Jewelry Storage Solution

For about a year, I considered buying a large jewelry box, like this one from PB, to help solve my jewelry storage dilemma. But, I decided to save the money and come up with another solution. I bought this wall mirror/shelf from Target (it was on sale then for $20) and hung it on my…

For about a year, I considered buying a large jewelry box, like this one from PB, to help solve my jewelry storage dilemma. But, I decided to save the money and come up with another solution.

I bought this wall mirror/shelf from Target (it was on sale then for $20) and hung it on my closet door. I used four little white porcelain dishes (also from Target, for about a buck each) to separate everything out – bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, etc. I also added four small hook screws along the sides of the shelf for additional hanging area. Cheap and easy.

Plus, jewelry is beautiful and fun to display! And I’ve discovered that now I’m rotating into my outfits oldies-but-goodies because I can see all my jewelry options this way, rather than having to rummage through a giant box.

You can also see a little peek into my closet here. I papered it with some large sheets I had left over from a party. Paper Source doesn’t accept returns on flat sheets, so I used some of the leftovers as wrapping paper and put the rest to good use in my closet.

It’s sort of obvious that it’s not real wallpaper, and it doesn’t look perfect. BUT, the yellow matches my headboard and it puts me in a really good mood when I’m choosing the outfit du jour.

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weekend is lovely.

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29 thoughts on “Jewelry Storage Solution

  1. Hi there, I have just found your blog and so glad I did, you have some gorgeous posts and beautiful images.
    I am the wife of a law student too, as well as a mum of two… i’m hoping you can share some great shelving solutions, for the endless supply of law text books that our now overtaking our home :)

  2. I LOVE the idea of “wallpapering” with just regular old paper! It totally works in a space like this!

    I love that your ideas are always budget-conscious. You turn things that you already have, or things that you can get for cheap, into something that looks out of a magazine!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!

    PS Where on earth did you get those yellow shoes?! I need them!

  3. I completely love the idea of displaying jewelry – and have done so myself among the mirror/artwork/shadow box above my bureau – using a silver magnetic bulletin board from Bed,Bath & Beyond.

  4. I too am lusting after some of your fabulous shoes! :) In the past I did something very similar to this with my jewelry, but over time began to have problems with some of my stainless steel and “costume” jewelry rusting. I have since gone to putting my jewelry in plastic bags in a jewelry box, but miss my old way of doing things. I would love to know how you keep your jewelry rust-free?

  5. okay, looking at all those shoes is making me wonder when we are taking a trip to Last Chance together? I need some new shoes :) Maybe I can convince Clarke after baby #3 comes that I need a trip to AZ as a little break.

  6. Got this idea from my sister in law: I use ice cube trays for my earrings and stack them in the top drawer of my dresser. That makes it so easy to find just the pair I’m looking for.

  7. Ha. Just last night I was thinking, I need to buy something to store my jewelry in or on. I have had a jewelry box for a while but don’t ever wear any because I don’t see it. Great idea Jennica. And I love the way you display your shoes. Mine are all in a bin. And again, yesterday I was getting so bothered because my shoes are hard to find. I suppose part of that is because Asher likes to take my shoes all over the house. And I love the paper in the closet. So cute. And also, we need to coordinate trips to AZ. I miss you guys.

  8. I too thought jewelry boxes were the way to go, but hated never being able to find anything. I’m a big fan of the hanging jewelry bag with clear pockets from the Container Store – it’s perfect for earrings and bracelets and some chunky choker style necklaces – earrings are sometimes hard to display, and I can see at a glance what I have. I just stick it in my closet and it’s thinner than Luke’s suits, which I love. I’m looking forward to hanging my necklaces on hooks once we move to our permanent home.

  9. I came to your blog via my friend Jennifer (of The Newlywed Diaries) and I wanted to let you know how great I think it is! I have gotten very little done at work today because I have been glued to the computer reading your posts all afternoon! My husband is starting law school in the fall and I am on the hunt for pretty ideas for our new law student budget. Thanks for the great ideas! Laura

  10. Hi there – my sister sent me your blog for the first time today – i love it! I’ve already gone through a couple months archives :)

    Love the jewelry idea – but can you please tell me where that fabulous bag is from?? I saw another woman on the street carrying the same one a few days ago, but I didn’t have the nerve to ask her!

  11. The paper is so cute, and so is your jewelry. Where do you get those necklaces (particularly the red bead and the turquoise, for example)?

  12. I’m constantly at battle with jewelry storage. Right now I have my french hook earrings on branches in a vase, and the rest of my items separated into baskets and such.

    I too am diggin’ your shoes. Especially the blue and yellow pairs on the top shelf!

  13. I adore this idea! I think I might steal it for our coat closet. Great blog btw, I just stumbled across it the other day.

  14. Hi everyone – thanks for the comments. The shoes are from all over, but mostly from Last Chance, which is Nordstrom’s returns clearing house. I’ve posted about it before. It is worth a special trip to Phoenix (the only location).

    The yellow shoes are Jeffrey Campbells and are all over eBay if you’d like a pair of your own.

    The jewelry is from antique stores and eBay mostly. The dark turquoise beads were purchased on eBay (vintage). The lighter turquoise beads were purchased at a flea market in Brussels.

    The brown bag is a Balenciaga motocycle bag knock-off (is this tacky to admit?!). I coveted the real deal for a long, long time. But it costs about $1500 at Barneys, so I paid $50 for this really awesome, high-quality copy. Got it on eBay.(of course) It’s hanging up in the closet because it’s been retired. I bought a brand new, gorgeous Chloe Heloise at Last Chance over Christmas vacation. Paid $75. Beat that!

  15. your closet is ah-mazing!! can i have your shoes? and your cute decorating sense, and your jewelry ? wowzers.

    and, yeah. i miss last chance. i want to go back to internship in phoenix JUST for that!!

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