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I’m was so thrilled when Chassity from Look Linger Love emailed me to offer up first dibs on these photos of her new son’s nursery. She has done such a lovely job here! Here’s Chassity with a little tour, and as always, the sources are listed at the very bottom. After learning that we were…

I’m was so thrilled when Chassity from Look Linger Love emailed me to offer up first dibs on these photos of her new son’s nursery. She has done such a lovely job here! Here’s Chassity with a little tour, and as always, the sources are listed at the very bottom.

After learning that we were pregnant with a boy I definitely had a moment of panic over decorating the nursery. I had been in “girly mode” with Fletcher’s older sister Lilly, so to switch gears was a little intimidating. All needless worry of course as boys’ rooms are definitely just as much fun. 
I started by inviting some of my favorite interior designer friends to contribute to a Nursery Design Series to get some ideas rolling. The nursery boards these women (like Caitlin Wilson, Angie Hranowsky, and Amber Lewis) came up with were incredible to say the least, and were a great starting point for me to get my ideas running. (You can see all the moodboards and their sources here)
My main goal for the room was to give Fletcher an eclectic, comfortable, and safe space to call his own. I wanted to look beyond the “matchy” set of furniture and bedding that can be typical of nurseries. While it wasn’t my intention, I like the voyager feel that the space has. I also chose items that would grow with Fletcher. For example, instead of a changing table I chose the voyager steamer dresser to work double duty. Likewise, I envision Fletcher and Lilly reading books together on the JA mini sofa for years to come.
The nursery renovation took probably 3 months from beginning to end. This includes all the time I spent gathering inspiration, shopping around, placing orders, and eventually completing the room. Fletcher was born 5 weeks early so we had to be quick to complete all the final touches once he arrived. 
What do I think makes the space? The Madeline Weinrib rug definitely adds visual interest to the room. But beyond that it’s the sentimental items that are in the room. Cuddling up in the middle of the night is much more cozy with the navy & white throw blanket that my Granny knitted. And while Fletcher isn’t sitting in the chair just yet, I’m glad that I was able to find the cowhide element that my Dad was adamant about seeing in his grandson’s room. And I smile every time that I look at the painting that my friend Sally King Benedict painted for us as a baby gift.
(Thanks again, Chassity!! If you have a room tour you’d like to submit, please email us)

Room Sources:

Wall Color – Valspar’s Gray Plank
Mini Sofa – Jonathan Adler 
Elephant Pouf – Serena and Lily 
Rocker – Joya 
Rug – Madeline Weinrib 
Cowhide Chair – Celadon 
Crib – Oeuf Sparrow Crib 
Crib Bedding – Little Auggie 
Dresser/Changing Table – Restoration Hardware 
Vintage Peddle Plane – Restoration Hardware 
Velvet Drapes – Pottery Barn 
Colorblock painting – Sally King Benedict 
Watercolor Map Print – Jessica Durrant 
Boy On Bike Art – Kiki and Polly 
Do Good Art – Twamies  
Driftwood Shelf – Moss Woodshop 
You Are Simply Wonderful Print – Sarah and Bendrix 
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39 thoughts on “Room Tour: Fletcher’s Nursery

  1. The room is absolutely divine!! Fabulous!! But I need to ask, what was your total budget? Looking at the source list it appears that middle class America will not be copying this room. Unless I am reading incorrectly, the room is close to $7000 befor the adding in the carpet, the cowhide chair, any artwork, paint. Is a designer purchasing discount that amazing? Again, I love the room you created but the financial aspect of it has me cringing.

  2. This room is incredible, if I was having a baby this is what I'm want. I really want that couch and the lamp they are perfect.

  3. Beautiful room and wonderful inspiration! What paint color is on the walls?

    To Melissa's comment, while this room is definitely not within a reasonable budget for most, I think you can draw inspiration and recreate the look for a much lower cost.

  4. LOVE this room.

    I went through a panic when we found out our baby-to-be was a little boy…it took me so long to pick out a scheme that I liked. I STILL want to change it, ha ha. But, not that our son Benjamin is here, the room just works.

    LOVE your chair, and the throw your Granny knitted, so perfect!

  5. Hi guys! Thanks for your comments! Julie, you too the words right out of my mouth about getting inspiration for this space. I love the way Chassity uses color and mixes textures! For a cheaper version of this room: Paint a walmart mod line crib gray, use an IKEA or Urban Outfitters flatweave rug, reupholster a vintage settee, etc.

    I love seeing spaces like Chassity's and I'm so glad she was willing to share here! xoxo

  6. Chassity has an amazing eye and this room is truly beautiful and perfect for a little boy of any age! I love that each piece will be something that he will use in his room for years and years to come! That is something that can be recreated at any budget!

  7. A beautiful room! The room would be a bit out of my budget, but using just a few select pieces (like the adorable Jonathan Adler mini sofa or that divine brass lamp) would really amp up the style factor in any nursery. Its definitely a room any mother would love spending time in!

  8. Fab nursery! Will definitely use this as inspiration should I ever have a boy. Quick question: where did you find the fun laundry basket? Thanks for sharing!

  9. This room is absolutely phenomenal.

    Thanks Jenny for letting us check out this beautiful room and Chastity you've got yourself a new fan!

    That couch is beautiful and even though yes its true most of us could not afford it I can be totally inspired by the shape and color of it and do my own thing. I think its important to remember that none of us want to be copycats. We want to be inspired by others and work within our own limitations. Don't be down on Chastity for having the good fortune to be able to spend more than most, instead you have to be happy for her and celebrate with the rest of us her wonderful achievement. Regardless of the cost you cant pull a room together this beautifully without mountains of talent and that's what I come here to see. Beautiful Talent.

  10. Oh Chassity, It's a LOVELY space! Don't worry about all these jelly bellies! I'll freely admit I'm jealous of the space, but I'm also happy for you and your little nuggets! Congrats on the feature! Well-deserved!

  11. Wooooooow! Such a sophisticated space for a lucky kid! Great job!

    PS I saw that same bedding at ABC baby last week in NYC and I thought to myself – if I ever have a baby that's the bedding I want. Well, you beat me to it! :) Great minds? :)

  12. I'm partial to more modern nurseries so I couldn't help but love this one. The graphic art is Perfect for the space, and Oh. My. Goodness that sofa is gorgeous. The lines, the color. Be still my beating heart.

    Great job!

  13. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Everyone. Fletcher's nursery is easily one of my favorite rooms in my home. To answer a couple of questions, the wall color is Valspar's Gray Plank. And the laundry/toy bag came from Garnet Hill.

  14. The room is simply gorgeous, and will grow with him for many years. Chassity is insanely talented!!! This room is (almost) enough to make me want another baby…if only so I can duplicate this amazing room!

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