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Making Holiday Gifts More Personal

I’m surprised at how many emails and comments I get requesting more holiday ideas and gift guides every year! I’ve had so much fun working on these types of lifestyle posts in the past, I can’t wait to jump back in. Gifting is one of my stronger love languages, and I especially love figuring out…

I’m surprised at how many emails and comments I get requesting more holiday ideas and gift guides every year! I’ve had so much fun working on these types of lifestyle posts in the past, I can’t wait to jump back in. Gifting is one of my stronger love languages, and I especially love figuring out ways to make the gifts feel personalized and unique. That said (confession time), the holidays snuck up on me last year and my gifts were a little/a lot flat. I waited too long to figure out presents and ended up at the last minute over-spending on presents that were pretty meaningless. You know, gifts like a light-up magnifying vanity mirror and some boring dress socks. :) Not a highlight of my gift-giving career.


Shutterfly has been one of my go-to sources for unique gifts in years past and I was thrilled when they invited me to share some of my favorite personalized home decor and gift items with you! Their beautiful products are easy to customize and come so quickly in the mail. I made a few things for our house recently and I can’t wait to round out my Christmas-giving list with a few other Shutterfly items in the coming weeks!


A few weeks ago I had this photo of Margot printed on canvas and framed for the playroom (inspiration here). It was super easy to upload one of my photos and they have this cool option where your image can be automatically cropped and split between two frames. I love the bright pink background against our white walls! Every time I see that sweet face, I think of how much she loves her big sisters. They make her laugh harder than I ever can! :)

I was really excited to make a custom plush fleece blanket for the playroom as well. I scanned in the fabric from one of my grandmother’s dresses and uploaded the file here.


The fleece is silky soft and I was super impressed with the print quality. The girls LOVE this blanket for the comfort and the sentiment.



My little sister, Heather, got married a few months ago (I just remembered I still haven’t shared the reception photos here! Coming soon!). Heather’s flowers were out of this world. We had a really fun time decking out the house and yard with garden roses and peonies galore. I used one of the images of her wedding bouquet to make her a paper weight for a little gift recently. She is a junior high teacher now and I know she loves having a little reminder of her special day on her desk at work.



I also had this photo of the girls at Heather’s wedding printed for their little hall landing area by their bedrooms.


Isn’t the heart shaped frame sweet? Sure love these babies! I think I’ll get another one made for my parents.



Shutterfly makes these ADORABLE embroidered tote bags now in the cutest colors and patterns. I had a cute diaper pouch and tote bag made for Margot and I love how they turned out! (The gold leather!! The stripes!)




I also got an extra large olive colored canvas tote for hauling around samples to job sites and design presentations. Isn’t the script font great? And you know how obsessed I am with green anything, but especially olive tones right now. Major heart eyes for this tote! I’m hoping to grab a few more for the ladies that work with me.




What personalized gifts are you giving this year? And can you believe the holidays are already upon us?! I’ve been told by my girls that they can’t wait ANY LONGER and we’re pulling out the Christmas tree this weekend. :)

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home Décor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

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22 thoughts on “Making Holiday Gifts More Personal

  1. Jenny, it’s so great to see you back! Your blog has been a favorite of mine for the better part of a decade, and seeing pics of your home and work always inspires me so much. These are some wonderfully unique ideas that I’m going to pounce on right away. :)

  2. You’re so creative and full of great ideas! And, as everyone else has said, I’m so excited that you’re back to blogging!

  3. I love these ideas!! So thrilled to see you blogging again and with such a fabulous post to kick things off. Gift guides must be in the air; I just wrote one up this week for all the toys and books my six kids have loved best. It was a ton of work but I always appreciate posts like yours today that help me save time getting really great gifts, so I figured it was about time that I pay it forward.

  4. I have missed you so much! Love all the above ideas! Thank you for being one of my favorite bloggers! We appreciate you!

  5. Okay, your idea to use your grandma’s dress as inspo for that blanket is genius. It’s the best idea I’ve heard lately, and I know exactly which of my grandma’s dresses to use for my own blanket. Thanks!

  6. So happy to see “Little Green Notebook” in my e-mail again! You are such a huge source of inspiration for me. Your ideas and decor blow my mind – you are one of a kind and there is nobody out in there like you dahlink!

  7. I love the blanket. I really wish I had a sample of the wallpaper that was in the house I grew up in. I would love to be able to scan it and make a cozy blanket to remind me of that place. I always thought photo blankets were pretty cheesy but doing a beloved pattern is inspiring!

  8. Love these ideas! I always make a calendar filled with pictures from the year for my mom. She loves seeing it everyday at work.

  9. Jenny- LOVE love love the little diaper pouch you got for Margot. I’m trying to order one for my daughter Emmaline and want the name printed on the pouch like you did with Margot’s name rather than initials, but its only letting me do initials as the option – how did you get her full name on there? AND totally doing that paper weight for my sister in law who had the most gorgeous flowers at her wedding a few years back – such great ideas!

    1. Hi Lauren! I’m so glad you like the paper weight and the diaper pouch! I didn’t have any trouble changing the letters? You might want to call Shutterfly customer service and see what they suggest for you? Best of luck! xo

  10. These gift ideas are fantastic!! There are some people in my life who would truly feel special with these personalized items. I’ll definitely keep these ideas in mind!

  11. So fun to see photos of your home again, thanks for sharing and congrats on many exciting projects. Hoping you’re able to set your sights on your wished-for new kitchen!

  12. These are great ideas! Also I love the rug in the picture under the crib. Where did it come from? So good to have you posting again.

  13. Did you spray paint your industrial shelving gold? I went on a crazy adventure trying to get them brass plated but no one within driving distance had a bath that would fit them. (I ended up getting mine powder coated white).

  14. Hello! I love that blue desk! Is there a tutorial somewhere on how you made it? I can’t seem to find it on your site (I think I remember there being a blog post about it?). Thank you! :)

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