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A few years ago we lived in a townhouse with really unfortunate kitchen floors. One day I reached my limit and couldn’t take the ugly floors any more. Even though it was a rental I bought two boxes each of black and white peel and stick laminate tiles, and put down a classic checkerboard pattern….

A few years ago we lived in a townhouse with really unfortunate kitchen floors. One day I reached my limit and couldn’t take the ugly floors any more. Even though it was a rental I bought two boxes each of black and white peel and stick laminate tiles, and put down a classic checkerboard pattern. Instant (and very inexpensive) fix!

(not my kitchen, sadly I can’t find any photos) image via D*S

While I love a good checkerboard, there are some really ideas out there for twists on the classic black and white kitchen or bath floors.

Kelley Proxmire


Peel and stick tiles are pretty easy to cut and I think it would be cool to try an intricate pattern some time.

via At Home in Arkansas

Peak of Chic

In unrelated news, Happy Halloween! It’s taken all of my willpower to prevent my kids from wearing their costumes early! Have a wonderful and safe weekend. xx
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  1. I am loving those stripes too. We installed these in our last house right before we moved out to cover some rather unfortunate laundry room flooring.The installation was a snap, so we are considering using it to bridge the gap between really wanting to cover our new house's hideous kitchen floor and actually being able to afford to do it with a substantial material. However, I have heard from others that it is difficult to clean these floors. Does anyone have personal experience with the peel and stick that can pass along their wisdom?

  2. Hi Sarah! We lived with the b&w peel and stick laminate for about two years. I don't think it was hard to clean at all. I mostly just swept and Swiffered (and mopped occasionally). In a lot of ways, laminate is easier to keep clean than wood. Good luck!


  3. Love a black and white floor- we have a cheap black/white ceramic in our main bathroom but I love it-I love the new patterns you posted…makes me want to try something similar somewhere in my house.
    Happy Halloween – I'm at party #3 with the kids and costumes so hoping the outfits actually survive until Sunday:)

  4. I am glad to see all the comments about black and white floors. I have them in my kitchen–but there were some comments about the peel and stick, so read carefully:

    My floor has held up beautifully and looks great.
    We used Armstrong peel & stick tiles BUT applied them with adhesive as if they were not peel and stick. Browse on line for this method. It is the only way to ensure a strong permanent hold. The sides of these tiles self-seal. I applied them straight over a vinyl floor with a pattern–and that has yet to show through (it won't) and these tiles take a beating.

    They look fabulous and are the marvel of all who come to my home. I made sure that my son in law and I also had beautiful wood moldings put down (painted high gloss white) to raise the overall look of the floor.

    Without the adhesive (and we worked in tandem–using a plum line to make sure it was straight) I can imagine they would be "coming up" by now. They are, instead, stuck solid. I only use Armstrong cleaner (also available at Lowes) which keeps them looking near new. I do put the water on liberally when I'm moping. It works great.

    By the way–I was recommended this by a kind man who saw me looking at Pergo in the aisle of the local hardware store. He said–stay away–and I am forever thankful for his advice. I need a kitchen floor that is durable and smart looking at the same time.

  5. I love this idea, but I'm skeptical about how well it would work in a bathroom. Won't water seep through between the tiles and cause molding underneath and the tiles to lift up? Has this happened to anyone?

  6. We know that Only cabinets not make fascinate and catchy kitchen as same as whole house. Flooring colour also play essential role in making innovative house or kitchen. I have furnish my kitchen with white and black flooring colour. Now I am planning to furnish my living room and bedroom.

  7. When we moved into our current house it had a white and black tile floor… And a dog door leading directly in from a southern red clay soil back yard.
    I hated that floor.

    After a few years of constant mopping, I found a tile that closely matches the colour of the mud our dog drags in.

    These floors are beautiful, but I'd have to have a live-in mopper :-)

  8.'ve given an inexpensive fix on my flooring. Honestly, I haven't heard of it, if I only I knew, I would have done it before. That's really the one of the best advice I had.

  9. This checkered look for kitchen or bathroom floors is so great. I came across your post this morning while browsing interior design blogs and your take on interior décor is exquisite. Are there ways to enhance windows with this black and white design as well? It is true that you must dress your windows appropriately to bring out their true beauty. Thank you for writing and as a special thanks to you and your readers, I would like to offer a 20% off coupon using this code upon checkout: BLG20.

  10. So excited to see my kitchen as the first picture in the post! D*S asked me to be a sneak peek right after I moved so its fun to revisit. The black and White idea is great because it is a classic at any price point. The pattern in our kitchen was created with gray and white ceramic tiles but I transformed a starter home kitchen using a great geometric pattern and linoleum. More shots of the kitchen you have as well as the linoleum project are at my site (ellen hanson designs dot com – please add the credit if you would)

  11. We will be moving into a rental in about a month with very unfortunate flooring also. Were you able to get up the peel and stick tile when you moved? I've never rented before and I'm not sure what the rules are about doing that kind of thing, but I'd give it a try if I could. I've always dreamed of a black and white kitchen.

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