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Our closets are getting reorganized this month too. Is it strange that I want all new hangers? The interior of my closet is getting painted a bold color, so I really want hangers in a brass or gold tone, but they need to be slim. image I almost bought these gold hangers from Gracious Home…

Our closets are getting reorganized this month too. Is it strange that I want all new hangers? The interior of my closet is getting painted a bold color, so I really want hangers in a brass or gold tone, but they need to be slim.


I almost bought these gold hangers from Gracious Home (here’s another source). They are heavy gauge aluminum wire – not cheesy dry cleaners hangers. While I’m sure I’d love these forever, they are pricey at about $2 each. Do you know of any good subs?

My friend here in the city swears by the huggable hangers line and says her blouses never slip and she has much more room in her tiny closet now. I like that these ones are in a brass finish.

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  1. I was just at IKEA and saw that their hangers are about $.50 a piece. They are probably a bit too thick with the wood, though. Plus you'd have to get the gold spray paint out again. :)

  2. I like the idea of luxing up the closet….I think they get forgotten! I would love to do something like this with my closets if I ever get all of my other projects done.

  3. I have thought about buying the no-slip hangers, too. The girl who does Southern Exposure blog bought them when they re-did their closet and seems happy. I've found them for much less at Ross and TJ Maxx. There is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful closet!!

  4. I have the real simple slim line hangers from bed bath and beyond. They really did add space to my closet. Also I think they make a tan color – or at least they used to – that might give a similar effect if you can't find the gold or brass.

  5. Before we moved to California I owned a clothing store and bought really nice hangers for the clothes in the store. I bought extra so that we would have enough for all of our clothes at home. They have held up really well and we are still using them seven years later!!

  6. I LOVE my huggable hangers!!! THough, I do purchase mine at HomeGoods. I have never seen the brass hanging part. Hmmm…Now I want those!

    But yeah, I think you'd like them. I even packed them when I went to New York for blogfest last week. I'm just over the wooden hanger's! Try them, you'd love'em!

  7. Gold hangers? How haute! Love the idea. Go for the felty ones with teh brass tops. Those Gracious Home ones will indendt your sweaters. Plus, at $2/per, we shall not call it Gracious Home, but Gracious Thieves!

  8. I have the grey huggable hangers with the brass tops (from HSN). I encourage everyone to make the switch. They will change your life. I've converted my husband and I completely to them over a few years. My mom would get me a set or two for x-mas, b-days, showers. I wish I could I'd trade you my brass tops! I really don't care about the color just how straight everything hangs now!

  9. I would love to have fancy hangers someday. They are just SO expensive! The ones you showed are ahhhmazzing! For now, I have matching turquoise hangers and I love having the pop of color!

  10. I don't like any type of wire hanger. I do like the huggies and I also like thick plastic hangers – in a variety of colors!


  11. yes I LOVE LOVE those hugable hangers. I guess you could always spray paint the hanger parts if they werent gold. or maybe rub n buff? or would that rub off after getting moved around the rod? hmmm
    anyway good luck- I think it sounds fab!! Its so funny everywhere I turn Gold is it!! I was just reading an old issue of House Beautiful last night (May 2010 issue) and it was announcing how gold was making a comeback big-time. and now a year later its really starting to show up in blog-land.

  12. i would definitely get something for the blouses and shirts. it is no fun to find things on the floor after you've pulled something else out. our closet is a deep blue color, and i've just stuck with our plain old hangers. you don't notice them so much because of all the shelving going on in there.

  13. I love the huggable hangers, but the last batch I bought at Ross were junk. Several of the hooks have broken off and they were handled very little. If you get that kind, I would recommend looking for some that are not made in China (if you can even find any).

  14. i just painted the inside of our closet teal and got all new wood hangers. my husband put lighting inside, too. it is open to our room, so it looks like we have a little boutique on one side. i LOVE it! i love those brass hangers! what color are you painting the inside?

  15. I live for my huggable hangers. They completely streamlined my closet. You can find them for less at Homegoods, Marshalls or TJMaxx. They are the best.

  16. I have been slowly replacing my cheap plastic hangers with the huggable hangers. I love them and they are especially great for the wide neck and knit items. I also switched my husbands long sleeve knit shirts and they no longer get those stupid shoulder bumps.

    If you decide you don't care if they are gold or silver Wal-mart's Canopy line has their own (almost identical) version. I've bought two packs so far to try them out and so far so good. I can't remember the price off the top of my head though.

  17. Those huggable hangers look great. One thing to keep in mind is that while thicker hangers obviously take up more space, they also prevent you from over-stuffing your closet. An overstuffed closet is bad for your clothes and probably detracts from the chic luxe look.

  18. love the idea of brass hangers but for functionality's sake, i say go with the huggables. they are my favorite and you can usually find knock offs where the velvet-material is a fun color

  19. I use wooden ones from Target, but I recently picked up some of the huggable ones for my silky tops and wideneck sweaters that were slipping off the wooden ones. I would go that route rather than just the metal (seems very slippery for non-crewneck tops!)

    For the record, my bf thinks I'm crazy, but the matching hangers DO make a huge difference.

  20. I love the huggable hangers – the only problem is if you hang up clothes to dry, you have to use regular hangers. I ignored their warning ('cause what do they know, lol) and ended up with the fuzz from the hanger melded to my blouse. But, for dry clothes, they work great and definitely take up a lot less closet space.

  21. I love the thin velvet type… I don't know what they're called, maybe they're the huggable hangers. I'm slowly working on switching all of our plastic hangers to them. They're expensive, but I've found some good deals on them at TJMaxx and a few other places.

  22. I have those huggable hangers and to be honest, I'm not a fan. I love how slim they are and that nothing slips off… BUT if you're trying to slip the hanger into a non-buttondown shirt/blouse, it is a major struggle because it just grips the fabric and doesn't slide in long enough to work the other end into the neck opening as well. With button-downs, you can easily put the shirt onto the hanger. I don't know about you, but I don't wear buttondowns and I don't like to spend 45 seconds struggling with each top to hang it! It is less work and time to fold and stack neatly on a shelf!

  23. I bought a generic brand of the non-slip hangers at Wal-Mart of all places & they're awesome. Even my slinkiest dresses & slouchy sweaters don't fall off. I keep meaning to go back & get more, they're really quite amazing. Well, as amazing as a hanger can be.

  24. I swear by the no-slip hangers. SWEAR BY THEM! I spent last summer changing all of mine out and not only to my blouses stay in place, I have twice as much room since the hangers are so slim!!

  25. I have the black "velvet" slimline hangers and LOVE them! I'm not sure how much more space they allow versus the horrible plastic ones I had but I love the look of them.
    Mine are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target. They have silver hooks though not gold or brass.

  26. I also swear by the huggable hangers – it is amazing how space efficient they are, but I do find that they don't work for everything. Certain tops they poke out at the shoulders (they are too bony for, basically). Overall, they are awesome.

  27. If you're going to invest in new hangers, definitely go with the no-slip 'huggable' variety. They are amazing – they keep even the slipperiest tanks and wide-neck blouses on the hangar. I've bought two packs of 6 already and I'm planning on many more.

  28. I am probably the least organizer person in the world, but I am OCD about matching hangers. I love either choice you have narrowed it down to. You won't go wrong! Chic Rooms

  29. is usually pretty reasonable but you have to buy them by the box (usually 50 or 100). I saw them in silver and the site says they come in brass but I didn't see an option to buy those online. Might be worth a call….

  30. huggable hangers !!! I changed all the closets to huggable hangers last year, I found them on the shopping channel here in Canada… maybe call yours and see if they have any… wait till their on sale and purchase lots, you will love them and have sooooo much more room in your closets!

  31. Just had to comment – I SWEAR by Huggable Hangers, too – I've got them in my closet, bought them for my mother and aunt, and given them to several friends as gifts – you can't go wrong with them!

  32. Target sells the "huggable" hangers for kids in white. They hang nicely and have a sleek look.

    For the record, I am also obsessed with gold hangers. I have just one, and although it lives alone, it's still a source of inspiration!

  33. Jenny, did you get these yet or find other options? I'm dying to see what you went with so I can update my own closet too :)

  34. I like the idea of gold :) It will probably pop your clothes more against a wall color!

    However- at $2.00 a hanger I would go STRAIGHT BROKE!!

    (Maybe it would keep me from buying more clothes.. probably not!)

    Are you going to blog a finished product of your closet???

    Please do! I need inspiration for my awful closet!

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