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Evergreen House: The Exterior Plans

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.   The Evergreen house is really coming along quickly! We’ve made some big progress on the exterior design and I can’t wait to share our plans with you guys today!   Brick Pavers  //  Ceramic Tile in “Concrete”  //  Ceramic Tile in “Cement” Front Door  //   House Numbers   //  Porch…

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.


The Evergreen house is really coming along quickly! We’ve made some big progress on the exterior design and I can’t wait to share our plans with you guys today!


Front Door  //   House Numbers   //  Porch Swing  


I have loved the idea of doing a green exterior from day one, but lately I’ve been thinking we could try a cool two-tone look with the exterior. We will be adding board and batten to the two largest wings of the house and the main body of the house will be white painted stucco. I think everything will look so pretty with black and wood accents! This is a quick photoshop mock up and I love it!



Here’s the other part of the house in the very back that we’ll also be painting green after adding board and batten siding. We’re also adding a porch here!



If you drive around some of the prettiest neighborhoods in Phoenix, you’ll start to notice the two-tone exterior trend has really taken hold here in Arizona! Here are some of my favorite inspiration images that are really getting me excited about this idea for the Evergreen house!





I think the two different colors/materials in all of these exteriors is such a fresh look! I think it really helps to break things up. This week I asked you guys to weigh in on your favorite green paint colors from Lowes and today we went down to Lowes to grab a couple of samples. I love that they sort their paint collections by general color both in stores and online – it made it easy for me (and for you guys!) to browse all different shades of green paint! The HGTV by Sherwin Williams line at Lowe’s has a lot of great curated colors but I love how the Valspar line has an ENORMOUS sample section, which is helpful when you have really specific color needs! I want to find a green that doesn’t have too much blue but also isn’t yellow. And I don’t want it to be too bright – more on muddy side!

I usually like to get five or six options for samples and I always paint them on a poster board first to narrow down the selection. This way you can move the poster boards all around the exterior and see how the colors read on different sides of the house without having to paint a million samples.

These are the colors you guys suggested and that I was most drawn to:


Which of these colors do you like the best here? I think I’m leaning toward Woodland Lichen! Keep in mind the front door will be black, the fence, new pergola and porch planters will be a warm cedar wood stain. Also I found this reclaimed brick at Lowes that we’re going to use in a herringbone pattern up the walk and on the side yard area. I love it!

A few months ago I visited my friend Susan and toured her gorgeous new house in Utah that was designed by Alice Lane. Her beautiful front porch was tiled in a checkerboard pattern and I’ve been thinking something similar could be so pretty on the porches at our Evergreen house!

I found these AMAZING tiles at Lowes (can you believe the price!?) and I’m obsessed with the subtle tones! I think these will be so pretty with our green board and batten!

So that’s the plan for the exterior and I really love it! We just got a HUGE lumber delivery from Lowes (so grateful they have a convenient delivery option!) and we’re getting ready to start the new fence this week. Make sure you’re following along on stories to catch the latest with this project!

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26 thoughts on “Evergreen House: The Exterior Plans

  1. Woodland lichen is a 100% win. Great post! How the heck do you find the time to do it all though? I am.obsessed and impressed!! I am @debdsmind on IG.

  2. I love the design plan. the green with the black and wood – beauty! :D I liked the Woodland Lichen right away as well. Can’t wait to see

  3. Another vote for Woodland Lichen. Love it so much I am already brainstorming what I can paint.

  4. I love ALL of this! So many pretty colors and textures. It’s very inspiring. We’re finishing our basement, and have the walls/floors/trim done, but still need to finish the final touches like the bar backsplash/shelving, TV unit or built-ins for the media room, etc. so it helps give me energy to see these beautiful ideas (even if they are exteriors vs. interiors). Thanks!

  5. This is wonderful! I hope the yard isn’t all grass like it once was and appears in the mock up. I love the yard in the first inspiration photo, very fit for desert landscape, more water conscious with plants that fit the desert and pollinators etc

    1. We have flood irrigation in Mesa, so we can have the best of both worlds! :) I love desert landscape, but not 100% desert everything for my home, especially with young kids. Thanks for chiming in!

    1. Hi Mary! We are writing a big tutorial post for you! I think it will go up a little later this week – as soon as the planks are stained! :)

  6. I believe I’m inclining toward Woodland Lichen! Remember the front entryway will be dark, the fence, new pergola and patio grower will be a warm cedar wood recolor.

  7. My vote is Woodland Lichen! it looks like the perfect gray-green to go with the rustic brick and black door. I bought a sample this week and am planning to paint my office the same color – and pair with the Ovid rug I scored!

  8. We chose Lush Sage in 2014 to paint the 21” pergola we built in Ca. I’d looked at a lot of greens but it looked good in the bright Ca sunshine. In your setting with the variegated brick I prefer either the Belmont Green we painted our Ga porch steps or the Lichen. You need darker with those bricks I think.


  9. Hi Jenny! I was curious if you could tell me if the checkerboard tiles on the patio are adhered with mortar in a traditional manner – or anything special for their installation? Also, any spacing/grout between the tiles? Everything looks just beautiful! Thank you ;-)

  10. I love the exterior of the Utah home! Is your friend willing to share more about the exterior? We’re designing a modern colonial and I am smitten with her design!

  11. Would your friend me willing to share house plan or builder on her house? I also live in Utah and am hoping to build a similar style!

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