On My Christmas List: Leather Accessories

I really love the look and feel of leather and I’m finding it has a large presence on my “It’s a Reach” Christmas list. In my mind, I’m able to justify the higher price tag because leather wears so long and so well. I had asked for a new Boat and Tote for Christmas (black,…

I really love the look and feel of leather and I’m finding it has a large presence on my “It’s a Reach” Christmas list. In my mind, I’m able to justify the higher price tag because leather wears so long and so well.

I had asked for a new Boat and Tote for Christmas (black, monogrammed, in the extra large size for all my paint decks and fabric samples). But I’m seriously rethinking my request after seeing this bag ($143) on the Jeune Marie blog.

Big enough for schlepping all my work stuff? Yes

Mostly durable canvas like the Boat and Tote? Check

Buttery cognac leather? Double check.
Oh, but what’s this? A bit of golden sparkle in the form of a monogram?? Yes, please!!

I also would LOVE this leather iPhone case ($98) from AB Sutton, as seen on Elements of Style.

Isn’t the peacock blue leather beautiful? And I know the case will come to good use, since I drop my phone about 10 times per day.

If you’re looking for a really great, practical wallet that’s on the bigger side (it doubles as a clutch), look no further than HOBO’s Rachel Vintage wallet. I bought mine two years ago at a Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale and it still looks great. It holds all the essentials and helps me stay organized with just enough pockets and zippers. And it comes in just about every color under the sun.This one’s on sale.
I would love some new belts (motivation to get my waist back after this baby finally comes out!). Why look further than J. Crew?

And maybe a pair of very versatile leather gloves while I’m at it? The camel color will go with almost every winter coat I own.

Oh, if I had $400 to spend on a watch right now, this one from Coach would be all mine. I love the look of a vintage men’s watch on a woman.

My all-time best clothing/accessories buy? A Chloe Heloise bag from Last Chance (Nordstrom’s returns clearing house in Phoenix, AZ) for $75. I get compliments on this bag everywhere I go. I love, love, love it.

I could really use a new pair of tall brown boots. These, from Frye, have been calling to me…

(Save $100 if you’re an 8.5…)

What about you? Any luxurious leather items on your Christmas list? Do tell.

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28 thoughts on “On My Christmas List: Leather Accessories

  1. I'm a big fan of leather too, I love the way bags look even better when they are used a bit and they do last.

    We have a new shop open near us in Aberdeen where there's a Finnish designer who make bespoke bags. I really want one and have been dropping lots of hints to my boyfriend! I want the Tina tote at the bottom of the Collections page, it comes in Italian merrino wool and leather or just leather.

    In the shop the lady, Tytti, has lots of different leathers and dyes to choose from – one day I will get my own bespoke bag!

  2. I absolutely love the tote bag. I may need to get one. I adore bags that are stylish and also get me and all my stuff where we need to go. Other than that, the most extravagant thing on my Christmas wish list is a new computer. Mine died a few years back and I'm sharing with the hubby. I really need my own though with the capability to run my programs and not be slow.

  3. I think i will just take your list this year. love it all:) I can't believe you got the cloe bag for that price, it's gorgeous.

  4. Frye boots are the only thing on my wish list! I am in love with the Veronica slouch, and am waiting for a Christmas miracle to make them half price…

  5. Christine, don't dismay. Lucchese boots are on my list as well…classic cowboy boots in a beautiful cognac color. The perfect cowboy boots for the girl who knows a horses head from it's tail and those who don't. ;-) Plus, they'll last you FOREVER! Trust me, I know. The best part about Lucchese boots…they're made right here in the USA! (El Paso, TX to be exact)

  6. How did you find that bag for $75?
    we just had a new Nordstrom's rack open by my house. I need to go check it out.

  7. i want it all!!! although i do have the hobo clutch and boat and tote in black:) i can't BELIEVE you got that chloe bag for $75. it's gorgeous! and there is nothing i like more than black and white gingham. i have it everywhere. i need that i phone case now. my husband isn't gonna like you! hahaha jk.

  8. That wallet looks like the perfect wallet. I can never find one that has the exact things I need (change purse, lots of credit card slots and a place for money). This one looks perfect and there are lots of different colors on eBay for about $70 buy-it-now.

    Thanks, Jenny.

  9. I got the tote in September after stalking it for 6 months. I love it and have actually been using it as my everyday bag. It's not as sturdy as the Boat and Tote, but it's a good-looking bag and I get compliments all the time!

  10. I am a Dooney & Bourke girl so i hope there will be one under the tree….r u listening SANTA ????

    Love that wallet….and you are a lucky girl to get that bag for such a GREAT price….

    I do need me some new boots too SANTA !!!

    How are you feeling ???

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  11. The Sunday tote-the one with the leather patch that you can monogram, is available at the website. Love that bag!!

  12. Ok so that bag is like my dream – it's the perfect size, color, and cuteness. I'm totally jealous.

    Leather on my Christmas list? I LOVE the leather couches at Restoration Hardware… they cost an arm and a leg though. I'm hoping I can find some good quality knock-offs that are kid friendly. Is that asking too much?? ;)

  13. Leather accessories should always be on peoples Christmas lists'! I agree, its always best to spend a little extra with leather as it lasts so much longer than many other accessories in different materials.
    I think with leather you get what you pay for. A good indicator of the quality of the leather is the price!
    I absolutely love the leather wallet!

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