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Today’s my birthday and we’re celebrating with our visiting family, so I’m taking it easy while they’re still here. But tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on the cushions of the new/old sofa.

I bought the velvet yesterday at JEM. It’s really hard to photograph because it has a bit of a sheen to it and the color changes in the light (love).

So the real question is – do I do a black welting or just a self welt? I’m worried about making piping with the velvet (it’s tricky because it’s so thick and velvet pile often rolls weird), but also I think black linen would look pretty amazing!

What would you do?
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121 thoughts on “Sofa Fabric

  1. My birthday is on Sunday! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    Although, everyone loves the black linen, I think the velvet would just be so classic. Can't wait to see the sofa once complete!

  2. I would do self-welting because that is a large piece. I'd save the contrast piping for a smaller piece (chair or pillows). I love the idea of it but I think it may be too much statement.

  3. Hey Jenny, I reupholstered my own sofa in velvet with velvet piping and getting all of that fabric through my sewing machine was such a pain!!! Piping in linen might save you a BIG headache.

  4. First of all, great choice on the fabric!

    I would hesitate to do the black welt. It will limit your choices in the future if you ever want to redecorate, move the sofa to a different room, etc. i think a self welt would look fantastic, but if you want some contrast why not add the welt in a slightly darker tone than the velvet? That way it's still timeless, but fun too!
    That being said, I'm sure no matter what you choose will look fantastic. It's hard to go wrong when your working with such fantastic lines and amazing fabric.

  5. Happy Birthday! (although a day late :) I hope it was wonderful!) I love the idea of the contrast, but after reading some other comments think if it is going to be a long term piece a self welt might be a better idea. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  6. Happy Birthday Jenny. I am glad you are feeling better. I went through a similar sudden health crisis last year and it really does turn things upside & take a while to get better. Take it easy.

    While I was working in the furniture industry I designed a chair for myself using linen. The linen wore out very quickly on the arms and especially the piping. It did not hold up well. I like the idea of contrast, but as much as I love linen, I am not a fan for upholstered furniture anymore.

  7. I would self welt or find a fabric easier to work with in the same color as the velvet. I find when I do something like a contrasting welt, or patchwork, or paint trim a contrasting color, (although it would be great looking), I get tired of it or it soon looks dated. You'll get more mileage our of the classic look.

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