Daybed with a Pop-Up Trundle

Remember this layout? Well, things have changed a lot, like they always do. In the office area, which is the bottom left room, we decided to have a long and narrow desk run the length of the windows so that we could put a murphy bed or a trundle bed where my huge partners desk…

Remember this layout?

Well, things have changed a lot, like they always do. In the office area, which is the bottom left room, we decided to have a long and narrow desk run the length of the windows so that we could put a murphy bed or a trundle bed where my huge partners desk used to sit.

I’m coming to realize that part of living in a big city is hosting an almost constant stream of house guests! I actually really love hosting though, so I don’t mind at all. I just wish we had a real bed for them that’s not of the leaky Aero variety.

Here’s an updated layout:

Turns out a Murphy bed would barely fit in the office space when pulled down. It was going to be so tight that the expense would have been wasted, I think. So, we are going the ‘daybed with a pop-up trundle’ route. Not my first choice, but after thinking about it for a few days, I’m sold on the idea. I’ve got two options right now, and I think I could make either one work great with a little elbow grease and some DIY spirit.

Option 1 is a curvy number, that could almost look Swedish. It reminds me a bit of the uber expensive Marston trundle bed from Restoration Hardware.

I’d paint it and do a cool mattress cover and skirt.

OR! I can get a simple pop up trundle frame and make upholstered sides to get this sort of look:

Armonia Decor, courtesy of the Glam Lamb

What’s your vote? Painted Swedish style or upholstered with a contrasting welt?

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128 thoughts on “Daybed with a Pop-Up Trundle

  1. Another vote for upholstered. While a pretty bed that first one would look too heavy – even when painted – in a space like yours (to me). Plus with the simple frame option you have so many more choices not just of fabrics but orientation of the piece in the room or in other rooms in the future.


  2. What about Ikea's Hemnes bed? Sofa, single bed, bed for two and storage in one piece of furniture.

    Or my own personal favourite: a sofabed from I like the Splitback and the Underbar the deluxe

  3. I vote for the wood bed. The upholstered is beautiful, but I always wonder if they get stained from people's greasy heads! But I'm kinda' weird about things like that. I don't sleep on other people's pillows, have to bring my own, or if I forget it, go buy another one. Hello, my name is Sheila and I have a phobia…. :)

  4. Oh wow, do the second idea!!! That sounds amazing. We almost purchased something similar to the picture at crate and barrel!! I would LOVE to see how someone other than Crate and Barrel can create that look! That would be a tutorial I would save for life! Plus they look so classy!

  5. I would vote 2 if the piece was going to be floating in the room, but against a wall – #1 all the way. A ton of gorgeous pillows along the back to lean on… how cozy.

  6. I think I have to agree with the masses….the upholstered daybed. I think it looks more streamlined while still being comfy which might be better for a room that is also doubling as an office area. I know you could make either look great though!

  7. Please number 1!!! (selfishly!) I have almost the exact same bed and have been putting off redoing it… (it even had that little bit of hardware on the front like yours) either would be great but I would LOVE to see how you do it.

  8. Pop-up upholstered 100%. Takes up less space without the wooden frame. It looks more like a sofa/chase than a bed when its not in 'bed' use. Very sleek!

  9. While I'm sure you could make either look fantastic… from a guests perspective the first option looks most comfortable.

  10. I have that first daybed! And that being said, I would choose the upholstered version. While the daybed serves us well in our small guest bedroom, I think an upholstered one would look sleeker and more stylish.

  11. I think they are both beautiful, but my vote would be the upholstered option…it seems like it would fit in the room well, without visually dominating it (eve though it's the same size as the other)…maybe the upholstered would feel more like a nice space to lounge and might get used more as a seat when it's not in use as a bed.

    But, it also seems like a lot more work (that I'd love to learn how to do if you posted a tutorial ;)!), but depending on your schedule and timing priorities, that might play a role, too.

    But, bottom line, if you are in love with the first one, you could make it work fabulously. If it give you a chance to do something with that pretty piece, it might be more of a unique opportunity. You could make the upholstered version another time.

  12. I like the upholstered option. I am actually doing the same thing in my office. I am looking at one at Ballard Designs. They have a lot of great fabrics. I can't wait to see the final room!

  13. i like the second option–you could probably have more fun with it! question–where did you find the pop up trundle frame? i've been looking for one for my son's room. thanks!

  14. We have the exact wood daybed and you've inspired me to paint it – any tips on how you would have proceeded with yours?

  15. Go for the upholstered option. It is less intrusive, softer and more open feeling. The wood, whether you paint it or not is a bit heavy for such a small space. And even though it is not a typical bed….it will always read as a bed. The upholstered open back reads more like a chaise than a bed and therefore is more versatile. Can't wait to see it! Hey what about pics of your other projects, your bedroom and the new armoires…..I would love an update!

  16. I really like the upholstered look, I think it blends in with the room better and offers more customization. Seems comfy to sleep on as well.

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