Inspiration Everywhere

I fell in love with the color combination in the pattern of this woman’s silk dress.

She is the mother of one of the girls in my daughter’s kindergarten class. She shows up each morning and afternoon dressed to the nines. Is it embarrassing to admit that I get a little excited to see what she’s wearing every day? And is it creepy that I pretend to be emailing on my phone while I’m secretly snapping shots of her dress?

I’m thinking about using the color palette for my bedroom…

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49 thoughts on “Inspiration Everywhere

  1. Ha! That's hilarious!! I think seeing colors together on clothes is my favorite way to get inspiration for graphic design projects. I love the way your mind works! :)

  2. Jenny, this totally cracks me up. I love that you snapped a photo. Those boots are great too. Can't wait to see the new place. We sure miss you here in DE!

  3. HAHAH. I did this just yesterday and do it often! I was leaving a children's boutique and I was putting my little girl in the car and looked up and loved this girls outfit. So I took a picture :) I think they would be totally flattered and maybe even a little weirded out.
    I had a woman come up to me at dinner on our vacation a few years ago and ask if she could take pictures of my hair after I was done eating. I was very flattered and she took about 8 pictures, 360 degrees around. So funny!

  4. Love this post! And love those colors. Her dress coordinates with the colors in your blog banner.

    Is it weird that I totally look forward to every one of your posts?

  5. Love the dress! I saw it on the H&M Dutch website and nearly bought it. Unfortunately it's only available in a taupe colorway now… Should have bought it when I saw it the first time

  6. I loved this post! I teach at a very uppity school in the south, and, I, too, LOVE seeing how all the Mom's come dressed each day. I don't think it's creepy. For me, I'm just trying to get style ideas!

  7. This is funny & the comments make it funnier! I always want to do that in Williamsburg, so no judgement here! All the hipster moms are so cute. Can't wait to chat! xo

  8. I do the pretend I'm emailing thing too, but you're nicer usually my photos are sent to my husband making fun of someone or something! The color combo is amazing!

  9. 99.9 percent positive her dress is from h&m (and i have it!)

    (i pretent to text and take pictures of crazy people and then send them to landon.)

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