Photo Ledges and Never Ending Love for Martha

It was Michael’s birthday this last weekend. He loves books more than just about anything (evidence), so we squeezed in a few stops to his favorite antique and used books stores as part of his b-day celebration. 
I know. We’re party animals, what can I say? 
While he was browsing the smarty pants sections, I found some cool, new-to-me art and design books. (I’m excited to share some of them with you in a couple of Book Club posts!) One of my favorite finds was a set of three books from Martha Stewart. They were published in the 90s (almost 20 years ago!!), but they feel incredibly fresh to me. I had to scan in this page to share with you. Girlfriend was DIYing picture ledges while I was still in high school.

I’ve been wanting to make a similar photo ledge wall in our house. We’ve been here for a few years now, and I’m ready to switch some things up a little, including taking down the gallery wall. I love having a place to share my favorite art finds, but I’m craving something more personal in here. I would love to print out and frame more family photos – mostly just candid shots.

 photo LGN Gallery Wall.jpg

We did something like this in my mom’s formal living room. We printed out old wedding portraits of our family members and baby pictures of the grandkids. And then we used two rows of two IKEA picture ledges and just caulked the seam in the middle.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 5.42.16 PM.png
I’d love to figure out a great low bookshelf or long wall-mounted credenza for underneath the ledges that I’m hoping to make for my living room. I moved the formerly red (also formerly white) and now pale mint credenza up to the studio, and I am missing having a big anchor piece in the room. I’ll have to figure something out there. I also bought a new rug that arrives this week and I’m going to paint our coffee table and do a few other quick-fixes. I’m most excited about this picture ledge project though! These are a few of my inspiration images:
 photo f5b740599a70557c433ad1ddd30647b4_1.jpg
 photo 8f676669faa6ae0c595477cf7c1a35c6.jpg
 photo 28f1296eefd1112096223f03e0cce950.jpg
 photo 8459d1280d013169ce4d47aa90bf2a24.jpg
 photo c35eab39e343b320b1568ed9819c7183 1.jpg
 photo e3fc725ba337165a34fbff88d2dc7c57.jpg
 photo IMG_6283.jpg
Can you even believe that Martha image though? There are so many goodies in that book series that I’d never seen before!
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17 thoughts on “Photo Ledges and Never Ending Love for Martha

  1. JUST moved to my first house and was going to do a gallery wall around my tv but maybe I should change it up? The picture ledge does look more polished. Think a ledge could work around a tv or would that break up the clean lines?

  2. speaking of fresh: the wedding shots and grandkids as the theme. perfection! and surprised to see 90's vintage being so chic.
    i'm a less-is-more-girl with these photo walls and shelves. I mean sure, a good handful (ie: your mom's) . . but several dozen make for a busy wall less enjoyed. i think anyway.
    loved the post ~

  3. Now's the time to say I think your green bathroom is so Martha Stewart, but with a little modern twist. I LOVE Martha Stewart! (she made our move to Connecticut, way back when, exciting rather than scary because I knew she had had a home there :0)

    I did some photo ledges back around 1999 for my apartment that I shared with roommates. A father of one of the girls hung them for me. We had a friend take fun, black and white photos around town of the 4 roommates and it looked great!

  4. I clicked on the link to the books, and Amazon told me I bought one of them in 2002. Which I totally did and I even remember where it is (5 moves later) Now I know what I'm re-reading tonight!

  5. I have been looking up the wall mounted credenza ideas on Pinterest and found some really beautiful options that I know you could def DIY-like Ikea's BESTA storage options, and some people have just mounted Ikea upper cabs on the bottom of the wall and wrapped in wood. I'm thinking of doing something similar in my foyer. Thanks for blogging, Jenny! I've followed you for years, literally, like pre-New York and you are such an inspiration and just fun people. Take care!

  6. I have all of these Martha books! I was OBSESSED with Martha in the early 90s. There was a promo going on with Minute Maid orange juice. You would have to save up a certain amount of bar codes from the juice container, and then send them in to get your book. I drank TONS of orange juice to get my books! I still have them. I think they've stood the test of time, and I regularly get rid of books that are out of date.

  7. I will forever love the old Martha Kids magazines, I was in high school and stock-piling them. ;-) I didn't take into account that when I would actually have kids, I would be SO TIRED and not nearly as crafty! ha! Love the ledges look, one of my inspiration pics for them is India Hick's fab shelves, so chic!

  8. Since I am probably your oldest reader, I know all about those Martha books. I have every single one! The nice thing about Martha is that she never goes out of style.

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  10. Martha has always been the bomb. What a great find and happy you shared your discoveries. I had to force myslef not to hoard her magazines.
    I debated for a long time, between a picture ledge and a gallery wall recently, but in the end settled on a gallery style because I felt the ledges were just a bit too casual for the look I wanted, BUT now that I'm reinspired about ledges, I pretty certain I have the perfect space in another room I hope to makeover this fall.

  11. I have those books, and the fourth one, too! I got them for Christmas one year when I was in high school. I wondered recently if I was the only one who thought the stuff in there still looked really good.

  12. you have completely inspired me. I've been struggling with book storage and i adore these low to the ground shelves. thank you jenny!

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