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The Living Room Curtains are Done.

I told you…dramatic, right? I’m liking them – I wanted drama. Plus, every time I walk into the room now I say “BAM!!” to myself while doing a little kick. A positive development, I think.

I told you…dramatic, right?

I’m liking them – I wanted drama.

Plus, every time I walk into the room now I say “BAM!!” to myself while doing a little kick. A positive development, I think.

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48 thoughts on “The Living Room Curtains are Done.

  1. BAM! is right and they look great…bold and beautiful! I also love how you've painted the inside of the bookcases in a dark tone. I've considered doing the same to mine, but worried that the items on display might get lost. Not so, just lovely.

  2. Wow! I love those! I've been thinking making some curtains for my bedroom and those fit the bill perfectly. How did you sew the stripes? And what type of fabric did you use? Thanks.

  3. Wow. I've always wanted stripes but was afraid to try to sew them fearing the match would be off ever so slightly and I would be bugged forever by it. Not so with yours…they're perfect (and I love the dramatic bookcases too).


  4. I've been looking for curtains with horizontal black and white stripes for a while. I guess the fact that you made yours is a sign that they are not readily available?

    They look spectacular!

  5. I REALLY love them. You never cease to amaze me. When will I start thinking stripe for living room instead of little boys room and pull it off so it looks so sophisticated and seriously gorgeous? I'm learning a lot. Thanks!
    I love the blue on the inside of the book cases.

  6. WOW, I LOVE the way they look, they are so awesome!! I would say BAM too everytime I walked in there too- they are so great!!

  7. Pretty! And dramatic. Good color choice too… any other color from your room might have been a bit TOO dramatic!
    Hope you enjoy California! At least you'll be on the coast… it's hot and humid here in the foothills.

  8. who knew something as simple as large horizontal stripes could make such a WOW statement? but they do! they give the room a whole new timbre.

  9. Also loving them. Can I wonder out loud if you hung them the tiniest bit wider to take up almost all of that space … It would look more like built ins on either side… Then maybe a big bench under window and you're looking like custom cabinetry delight. Is that crazy?

  10. I can't tell you enough of how much I love them. I actually have a love affair with stripes and your curtains are fabulous.

  11. I'm obsessed with horizontally striped curtains as I have some in my family room…Jenny seriously I love yours as they are absolutely stunning. Wait did you sew those?

    I got my new couches but they were the wrong color so I sent them back & I've been waiting on the new ones to get here before I pressed forward with having you help me pull it all together. Now that you will be in AZ…don't you want to come over to my house instead of me sending pictures online:-) haha

  12. my immediate reaction was similar to what i suwannee said…

    try to fill in the space between the window and the bookshelves on both end to make the bookshelves look like built-ins.

    and i think i'd hang them just a notch lower. there is something a bit awkward looking about the height.

    love them otherwise!

  13. SO I am SO in love with these curtains! What can you tell me about them? Did you make them? What was your source for the fabric? And/or what is the fabric material? Your blog is my favorite to check every morning. Impeccable style.

  14. I absolutely love these curtains. Please, please, please tell me where you found the fabric. I've been searching the net for something similar in turquoise and can't find anything even close. Help!!! Or…just thought of this…any ideas on how to make fabric like that myself?

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