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Hi friends, I know posting around here has been a little sparse lately. I’ve been so busy with work and my husband is in the midst of his (last ever!) finals. Life is a little crazy right now. To top it off, my sweet little Claire dropped my iPhone in the toilet recently, so we’ve…

Hi friends,

I know posting around here has been a little sparse lately. I’ve been so busy with work and my husband is in the midst of his (last ever!) finals. Life is a little crazy right now.

To top it off, my sweet little Claire dropped my iPhone in the toilet recently, so we’ve been a one-phone family lately. Not fun!
I really liked my iPhone for the year or so that I had it (before submerging it in water voided the warranty) — other than the reception issues. Does anyone else have this problem with their iPhones? My calls dropped all the time and overall reception was pretty sketchy.

I really need good emailing capabiliites for work, so I’m considering the Blackberry Pearl as an alternative.

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  1. I recently got an iPhone and I love it. I cannot imagine not having all of those cool apps anymore. It took a little while to get used to the touch screen, but now it's fine. The Blackberry Pearl is a little small for my taste. I have been with AT&T/Cingular for probably 8 years and I think the network is probably the reason you have experienced bad reception and dropped calls. That has happend to me as well with other phones.

  2. I've had a Blackberry Pearl for over a year and love it! The dropped calls may be because of your provider – I know when I was with At&t/Cingular my calls were constantly dropped. I switched to Sprint and I like their service and its cheaper! But I love my pearl and since I've gone blackberry I don't think I could ever go back to any other phone.

  3. Hi! I am the user of both a blackberry and an iPhone and I love both for different reasons.
    My blackberry reception is fantastic; much like you I’ve had similar issues with the iPhone’s reception along with dropped calls.
    I would recommend that if you email a lot you might want a different version of the Blackberry with the full keyboard — the Pearl is frustrating at times.
    As for the apps, Apple of course dominates however Blackberry just recently announced their version of the app store as well. Most companies making apps for the iPhone are investing money to do the same for Blackberry.

  4. My brother has the Pearl and he loves everything except the fact that the keyboard is potentially 2 keystrokes per letter. When you do lots of texting and emailing, this gets old really quick.

    I have the Motorola Q with AT&T with the full keyboard and love it. I have instant access to my work emails all day long. Typically coverage is your carrier not your phone but I heard that the Infineon chip in the iphone was causing handoffs (switching from one coverage tower to another) to drop calls. I believe they were working on a software upgrade to fix it though. Not sure the latest status of that.

  5. Oh you can’t go Pearl after an iPhone, you will hate it. I wouldn’t like anything else (can’t beat the touch keypad, the browsing, the gps, ipod function…need I go on?) but if you must, at least get a better Blackberry with a decent keypad.

  6. I have had the iPhone since it came out almost two years ago. I am assuming that the phone you get won’t change the dropped calls, the network is probably the problem in your area. ATT works good where I am with the iPhone.

  7. I've had my iPhone since December 2007, and I actually have far fewer issues with dropped calls than I had with other phones. My hubby has a phone made by HTC that has a full slide-out keyboard that he's been really happy with, as well (we're both on AT&T). The only folks I know that have Blackberries are on Sprint, and they've said the coverage here is terrible.

    Totally not related to the iPhone/Blackberry question, just have to tell you that your blog has really motivated me to get busy and actually DECORATE my house. So exciting! I do wish you were local, tho, so you could give me some ideas – I have a "symmetry/matchy-matchy" problem, when I'm trying to decorate LOL

  8. if you are going to email… you might want to get the Blackberry Curve instead of the pearl. The Curve has the full QWERTY keyboard so it’s faster for typing emails and texts.

  9. I have never had the dropped call issue with my iphone so maybe you could switch providers… I could never go back to the blackberry after having the iphone and all the awesome apps. emails are so quick and easy with the touchpad and QWERTY. I am devoted to iphone. Good luck with your decision!

  10. the boyfriend has one of the second generation iphones and gets slightly worse reception than I do (but i have stellar reception). I only say this because if you had a first generation iphone, that might be why you’re having problems – the improvement has been massive on the reception front. If you’re one of those people that is obessed with being able to access the internet any time anywhere and might just want a level while you’re on a walk with the dog one day, i can’t say anything bad about them – they’re the perfect phone for you.

    me, i just like my phone to make phone calls and occasionally take a picture or funny video – so for that, any old phone will do.

  11. When I upgraded to the Pearl I loved it. Compared to my old free Sprint phone it was awesome.

    But now that I see DH’s iPhone, the Pearl pales in comparison. The iPhone’s UI is just so much more streamlined than the Pearl’s. I am waiting for the new iPhone generation to dump the Pearl!

  12. I looked at the iPhone for the fun factor but ultimately decided to get the Blackberry Curve 8900 (the newest Curve) because I knew it would be better for email. That said, it’s not as easy to find free applications (I love!) but I have been able to customize it with some themes much like you would a PC. I would have to agree with the comments re: Pearl’s two-stroke per letter texting. That would make me crazy!

  13. I have similar issues with my iPhone. This is my 2nd iPhone, my first also fell victim to the evil toilet, and I replaced it with the second generation iPhone. I (stupidly) thought the new 3G network would fix the reception problems. It didn't. In fact, I hardly find any difference at all. While AT&T doesn't have the greatest coverage, the iPhone itself DEFINITELY has reception issues. (I've conducted many case studies ;) That being said, it's apps and browser capabilities are far superior to what blackberry offers. The newest Blackberry, the "Storm" is the most comparable to the iPhone in browsing and function, but it's a new release and is still working through its many glitches.

    I agree with what others have said, you can't go from an iPhone to a Pearl. They're not even in the same league. I dont know a single person who actually liked their Pearl, most were ready to chuck it out a window.

    Unfortunately at this juncture, you need to decide which function is your top priority. If good call reception is a must, get a blackberry. If full internet capabilities and endless apps make your life a lot easier, stick with the iPhone. In other functions such as email, camera, etc they are competitive.

  14. I don't think that you could go wrong either way. We have and use both since my hubby works for the company. Pros: Pearl has better battery life, predictive text-input and receives emails faster. Cons: The internet is not great compared to iphone and it's older software. iphone: pros: internet, the apps, the touch screen. cons: lower battery life and receives emails slower.
    We haven't had any problems with dropped calls. AT&T has been our best service yet. Good luck deciding!

  15. I use the Pearl, and I do love it, it’s small, has a flash, and lots of applications you can add. I also like Sprint for the most part. I think if you are a big phone internet user the iPhone might beat out the Pearl in that area, but size and having a camera flash were more important to me.

  16. I hated my first iPhone because of the dropped calls and bad reception, etc. I had to get a new one when I dropped my first one and shattered the screen. My new iPhone is GREAT! I think I just got a bummer of a phone the first time. I have heard from other people that the earliest batch of iPhones seemed to be kind of lousy. i am very happy now, and use mine for everything work and school-related. My husband and I were in Taiwan not long ago and his Blackberry was useless there! He used my iPhone for everything because he still needed to conduct business from Taiwan. So, I am iPhone all the way!

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