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I have to admit, if I had gorgeous herringbone floors like Mr. Romano, I would be tempted to leave them bare too. What do you think? You spend so much money on wood or tile, just to spend more money on covering it up? Do you need a rug to make a room feel finished?…

I have to admit, if I had gorgeous herringbone floors like Mr. Romano, I would be tempted to leave them bare too.

What do you think? You spend so much money on wood or tile, just to spend more money on covering it up?

Do you need a rug to make a room feel finished?

images via Todd Romano and Elle Decor
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49 thoughts on “No Rug?

  1. Love the inspiration images!So well decorated SPACES. Absolutely stunning interior designs!Rooms are fresh, modern and worldly!It does look incredibly calming thanks For sharing :)

  2. Timely question, as I start to work on the budget for decorating the new house! I went rug shopping with my designer last week, and asked her whether some of the rooms could wait on a rug (it is truly overwhelming from a budget perspective to decorate and furnish quite a few rooms from scratch!). She said that we should try to have rugs in most of the rooms, otherwise they feel bare and echoey.

  3. We put hardwood floors in our family room (done with our own sweat and blood) and no we haven't put a rug on it – apart from a tiny one near the sofa so the dog can jump up and down without slipping. I like the look of wood floors without a rug, but I do recognize that a rug warms a room up.

  4. Totally love rugs. My house was finished with hardwoods couple of years ago. I found that a rug chopped up the room too much and gave up. Maybe it's the size and style too.

  5. I think a small area rug would finish off the room but still leave lots of room to admire the floors.

  6. With those floors, I'd use area rugs sparingly just to cut down on the echoes. But in my house (1883), the previous owners did a terrible job refinishing the floors and we didn't have time to redo them before we moved in. (They left huge gouges and scratch marks and didn't vacuum before they applied the finish, so there's grit inside the polyurethane.) So every room has a generous area rug that covers much of the wood.

    I've got almost all of my handmade wool rugs from I only buy when they're at least 50% off. They have free shipping so it's a great way to find lovely rugs of all sizes. Most of them have been just as expected, if not better. There was just one wool & silk one on clearance that had different color tones than I was anticipating.

  7. That's a tough one for me. I selected dark mahogany wood flooring for a client, and after those floors went in, I had a hard time covering them up. They were absolutely gorgeous! We weren't in any hurry to select rugs–not willing to just settle for something–so they lived with just the hardwood floors for several months. The longer those floors remained rug-less, the harder it was to cover them up for me. But I'll admit, now that the rugs are in place, the rooms do feel much warmer and inviting.

  8. No, I don't think it's absolutely necessary, and this holds particularly true if you live in a warm climate.

    I don't like them in dining rooms at all. I have one currently in mine and really don't like it because it tends to have tiny tufts of wool when the antique chairs scrape over it. I have hardwood floors and love them and don't always cover them depending on the room itself. That being said, I can see that some rooms might look unfinished without rugs. It's a matter of choice dependent on what else is in the room. Obviously Todd Romano's house doesn't need them at all.

    And if a rug looks cheap it can destroy a room. Nothing like a fake Persian rug to scream bargain basement.


  9. I would say yes a rug is necessary in every instance, except for when there are herringbone floors- they are just so totally gorgeous, that covering them up seems a bit of a shame. I agree with Splendid Sass, a few small animal skins would be nice just to warm it up a bit without covering up the amazing wood.

  10. I think rugs are great to divide spaces and add extra comfort for kids, but if neither are needed then I love a bare floor.

  11. Personally, I don't think rugs are always a must have. Most of the time, I'm a fan. On occasion, though, they're just one more thing.

  12. I love the way a beautiful rug anchors the room and brings a group of furniture together.. those floors are beautiful, but a rug would definitely warm the space up a bit.

  13. I just need a rug for my feet to feel comfortable! I love those floors and why cover them up…but a small little rug would have been nice…think about all the sound reverberation without it!

  14. Floors are to die for! But yes, I need at least one big rug. It's so much softer and really defines a big open space.

  15. It's a question I ask myself all the time, I add a rug it looks cozy and nice, I take the rug away and it looks so clean and spacious. I guess it depends on your mood!

    1. Omg this is the exact thoughts going theough my head everytime i start decorating.. im in such a dilemma of what to do- my goal is to get my place looking as white as possible. My floors are reclaimed grey wood looking. I want the white shag rug in there to brighten it up – but i cant seem to find the right one. My place is also so small that im contemplating leaving it as is without the rug so as to not have it looked cluttered with furniture and decor. Im going for the minimalist look. Grrrrr decisions decisions..

  16. the seagrass rug in our living room met at bitter end last week (courtesy of a dog who ate an entire stick of butter … ) and I'm kind of enjoying the bare floors. it's not as loud as I thought it would be, but I do miss the rug. can't decide!

  17. our living/family room is currently rugless. yes it looked naked at first, but now i like it. we replaced carpet with hardwoods and i'm enjoying the wood tones. plus when i brought in my extra sofa, the old rug didn't match any longer.

  18. I'm with you Jenny. If I had gorgeous floors like that, I would go sans rug as well. so gorgeous… I think a room can be softened with other fabrics in the room, so a rug isn't absolutely necessary.

  19. I absolutely love bare wood floors. I would never have a rug. And, frankly, I don't understand why some people spend a fortune having a beautiful wood floor installed and then cover it up with a rug!

  20. Our home is blessed with 200+ yr old hard pine plank floors, which I love. In summer they are bare, but here in the upper northeast, nothing is less cozy than cold wood floors under your feet – so out come the wool rugs!

  21. I really don´t think you need a rug. Why hide a beautiful floor? Even in Norway, where I live (which has a cold winter) I don´t have a rug. But in some rooms/interiors I think a rug is a must have… It depends…

  22. I love the look of bare floors and I think youve hit a valid spot with your question. However, if you throw design out the window for a moment (forgive me for I have sinned), and focus mainly on practicality a rug is very functional. It keeps your furniture grounded, your feet warm and dust free, and softens the noise made by your kids when they are playing or by your guests when you entertain (especially helpful in an apartment or condo building where happy neighbors = happy lives). Im my personal experience I held out on a rug when designing my new apartment. After I got most the peices in I was feeling discouraged because nothing was looking right. Everything seemed to be floating by itself in a corner, unwilling to play with the rest of the group. However, after I laid down my rug everything seemed to come together and work in harmony. For those of us who dont have such an edited collection as Mr. Romano, rugs really do make the difference:)

  23. I am having this debate with myself right now…I have never been one to feel compelled to lay a rug underfoot…I think all the years at boarding school with cold linoleum tile floors toughened my tootsies…After a year redoing our house and major ordeals with the floors I just don't want to cover them up. In the main living spaces, sure, but dining room, why? If I found some fab rug at a reasonable price I'd for sure give it a chance to tie a dang room together, but otherwise hardwood is just fine by me!

  24. I always thought rugs were needed to "finish" a room but actually, in spaces where the floor looks good and they aren't needed for sound or warmth — RUGLESS WORKS! thanks for the food for thought!

  25. oh my!!! Those floors are to die for!! I love rugs but if my floors looked that good I would leave them uncovered.

  26. I have beautiful wood floors from the 40's in my house and as much as I love them I am paranoid that something is going to happen to them. I do have a rug in the living room but I'm leaving the dining room rugless.

  27. i have been pondering the same thing! i think it completely depends on not only the flooring, but also the overall design of the room. xo

  28. I had no rug until I had kids and then it seemed like a must. The room was so cold feeling and they refused to just sit on the floor and play- I was always throwing down blankets for them to sit down on. At the very least it helps muffle the noise. Of course, on the downside, we've had to send out our rugs to be cleaned so many times in the past 5 years, I probably could have bought a new one by now, with all the money that it cost me…

  29. I used to feel more nonchalant about rugs but now I feel like they are necessary. They don't have to be huge, just a place to land. I find rugs to be very grounding, and I think one can still admire whatever beautiful floor is underneath them. I believe in layers in my decorating – an evolved look – and that philosophy also applies to floors. That said, damn rugs are expensive. It's so disheartening sometimes how very much the rugs I covet cost, but there really are some alternatives out there and while maybe not most ideal, they can work beautifully in achieving a similar feel. Rugs can be investment / heirloom pieces. Some rugs get more beautiful with wear.

  30. I was just trying to convince T that we could pull this off in our (little) living room. We have gorgeous warm hardwood floors, and I hate covering them up with a dusty old rug!

  31. You don't NEED a rug, but sometimes you WANT one. We go back & forth with our living area of the living-dining-L-shaped-room in the front of our house; sometimes it's nice to have that cozy feeling and settled area defining that a rug gives. Sometimes it's nice to have it open for toy train tracks to run under the coffee table. :) Awesome floors on the pics you chose – wish I had a floor that nice to consider covering!!! :)

  32. Looks like a very wonderful home interior design. I like the placement of all the furniture it's perfect. I totally agree you don't need a rug to cover those shiny beautiful floors.

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  33. Homeowners are discouraged to use rugs and carpets perhaps because of the tough job of carpet cleaning. In Portland OR, it's no joke if your whole house is carpeted or most of your rugs came from other countries. But what if you have a gorgeous floor like that? Yeah, it's hard to decide.

    Personally, I like using rugs and carpets because not only do they accentuate the room's personality, but they also prevent foot marks on the floor. I don't worry about the cleaning part because there are carpet cleaners in Portland, Oregon to do that for me. That room looks amazing, but I think it could use a rug under the coffee table.

  34. I really don’t like rugs, carpet or throw pillows. My windows have plantation blinds with cornice boards. My hardwood and NO decrative pillows and very plain windows are just fine with me.

  35. I prefer to go with a smaller rug for under the furniture. This helps to prevent the legs of the couch and chairs from leaving drag marks on the floor. It also gives a great little bit of break from hardwood floors. It’s definitely true that you need to find the right size and style or it just won’t look good.

  36. a rug might seem like an afterthought, but the truth is, it can change the entire design or look of your place, but you need to choose the right size of a rug for your space for you to have a perfect plan.

  37. Thank you! I know this post is now 11 yo but it’s difficult to find anyone that shares this sentiment. I love the openness you get with a non area rug room. It feels cleaner and the eye seems to flow smoother with the absence of a rug. You appreciate those primary focal points. And YES if you have beautiful floors why not highlight them! Don’t get me wrong.. area rugs can be breath taking… but every star has its moment. So why not shine! Love this post!

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