Blossoms Make Everything Better

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2013 is rocking us a little. Michael and I have been working like dogs. We definitely had a weekend’s worth of work to do, but when Saturday morning rolled around and the sun was shining  and spring was calling, we decided to throw work to the curb and hit the streets.
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We ended up at the Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Gardens, where we were able to catch the blossoms in full bloom. 

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Catching blossom petals before they hit the ground is good luck in our family. My girls say that they get a wish for every petal. Among others, Saturday’s wishes included:
1) That Linus would learn the standing trick
2) That we would build a swimming pool in our back yard (???) :)
3) That the street fair that was right by our house last weekend would come back soon.

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Note to self: working weekends are never necessary. 
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24 thoughts on “Blossoms Make Everything Better

  1. What a sweet little family you have. Love all those smiles on your girls faces. They are so lucky to have such a good momma! Can't wait to hear more about this swimming pool!

  2. I had a similar situation this weekend- I should have been studying for finals, but the sun and blue sky were just too much to resist! We wore ourselves out, we were so busy.

    Beautiful pictures; I think a Brooklyn Botanical Gardens visit is in order after seeing these!

  3. Working weekends are never necessary. WISE WORDS.

    And the girls look so gorgeous and happy. When did Evie get so BIG???

  4. What? I can't remember a weekend where my husband and I don't work.

    It was a lovely weekend though. Those blossoms are almost all gone around where we are (3-4 hours South of where you are).

    Your girls look so cute and happy. They are always fashionable.

  5. Note to self is great, always listen to your heart! Those blossoms are amazing, and they don't last, so great the girls wished on all of them! so cute!!!
    xo Nancy

  6. My family did the same. The weather was too nice to ignore, weekend projects be damned. Your daughters are so beautiful!

  7. I ditched my work this weekend because the weather was so beautiful! No regrets so far and perhaps I should wish on some blossom petals too! Beautiful photos.

  8. Flowering scrubs don't last very long so it's always a wise choice to go outside and enjoy the beauty of them.

  9. Your girls are adorable and look like they had a blast! Is your middle daughter taller than your oldest? (same in my family growing up) Good for you for putting down the work and going out to play!

  10. I may not have little ones yet but I have been making an effort to live by that mantra this year ' working weekends are never necessary'. I ran myself down at the end of last year, so I'm taking a step back, deciding clients can wait and quality time with friends and family (or just myself!) is far more important. Beautiful pictures of an area you are lucky to live in xx

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