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Dorm Room Essentials

Bedding Must-Haves

A comfortable bed can make or break the experience of moving to a new place, so investing in comfortable bedding and a nice mattress pad is essential. Choosing bedding that can be mixed and matched is a fun way to switch up your decor on laundry day, and these different patterned sheet sets are perfect for that! The most important question to ask is "how often will this college going kid really do their laundry?" If you're worried, buy a couple sets of sheets. If they don't know how to put a duvet cover back on a comforter, maybe opt for a coverlet or quilt for easier bed making after wash day.
Bed Pillows
Sheet Set
Solid Color Sheet Set
Down Comforter
Striped Duvet cover
Cotton Coverlet
Pillow Top Mattress Topper
Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Stay Fully Charged

With the growing amount of technology in the world today, a good charging set up is essential! These cord organizers can be life savers when it comes to a desk or nightstand, and this power strip will ensure that you never have to pick and choose what gets charged, and what has to wait.
Charging Station
Bamboo Charging Station
Echo Dot
Cord Organizer
Power Strip

Get Organized

When living in small quarters, organization is KEY! Utilize under the bed, and every square inch of the closet. These different over-the-door organizers help to maximize every square inch of available space. If the exact measurements of a space aren't available, order a few different size bins and organizers, and then return the ones that don't end up fitting!
Over The Door Organizer
Over The Door Hanging Baskets
Hanging Closet Organizer
Striped Storage Baskets
Seagrass Storage Baskets
Makeup Organizer
Clear Plastic Organizers
Apothecary Containers
Zippered Storage Totes

Layers of Lighting

Layered lighting can instantly make a room feel cozy and comfortable. These fairy lights would be so fun to string up with pictures, or hang over a bed. And grab a few lamps! Bedside, desk, bathroom... there's always a place for them. Lastly, this clip-on lamp is a must for late night studying, or reading... especially if theres more than one person sharing a room!
Fairy Lights
Black Architect Task Lamp
Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp
Valencia Brass Desk Lamp
Clip-On Lamp

Kitchen Favorites

Whether there's a shared kitchen in the dorm, or a cafeteria, a few kitchen favorites are always a good to have on hand! These kitchen towels are so pretty for the price, and these two different dish sets have everything you could ever need.
Mini Fridge
Instant Pot Air Fryer Duo
Retro Toaster
Mini Keurig
Kitchen Towels
Plastic Dinnerware Set
Melamine Dinnerware Set

Bathroom Staples

Dorm bathrooms are not always a pleasant experience, so grab some nice towels and comfy shower shoes! This mesh shower caddy is perfect for holding everything you could ever need, and who doesn't love a good fluffy robe?
Bath Robe
Bath Towel
Wash Cloth
Mesh Shower Caddy
Foam Shower Shoes
Vanity Mirror

Study Space Specifics

Whether studying is happening in a dorm room, or the library, there are a few things that will come in handy every single time.
Acrylic Desk Organizer
Laptop Backpack
Brushed Copper Desk Top Fan
Academic Planner
Bluetooth Keyboard
Apple AirPod Max
2022 Desk Calendar

Basic Necessities

Well these necessities may not be the most exciting items to purchase, they make a big difference! This little cordless vacuum is perfect for small spaces, and you never know when a tool kit will come in handy!
Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket
Double Laundry Hamper
Tool Kit
Command Hooks
Bathroom Trash Can

Don't Forget To Decorate

Of course no room is complete without a little bit of personalization. Whether its fun colored throw pillows, family photos, or hanging beautiful art, making a space feel like home will never get old.
White Board & Cork Board Pack
Over The Door Mirror
Pinwheel Pillow
Daisy Pillow
Stripe Pillow
Asymmetric Stripe Pillow
Knit Throw Blanket
Check Throw Blanket
Beaded Tabletop Frame
Tabletop Frame
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