Indigo Obsession

I just want to say a quick THANK YOU for your great support this week with the launch of Jenny’s Print Shop! I’m so excited to keep sharing these new prints and framing and displaying ideas with you all! Many of you have been tagging me on Insta with sales on frames or an image of a really great gallery wall and it makes my heart skip a beat. I SO appreciate your genuine support! I love this community. :)

Flora Bedroom 2


Also, a ton of you have been asking me about the indigo pillow on my bed!

Flora Bedroom

It is an African indigo pillow I bought from a local shop, but there are tons of sources online! I’m obsessed with the soft worn in colors and patterns! (PS stay tuned for a DIY shibori tutorial tomorrow!)


1 – Indigo Bench – 2 – Shibori Wallpaper – 3 – Black or Blue dot+stripe pillows

4 – African Indigo lumbar – 5 – Shibori Tray – 6 – Striped napkins

7 – Indigo coral lampshade – 8 – Asterisk shibori pillow – 9 – Indigo and coral pillow

10 – Shibori art prints – 11 – Indigo with tassels pillow – 12 – Indigo splatter platter

13 – Dark indigo lumbar – 14 – Shibori Hair bows – 15 – X-pattern lumbar

16 – Dark and light striped pillow – 17 – Shibori Chair – 18 – Dark and light striped lumbar

19 – Dots and Stripes lumbar – 20 – Dog Bed

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10 thoughts on “Indigo Obsession

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your indigo obsession. It’s by far my favorite color, long before it became trendy. I even named my curated vintage home decor online shop after it –
    Always love following your trends Jenny, and the new Print Shop is amazing! I love that it offers non-generic, yet affordable, art options. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Check out hivehouse on etsy. I have gotten two pillows and one runner from there. Great quality and great value for the price

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! You never know who you might inspire. I need fabric to costume Lion King, Jr. and I’ve been looking for an affordable source for months. Now I will just make my own. I am so excited about the possibilities!

  4. Is your bed a king? Just trying to figure out what size lumbar pillow would look right on a queen bed! Thank you.

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