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I received a few emails asking where I got some of the things in my bedroom, so I thought I’d throw it all out there. Let me know if I forgot something you’re interested in knowing… The duvet cover and shams are from Overstock (in Titanium). The navy/white quilt is from the HomeGoods clearance section…

I received a few emails asking where I got some of the things in my bedroom, so I thought I’d throw it all out there. Let me know if I forgot something you’re interested in knowing…

The duvet cover and shams are from Overstock (in Titanium).

The navy/white quilt is from the HomeGoods clearance section for $5.

The bolster pillow was made by moi with Chiang Mai fabric in the alabaster colorway (bought a remnant from eBay for cheap). I used this down pillow form from IKEA.

The art was thrifted or fleaed or bought on etsy. Most of the frames are IKEA Ribbas.

The steel “J & M” letters are from Anthropologie.

The mirror is also from Homegoods. I paid a whopping $17 for that bad boy. It was HIDEOUS when I bought it a year or so ago. I painted it the wall color (very roughly, so that you could still see the beaded detail in the moulding). I wanted it to sort of blend in with the walls, since our room is small. The mirror sure helps to brighten the room.

The powder-coated lamps are from IKEA and are totally worth the high-for-IKEA price tag.

The headboard was thrifted years ago and has been many, many colors during our time together. I like this mustard yellow incarnation though (Martha Stewart for Valspar (Lowes) “No.2 Pencil”). This color’s holding the record for longevity so far.

The nightstands are vintage and mis-matched, but have been given the same coat of white paint for unity purposes.

The dresser was thrifted and painted MS “Gravel”, a really beautiful shade of gray (if anyone is looking for a good one out there).

The glass water jugs on top of the dresser are from HomeGoods (they sell them at Anthropologie, too).

The kilim rug is from the IKEA as-is section. You can still buy it here.

And finally, the walls are MS “Cakestand Blue.” Bright and fresh, but not ‘baby boy blue’. Ya know?

I think that’s everything. It’s not really a “decorated” room, but it’s cheerful, which makes me happy to wake up to every morning.

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32 thoughts on “Bedroom Source Info

  1. I think that’s why I like your room so much – it’s not overly decorated.
    It’s fun you were willing to use lots of color here. Love it!

  2. $17 for that huge mirror!?! What a find! I love homegoods.
    Very cool bedroom. Thanks for sharing all the resources. I was the one that asked about the rug. I’m so happy it’s only $150! Thank you!

  3. It is fun – I love what you did with the mirror too – how do you keep the girls from pulling on it? Laurel is entranced by the large mirror I have leaning against the wall in our bedroom too and I’m always afraid it’s going to tip on her!

  4. maybe I’m just super-nosy, but I LOVE hearing about where things came from. especially when it’s a cool mix of thrifting and Ikea, like this. great job!

    I love the rug too — and really love the blue and white version, which is happily still available at my local Ikea. unfortunately that’s still 2 hours away …

    one more thing, I put a picture of your bookshelves on my blog — hope you don’t mind and that some folks will come to see you!

  5. A few questions. Is your bed skirt a tall bed skirt? We have our bed on stilts so that we can store stuff better under it, but the skirt is still a good 8 inches off the ground!!! Where do you recommend getting a cheap bed skirt? We are up for a king size bed when we move (so our whole family can sleep in it) so I don’t want to spend a ton on a temp thing. (who am I kidding- I don’t want to spend a ton on the king one either).
    Did you spray paint your dressers and side tables??? Is the hardware painted???
    I’m going to paint my ugly dresser next week. I think spray paint would be too tedious on such a big piece. I spray painted the white primer on my other dresser and left it at that. It is primed (and distressed) waiting for the patience for me to paint it for real- in a few years!!!

  6. Hi, I just have a question. I noticed that you have reupholstered some chairs. How did you learn? Is there a website that explains it well? Thanks!

  7. we must be design related! i used that version of chiang mai in my family room- even my husband thinks it’s cool! love the bedroom…it’s so pulled together without feeling “decorated”.

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Lisa – I’ve used this hanging system for about a year now and I haven’t had much problem with oxidation. If a little tarnish starts to show up, I just run a jewelry polish rag (from Walmart or Target or something) over the metal and that seems to fix the problem right away.

    Heidi – My bed skirt is old and from Last Chance of all places! For cheap tall bedskirts, I’d check ebay. As a last resort, you can use a 20% off coupon (you get those in the mail, right?) for Bed Bath and Beyond. They’ll surely have something that works for a semi-reasonable price. OR make your own! It would be an easy project.

    Also, I did NOT spray my dresser and side tables. Old school brush action there. I don’t like to spray paint big furniture. Never looks right and hurts my finger!
    Good luck!

    Heather – My mom used to reupholster a few things here and there when I was a kid, so she was able to give me some pointers, but I mostly just taught myself to reupholster furniture. It seems intimidating, but it all makes sense when you slowly tear apart the old upholstery. Pay close attention to how it was originally done. Take pictures and notes, use the old upholstery as your pattern and then just recreate! It’s not really rocket science, and I think it’s actually sort of fun.
    I did a gave away of an upholstery book a few weeks ago that is my favorite upholstery reference book. It’s by Singer and you can buy it on Amazon. Hope that helps!


  9. Oh I love your room. I think the colors flow together so nicely. There is such a fresh feeling when you walk in there. Your jewelery solution is much better than the PB box. It seems the boxes will only hold a few of the larger chunky pieces.

  10. your style is lovely. I love that you decorate so inexpensively but with such flare and class.
    Allegra directed me to your blog and I think I’m in love! thank you for adding inspiration to my day!

  11. Beautiful room, thank you for sharing. I am looking for fabric roman shades, and i really like yours, where did you get it?

  12. Hi Daniela,

    I made my fabric shades from cheap-o mini-blinds. The instructions are a few posts down.

    Good luck!


  13. Hi, I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep it up.

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