Cards and Chairs

Two quick things:

Firstly, Jordan rocks my world. She delivered a big ol’ stack of freshly pressed business cards to me at Alt and it was like Christmas, except Santa was a gorgeous and witty brunette in a cute floral dress.

You can’t really tell in these photos, but the edges are a really bright persimmon red. I love them.

Jordan’s letterpress business will be going strong while she lives abroad this year. She’ll be doing the designs herself and her talented business partner, Alexis, will do the printing. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of my cards.

Also, I had help designing my card layout and my new logo (see the JK blind emboss behind my new business name?). My professional site is finally going to launch soon. I’ll post more about that later, but I have been so incredibly happy with my designer, Eileen. If you need help with your site, shoot her an email here.

Second item of business:

Craigslist has been so good to me the past few weeks. Check out one of the pairs of chairs I got for almost nothing recently.

PS Want to be the happiest person for an hour or two? Type the word “pair” in your craigslist search box (either the furniture or antiques section) and all kinds of goodness shows up. It’s true. Everything is better in pairs.

These are going to be our host chairs for the DR table. They need some work, for sure. But a little paint and fabric will go a long way.

I’m thinking white frames and something in a bold but small-scale pattern for the fabric. Or maybe like acid yellow paint on the frames and solid black Sunbrella for the fabric? Maybe still a fun pattern on the chair backs…

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31 thoughts on “Cards and Chairs

  1. BEST ADVICE EVER! just found some amazing chairs :) and nightstands!!! I would have never thought of putting pair in the search engine. I would love more searching tips!!!!
    Thanks :)

  2. Craigslist! I am learning so much through everyone's blogs. I just started one of my own and am amazed how many there out there. Those chairs are amazing and your imagination for them is wonderful. Persimone red around the business cards is fresh with a wonderful pop. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Hmm! Love the chairs, I must live in a wonky area — I typed it in and found lots of earrings and a pair of tickets to midget wrestling. No joke. So I will file that one away and continue my search, hopeful that I'll get lucky one day :)

  4. What a score! Those chairs are ah-mazing! So cute to put the red on your business cards, such a great little touch of pizazz!

  5. Those chairs are amazing- seriously fantastic! I love love your cards as well- it's funny because I just got my favourite card ever at the design show here in Toronto and it was white thick cardstock, letterpressed with a pink border on the outside edge- so fabulous and I love your new logo- gorgeous cards. And ps, thanks for the tip – off to have a go at it;)

  6. Oooh, I'm intrigued with your second idea on the chairs…with a pattern peeking out on the backs. And I agree, I LOVE things in pairs. I have to force myself to buy singles once in a while!

  7. Jenny congratulations on being a featured blogger in High Gloss! Yay!

    Be sure to enter my amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  8. What wonderful finds! I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'm excited to see what great Craig's List finds I can manage now. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Wow…what a great Craigslist find. I love the wood work on those chairs. I can see they have tons of potential. I have yet to get anything on Craigslist…whenever I find something either the person doesn't respond or it gets sold out from under me. I'm going to try your "pairs" tip. Thanks. BTW I am hosting my first blog party…the link opens up tonight at 8pm EST. I hope you will join in.

  10. I'd love me a pair of chairs that I can rest my head on! Your new finds look amazing – strong features without looking too hard, and might even be enveloping. I recently bought a similar cane-back set of 4 for $50, stained the frames dark mahogany/almost ebony and reupholstered the seats in cornflower blue silk, but they'd look nice in a small pattern too!

  11. Redoing those chairs will be a fun project! You may want to consider something other than solid black (it will show every bit of lint) for the upholstery. I suggest doing them in two fabrics–one for the interior, and another for the backs.

    Take a look at the new Thom Filicia designs and Iman Home designs at Calico Corners – Calico Home. In addition, there are new patterns from Dwell Studio arriving in late February. You might use an updated floral on the interior and a geometric or wrought iron-style design on the back. Lots to choose from!

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