A Few Things to Discuss

I’ve got some Christmasy things on my mind today.

1) Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant Soap smells so dang good that sometimes I am tempted to take a nibble on my hands after washing.

Great gift idea.
2) Speaking of good-smelling things, thanks to Blueprint Bliss, I am going to pick up a couple of generic brand Pine candles from Walmart for $3.50 each. They are supposed to be a good (cheap) substitute for a favorite holiday candle of mine, Frasier Fir by Thymes (about $30 ea)
3) If I didn’t already have a tree skirt, I would totally try this easy DIY project from Isabella and Max Rooms.

4) My sista Caitlin has an awesome Christmas Gift List going on her beautiful blog. I’m completely smitten with the work of this etsy artist that she posted about. Most of the artist’s watercolor paintings are only $25-45. Who wouldn’t absolutely love to get original art for Christmas??

Evening, July Lake, by Harry Stooshinoff

This one’s much bigger and more expensive, but I really love it.

5) Another way to gift some art (though it’s hardly original) – I spotted a peacock blue Keep Calm poster at AC Moore for $11. Just in case someone out there doesn’t have one.

6) I made Darby’s Cinnamon Honey Butter for Christmas treats to give to neighbors and friends. The recipe is CRAZY easy and so very delicious.

image by Darby

7) Another easy and delicious Christmas treat that seriously hits the spot? Homemade hot cocoa. YUM!

8) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the laboring advice! So may great suggestions that I’m sure will come in handy very soon. I’ll be sure to report what worked best for me.

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21 thoughts on “A Few Things to Discuss

  1. That butter sounds delish!!

    I love Mistral soap as well and those Frasier Fir candles are my fave. The only place I can get them is the beach so I am on my way…

  2. I loveanything citrusyS so
    grapefruit handsoap sounds like me. So many good ideas here. And homemade hot chocolate is a MUST!

  3. Hey Jenny! Thanks for the link and I'm so glad you liked the butter! A lot of folks asked how long it would keep and the reality is that it won't be around long enough to spoil…!! At least not at our house!! I love all the other ideas too! I'll be thinking about you and your precious little one. Erika and I were talking about you and how fabulous you look to be so close to delivery. I think by the end of all of mine all I wanted to wear were moo moos! :)

  4. Great list Jenny. I just bought a wallflower from bath and body works in the scent "fresh balsam" and it smells like the fraiser fir. They're on a great sale now and they work so well.

  5. awesome line up jenny! i gotta check out that candle… we have a fake tree (because of my allergies) and I think that candle will bring a little more holiday to our home!

  6. Love your idesa…last year for the neighbors I made Bark….I was told mine was as good as Williams-Sonoma…that made me feel good….

    Fun and easy…

    Kathy :)

  7. Loved your suggestions, and I really enjoyed Darby's link and the butter idea.

    Along a different line, I'm trying to figure out which boxes from Ikea you painted and lacquered to set atop your red credenza. I can't figure it out for the life of me!

  8. Bryn and Annabelle – I only WISH Caitlin was my sister! Unfortunately, she's just my sista'. Love that girl so much.

    Darby – Thank YOU for the delicious recipe!!
    Must. Stop. Eating. Honey. BUTTER!

    Janell – Thanks again for the tree skirt inspiration! I love that project and hope to use it as a gift idea this year.

    Barbie – I was at IKEA the other day and tried to scout out some more of these boxes so that I could post about it and prove that they actually are from IKEA!! So many people have commented and emailed me about them. I think they must be discontinued though, because they were no where to be seen. There were a few wooden options in the store though that I think could be painted similarly and I bet they would look a lot like the others.

    Good luck!!


  9. Oh, I am so glad that you posted about the paintings; I just ordered one from Harry for my nature-loving sister-in-law and her husband. This will be the perfect gift!

  10. While the Walmart candles aren't as nice as the Thyme's one- they work. My mom just gave me one (by Thymes) last week for my birthday and I find myself not wanting to burn it because it will run out too soon!

    Love those watercolors. Off to check them out now.

    Oh, and I made Darby's honey butter. So good! I'm off to put some on a bagel now!

  11. I love the Frasier Fir cleaner!
    The one in the spray bottle is the best – i found it at Central Market for 8.99 and it lasts a long time.

  12. I went to AC Moore today in search of the poster. No luck! They had never even heard of it. The peacock color would go wonderfully with my TV room/library.

    Any suggestions for where I could find it in with the peacock background? Thanks!

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