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Vintage Lounge Chairs

My sister’s in town and I was so happy to have her company for a last minute working road trip. We stopped to do some antiquing – and look what I found today! These vintage wire lounge chairs have so much potential and they were a steal. I’m so glad I switched my balcony plans…

My sister’s in town and I was so happy to have her company for a last minute working road trip. We stopped to do some antiquing – and look what I found today!

These vintage wire lounge chairs have so much potential and they were a steal. I’m so glad I switched my balcony plans at the last minute and went with these Blu Dot chairs for around the table. These loungers will sit in a pair on the other end of the balcony. Maybe the faux bois side table between them?

I’m not a fan of the ecru paint color. It’s chipping and rusted over a bit anyway, so I’m thinking I’ll strip these down and see what I’ve got to work with. I’m sort of hoping I can leave the metal unpainted. (maybe just sealed to prevent rusting?).

I’m already brainstorming cushion designs. I have a really fun one in mind. I just need to do a little research on the type of foam/fill I need to buy for outdoor use. Have you ever made your own outdoor cushions?

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  1. There is closed-cell foam available at lots of fabrics stores and online, that don' puff up or get saturated when wet. That's what you need (I'm sure you'll see that when you do your research though!) Best of luck!

  2. Jenny, my grandparents had these lounge chairs. I totally remember them. And grandmother had the best taste in furniture and clothes, so I bet she paid a lot for them. How lucky for you to find a vintage PAIR! Wonderful.

  3. I actually did some research on outdoor foam when I was looking to make cushions for my patio. There is a brand called EZ-Dri that is specifically for outdoor use. It's considerably more expensive than regular foam depending on the width you're looking for.

    In the end I actually tore open old outdoor cushions I had that had faded and used those inserts. Worked like a charm.

    Happy cushion making

  4. I have those chairs! I was lucky and found them, with the matching sofa, on Craigslist. They are vintage Homecrest. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. Great lines and they look like they would be very comfortable. For some reason I see them painted something bright and glossy, mint green maybe??

    There is a special foam that doesn't absorb water. There are so many great sunbrella-type fabrics out there, I'm sure you'll find something perfect.

  6. Can't wait to see what you do with them as I just inherited a pair of these from my mother-in-law.

  7. Consider powder coating them. Its my favorite way to refinish metal items. You can get them in a rainbow of colors, glossy metallic matte etc. I found a small powder coating shop and he does anything from patio furniture to tire rims.

  8. i agree with maria on using old cushions or new bought on clearance cheap. you can always find old ones that someone is trying to get rid of. but really being sure to cover them and keep them dry is your best bet on longevity since all the components (foam/fabric) can be expensive. but if they do get wet be sure to tilt them on their sides/corner so all the water drains out of one spot and not trying to evaporate through the whole cushion :)

  9. Jealous! I've been wanting a pair of these for years. I'm sure whatever you decide to do with them, it will be fab!

  10. Strip off the paint and consider a deep, rich blue. I know it sounds odd, but for some reason, deep blues look great in the garden.

    You should think about getting a perennial flowering vine, like a clematis (montana) or trumpet vine, in the ground during the fall planting season so it can get up to the top of that brick wall pronto.

  11. Love the chairs jenny! It would def be cheaper to buy an outdoor cushion ( prob on clearance now) and recover with outdoor fabric. That foam is expensive!!

  12. Great chairs! What a score! You will have to use Sunbrella or equivalent fabric unless you are willing to bring the cushions in every time weather threatens. I have found several lovely dotted patterns in Sunbrella, but I am a sucker for dots. They also have lovely stylized florals and a plethora of stripes.

  13. I have one that I found in an alley free. I had it powder coated but I have never made the cushion for it- BOO! I should do that now that I know they are important!

  14. Yes, I've actually always made my outdoor cushions, because I can find any in the store I like (or want to spend $ on). Make sure you by an indoor/outdoor filler so you can machine wash it. And scotch guard the daylights out of that thing!

  15. My grandparents gave me one of these chairs with an ottoman, plus a lounger and 4 dining chairs when we moved into our house. They had used them for years before so the cushions were on their last leg. I still haven't found cushions for them, I'm excited to see what you do with yours, hopefully it will inspire me!

  16. I adore vintage Homecrest. I have some myself and still love it-so comfortable with the swivel and rocking features. You can also check marine supply for boats if you want indestructable foam that can handle water.

  17. OMG Jenny! I have a chair JUST LIKE that one in gold! purchased from craigslist for $20…Cray! PLEASE do a tutorial for the cushion. I'm totally lost on how to shape it to fit the frame. I'll send pics of mine. I'd love to compare!

  18. So GLAD I have found your website!! I'm a mom with zero creativity when it comes to my living space, even though I'm an MUA who loves playing with color and artistry. Makes no sense I know. But these chairs are the coolest and I hope you post the cushions once they've been created!

  19. Hello! I actually had a navy blue velvet cushion with tufted buttons custom made for my chair like this and have used it as a rocker for my son in his nursery. It's wonderful as an indoor chair as well!

  20. I realize this is a very old thread and this may go unread, but… I have a bunch of these chairs only the smaller version and one identical to yours and a glider. I found some Adirondack type cushions at Menards that are sort of working for the smaller chairs. I still needs a cushion for larger chair and glider. What did you end up doing with yours as far as cushions?

  21. I’m in the same boat as Jane – do you have dimensions and or a pattern? We call ours the captains’s chair. Angie

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