My Cleaning Closet Overhaul!

While it is fun in some ways to live in a house where we can stretch out a little more and the kids and the dog can run around more freely, I’m learning a bigger house sort of just means there’s more to clean! :) I use a cleaning schedule that really helps, but I…

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While it is fun in some ways to live in a house where we can stretch out a little more and the kids and the dog can run around more freely, I’m learning a bigger house sort of just means there’s more to clean! :) I use a cleaning schedule that really helps, but I was feeling like I needed a central command station.

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So over the holidays, I joined forces with seven other bloggers also anxious to get their homes organized in 2014. I decided to have a little fun with the closet under the stairs, formerly known as the Harry Potter closet/closet of no return/most embarrassing place for guests to mistake as a coat closet.

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Shield your eyes!!

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Christmas decor. Amazon boxes. A wadded up air mattress? Random cleaning supplies. Lists. Receipts. Leftover flooring nails. Home Depot bags that may or may not actually have useful things inside. This is my life, people. Help!

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The first step was a good clean-out. Then I headed right over to my fabric stash and pulled out what I had left of this pretty Quadrille fabric. I found it at a fabric warehouse a few years ago and had used it for a custom shower curtain (it’s an acetate fabric).

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The colors are so pretty! Orange and turquoise and olive with just a bit of plum.

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I wanted a bright blue paint color for the walls and went with Sky Watch from The Home Decorators Collection line at Home Depot.

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I also picked up just a few (!!!) extra things for the project while I was there.

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I painted the walls in a flat enamel.

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Then I added flat trim to the shelf fronts, to make them look thicker. I also added baseboards to the closet. It’s amazing how much more finished the room looked after adding baseboards!

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Then I painted the shelves the same color as the walls, but in a high gloss.

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I left the back wall white though. No need to waste paint there.

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Using the same technique I used to upholster a wall in our old loft here, I roughly cut the Quadrille fabric to size and then I stapled and stretched it, and stapled it again on the back wall.

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After all the staples were in, I trimmed off the excess fabric.

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I tried to be mindful of the pattern the whole time, so that everything would line up in the right way.

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Then I covered the staples using cotton twill tape from Joanns and some copper upholstery nails.

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To dress up the fronts of the now-thicker shelves, and to help keep things organized, I picked up a package of these metal label holders in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store. I spray painted them gold to get a brass look.

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I used black carpet tacks to hang the label-holders on the shelves.

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It’s really easy to keep everything where it should be with the labels on the shelves.

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There used to be some plastic hooks on the wall to the left here, but I took those down in favor of this mop-and-broom-clamp-holder-thing (that’s the official name).

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I keep our broom and dustpan here and my new Swiffer SteamBoost mop, which I love for our bathroom and kitchen floors especially. I seriously use it every day. We put in winter grass this year, and it’s been nothing but mud all over my floors for months. I love Linus like a son, but man, that dog tracks mud in all day long. It’s a good thing he’s so cute and sweet. :)

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I also bought one of these screw-in plastic-dipped hooks from Home Depot and I installed it right into my shelving to help keep my vacuum’s hose up off the floor. Works like a charm!

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It is so fun to have a pretty little space to keep all my cleaning and paper products now.

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Now when people accidentally open this door to hang up their coats, I’m like, oh that? That’s just my cleaning closet. NBD. #boombaby #organized4lyf

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For more organizing and spring cleaning tips head on over to, where seven fab bloggers are sharing their great cleaning and organizing projects.

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This post was brought to you by The Home Depot and P&G. Start Clean in ’14!

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69 thoughts on “My Cleaning Closet Overhaul!

  1. WOW. You are inspirational.
    How do you get it all done? I live in a small 1BR apartment with my husband and baby. I have the same exact chore schedule, but I swear… I'm lucky if I get laundry done in the week. Sometimes dishes get done. I TRY to sweep/mop the floors every night (and it's just ONE ROOM to worry about).
    Sigh…maybe I should make it a priority so that my space will look like yours. :)

  2. Cute cute cute. I've been wanting to redo my daughter's closet – I might just do the fabric trick there – I'll be wishing for your amazing ability to select paint and fabric – Super work, Jenny!

  3. Hi enjoy your blog. What are those two tall items on the top self …black…kind of look like some kind of flashlight or is it paint pens….dying to know.

  4. Pretty pretty! I love the fabric you have up in this little space. Would you reveal name/source if you have a moment? It's tacked up with …? I love how your home is coming together…just beautiful.

  5. oh my. This closet is amazing. I love the colors, the fabric, the labels. It's funny that you and the kids at Young House Love posted at pretty much the same time about organizing a closet. I think I love organization posts just as much if not more than room decor.

  6. Jenny! You are amazing, as always! I'm always trying to get paint finishes figured out: why did you use flat for the wall instead if an eggshell? Easier to clean?

  7. Mega love!
    It's hard for me to be consistent with the actual 'cleaning' because I'm picking up ALL DAY. lol. This closet is cause for jealousy!

  8. This is for sure the prettiest cleaning closet I've ever seen! This is definitely a space I would forget/ignore, but anything that makes cleaning a more positive experience is a plus. Nice job!

  9. That looks so great! We just had to get a new washer and dryer after our old dryer blew up, and now I'm scheming laundry room ideas. It's amazing what a little fabric and paint can do!

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