Topiaries at IKEA

I just got back from a marathon shopping trip to the trifecta: IKEA, Home Depot and Target. I may never walk again! :)

While I am hundreds of dollars poorer, today’s outings were successful. I found everything on my shopping lists (and more! two full carts at IKEA!), including these adorable little topiaries. I will be considering the addition of some festive bows just like this.

Run to IKEA before the topiaries are gone! No fewer than five ladies and one gent asked where I found them while I was checking out. (The garden section. $15.99 ea.) Now run!

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18 thoughts on “Topiaries at IKEA

  1. That's what my cart looks like EVERY TIME I go to IKEA without fail. It's terrible/awesome. Good thing I'm not the only one now!


  2. Ahh my husband is away on business near an ikea, im wondering if i could get him to pick me up some?

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Well, considering the nearest IKEA is four hours away…I do not think I will be running. Those look fabulous though. Maybe I should move closer to an IKEA?

  4. Oh so hoping they have them at my Ikea in the UK – was already planning a trip today for christmas decor – will definitely check the plant section.

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  6. I'm meh on the topiaries (I kill ALL kinds of plants, even the cactus I tried to keep), but I'm loving that striped denim(?) on the bottom of your cart. I can do SO much with that!

  7. Another black thumb here – I WOULD rush out to get these but it will only speed up their untimely death. Would love to find some preserved boxwoods in chic (not cheesy) containers!

  8. Hi, I have been reading your blog since many many months, maybe a year, and this is the first time I make a commment. Why? Because those desk-table-whateveryouneed is awesome! Congrats great shopping!

  9. oooh, i loooove the wrapping paper! i'm doing all red/white/black for xmas and that wrap would be PERFECT (bonus that polka dots are my fave)! i need to get to ikea asap!

  10. I am so mad at myself! I've been to Ikea three times in the past two weeks. I was so focused on the eight curtain panels I'm redesigning that I forgot to go back for these.

    When I went this past Monday, they were ALL GONE !!!!!!!!!

    I love your blog and all the awesome posts of late. The new place is just beautiful !!

    Can't wait to see the chandelier!


  11. There were lots of topiaries in Atlanta! I got two for the planters outside my front door:) now my entrance is complete! Thank you !!!

  12. There were lots of topiaries in Atlanta! I got two for the planters outside my front door:) now my entrance is complete! Thank you !!!

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