,

    You're blog has been such an inspiration to me! You have infiltrated my life as I tackle a million projects at once ; ) You teach me everything because you've tried it and perfected the craft already. I have a gallon each of Rustoleum black gloss and grey smoke in the back of my wagon that will get put to use this weekend…Martha Stewart brass hardware arrived this week to transform my kitchen island..I now have a Benjamin Moore paint deck…My new entry way is dove grey, complete with a new persian rug and gallery wall….I found the best thrift "consignment" shop in the Louisville area thanks to your tips…the list goes on…I refer to you as my "blog friend." My conversations with friends may go something like this "Well, Jenny…" or "all over the blogs…" I fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak, a few months ago and just want you to know how I look forward to your blog and your tried and true advice as I tackle painting furniture and the brass chandelier my mother-in-law had hiding in her basement! Loyal Reader Forever!

  14. wow. Can I just say thanks for doing what you do and posting it on here to encourage the rest of us. The ratio of projects started&completed pre-finding your blog and post-finding it is great. Your tips are always so helpful and your design eye is impeccable!

  15. Fabulous progress! Can you give a little more information and possibly a tutorial on how you cleaned up the brass sputnik? I am so intrigued and could really use the tips! As usual, cannot wait to see the end result!

  16. OMG. I have obsessively been checking this blog every single hour on the hour hoping, nay praying, for a partial update with pics since the long holiday weekend. It is taking forevah, but it *is* a complete gut job, so . . . I'll just pace a little longer. I. Am. Just. So. Excited!

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