My back is jacked

I feel like such an old lady typing this – but somehow I messed up my back this week and it hurts bad. :( Like, back labor 24 hours a day. Not fun. I have a big deadline on Friday so I’m focusing every bit of my energy on that – I feel bad that…

I feel like such an old lady typing this – but somehow I messed up my back this week and it hurts bad. :( Like, back labor 24 hours a day. Not fun. I have a big deadline on Friday so I’m focusing every bit of my energy on that – I feel bad that I won’t be around here much this week. I’m hoping to be back in action soon. All next week, starting Monday, I have a seriously amazing house tour to share with you. (Remember my friend Emily? It’s her whole house!) TONS of tips and inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, here are some images that I keep coming back to lately. The colors!!

Mario Buatta

Arch Digest

Melanie Acevedo

Hoping to be able to post again here this week, but if I can’t, don’t forget to enter my favorite things give away! I’ve been reading all the comments and I love seeing your choices!

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51 thoughts on “My back is jacked

  1. Oh no! I hope your back feels better soon. I had nasty back labor for all three of my baby deliveries and now I get that same pain occasionally for a couple days. Sounds like the same thing? I got some muscle relaxers prescribed and those help a bit. Also a hot water pack!
    Don't over do it! We'll all be here!

  2. Back pain is the worst!!!! Go to bed and sleep it off. Everything's better in the morning!

  3. PS Saw the sponsored post go up today. Reminded me of how much I appreciate the way you handle ads. It's all very black and white — this is LGN content, and this is a sponsor's content. I love that I can trust your voice here whole-heartedly. Thank you!

  4. LOVE the leggings picture. You're right about those colors. Makes me want to redo my whole house!

    love ya jenny! Rest up and keep on keepin on! Good luck with your dead line!

  5. You should try the adhesive icy hot bandages. You can just stick them on your lower back and they provide relief for a few hours. Feel better soon!

  6. Feel better soon!

    BTW – I'm finally making a slipcover for a bench out of the green imperial trellis I got from you. Squeeeee!

  7. Oh sad! My back gives out when my babies are at their chubbiest every time. It's the worst. I'll miss your posts this week but can't WAIT for that house tour! Hope you can take it easy!

  8. Gorgeous corals! Love each one for so many reasons. Sorry about your back! Take care of it as best you can. And lots of ibuprophen is good to keep the swelling down around the nerves. In the long run that's better (so my doctor told me when I wrenched mine). xo

  9. I experienced my first lower back pain a couple years after I had my daughter. I felt like an old lady as well. I was convinced I broke something.
    I would seriously consider seeing a doctor and getting some muscle relaxers. It will help it go away much moore quickly.
    Take care!

  10. Try a heat pack (in microwave 2 minutes) and put it where it hurts, it relaxes the muscles and makes the pain go away. Get well soon!

  11. Go get a massage! I find that it's the best thing for back/shoulder/neck pain. If something is really jacked up you might want to see a chiropractor.

  12. So sorry that you are having back pain. Hope that goes away soon!
    Beautiful color inspiration pics. Fall's a great time for bringing on the color!

  13. Oh No! I did this to my back two weeks ago. I best over to pick up a piece of paper and suddenly I was in pain. I felt like an old lady! I spent the next 48 hours not being able to get comfy and barely moving. The Doc gave me some mild muscle relaxers, lots of Ibuprofen, and told me to ice for the first 24 hours and then heat. Hope u feel better!

  14. Thanks, friends. I'm taking lots of advil and my heating pad follows me wherever I go. It's crazy how much that thing helps!
    hugs to you all!

  15. no! that is horrible! get better soon… I threw my back out last week and was in so much pain is unreal. All the best! (great inspiration btw!)

  16. Great book on back pain, how to stop it, how to prevent it: Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie. Hope you feel better soon. Susan

  17. Shoot! Hang in there girl! That's the worst being a Mom and being sick or in pain because your kidlets (bless their hearts) have no pity! Here's to hoping they go easy on you this week. :)

  18. get well soon, we need you here!!! this is my first time commenting and i wanted to tell you that 2 years ago i went through the same pain every single month.. and each time i was in bed for almost 2 weeks. the only thing that helped me was an osteopath!! please try!! u'll see it works, and the hurting area warm with a hot-water-bag

  19. Hope you feel better soon! Good luck meeting your deadline under duress . . . Will be looking forward to next week!

  20. Oh no! Injured backs are the worst! And you basically have to let them heal on their own. Hope you feel better soon. Very cute photos by the way. I’m really into that hexagon table and the little dog under it! The wallpaper in the bedroom is very fun!

  21. I just saw the cutest dollhouse chairs on Ebay. I found them while looking for a "Swan Chair". Hence, if you search "Swan Chair" you will find them. They are $24.99 for the pair. They have little bees printed on the upholstery.
    Won't take away your back pain, but they sure would get you started on a banging dollhouse.

  22. Feel better soon. I somehow strained my SI joint (lower back) laying laminate flooring in the home office. It's taken me over a month to feel "normal". Still on steriods and trying to stretch every day. I hope it's nothing serious but I can relate. It really takes you out of the loop. Get some rest but not too much. They say too much stillness can make it worse.

  23. Try back exercises for sciatica. Lay on the floor face down, elbows at your side. Push your chest and head up, as if you were doing a yoga sun stretch. Hold it for 5 seconds. Release. Do that 10 times, twice a day.
    Aleve. Take 2 tablets early in the morning and one every eight hours after that.
    If you have heated seats in your car, turn them on as soon as you get in to drive anywhere. If it's hot ouside, run the AC simultaneously. Your back will love it.
    Get a bean bag that you can zap in the microwave and wrap it around your back when you are sitting for prolonged periods at home.
    Be gentle with your back for the next month or so. Sometimes, it can take up to 12 weeks for it to feel normal again. Lift with your legs. Yeah, yeah, I know, the first time I did it to my back, I wasn't lifting anything. I just reached over to grab something in the back of my car. Agony. The thing that helped the most, surprisingly, were the back stretches. Whatever it was that was out of place snapped right back in and I felt better almost immediately.

  24. That's awful. I'm so sorry! I'm only 27, and the same thing happened to me this year- ironically while I was trying to make your pelmet boxes. :) Take care of yourself!

  25. I just stumbled across your blog and would like to follow it. I can only figure out how to get emails or see it in google reader. I want to follow via google's friend connect so, I just wondering if it's just me…
    Please let me know when you have a minute. Thanks!

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