Black and Ivory Wire Stools

Remember my wire barstools? I had been planning to paint them for a while and when we finished the kitchen redo, it was time to figure something out. Any time I’m looking for inspiration (or if I’m just bored, which is weird, I know) I hop over to 1st Dibs or Chairish to get inspired…

Remember my wire barstools? I had been planning to paint them for a while and when we finished the kitchen redo, it was time to figure something out.

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Any time I’m looking for inspiration (or if I’m just bored, which is weird, I know) I hop over to 1st Dibs or Chairish to get inspired by beautiful antique and vintage furniture. I saw these Bertoia stools on 1st Dibs and I LOVED the color combo of cream on the seat and black on the legs.

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I found the perfect color of ivory semi-gloss spray paint called Navajo White from Rustoleum. It’s so pretty and warm!

 photo stools1.jpg

I used Rustoleum’s black enamel for the bases and then reconnected the two.

 photo stool2.jpg

They looked instantly more vintage to me! And somehow the paint helps the metal not feel as cold to the touch? Either way, the paint job was a big improvement!

 photo stool3.jpg

And I really love how they look in my kitchen! The wire backs are surprisingly comfortable, but I wouldn’t be opposed to figuring out a way to add some additional padding.

 photo 61.jpg

 photo 50.jpg

Right now we just have some little white vinyl pads on the seats that came with the stools.

 photo 59.jpg

I like the look of these black seats against the ivory.

 photo 1007.jpg

But I also really like the fully upholstered look. The official Knoll pads are prohibitively expensive, but I think I could maybe figure out a way to make something?
 photo 859807_l.jpg


Last time I was in New York a month or two ago, I sat in these stools at ABC that had leather Knoll pads on the seat and on the back. I really love the clean look and the back pad upped the comfort level by a LOT.
 photo IMG_4347.jpg
I’m thinking this version might be a little more DIY friendly, too. I think the tricky part would be figuring out a way to stiffened or double up the leather. It was pretty stiff stuff.

 photo IMG_4349.jpg

Dying over those little straps. :)
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24 thoughts on “Black and Ivory Wire Stools

  1. Gorgeous! What is it about ivory lately… clean like white, but warmer? I'm sensing a possible trend. Love the update! And yes, yes, yes to the leather!

  2. If you're looking to DIY the last look, why not sandwich a piece of scrap cardboard between two pieces of leather? Once the edges were sealed (either hand-stitched or glued would work fine, I think) no one would ever know what was inside. That would add the stiffness you need to the leather, while still being flexible and giving it a little cushion. I would play with both a cereal box-esque thin layer of cardboard and a thicker packing box-type layer, to see what worked best.

  3. GIRL! FRIEND! Every single flipping time i come to your blog I am inspired!! and I love that you said "where I am bored"
    I just think I like to avoid work – like laundry and & cleaning and make fun stuff. :)

  4. That lovely blue leather (or is it pleather?) you have on the dining chairs would be a nice material with some foam sandwiched between for comfort. Otherwise, they do look great on their own.

  5. What a difference a little paint makes! As for cushioning the chairs, the lovely blue leather you have on the dining room chairs would work nicely with some foam sandwiched between perhaps using the design of the NY technique.

  6. That really is the perfect shade of ivory! Adding that to my list of paints to try. I have similar chairs at my dining table and would love to try making some leather pads for the back. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Adore the colour change! WOW! i have vintage metal outdoor furniture and the chairs have similar straps as your last example. They are a piped pleather with exterior-grade foam in the middle…greeny yellow with apple green piping. What goes around comes around it seems.

  8. I love them! We are in the process of demoing our kitchen and planning every detail of its new look. Barstools have been a big question mark – maybe we'll go a similar route to yours!

  9. Saddle leather (Amanda said it first!)

    It's much stiffer and you may have trouble cutting unless you have the right tools. Find a bootmaker shop and they might do it reasonably.

  10. We found a scrap of thicker leather for sale at a shoe repair store. I think it was labeled as belt leather. We managed to cut it with what we had at home, but it wasn't fun. I think the leather pad looks great and it would also keep shorts-clad legs from getting waffle-printed by your chairs.

  11. Anyone know how spray painted metal stands against cleaning? I want to use this with my kids that will inevitably spill. If I scrub the spray paint on metal will is scrape off?

  12. Love the paint colours you chose for the these chairs! Great combo especially that it's not a stark white, the ivory definitely gives it more warmth to it. Can't wait to see what kind of padding/cushion that'll go with it!!

  13. Those are really unique stools! The first thing I thought when I saw the wire pattern could be to weave lengths of fabric throughout the back and bottom. That could be a different way to add cushioning that wouldn't need to be super permanent either

  14. Love these chairs so much I bought some for my kitchen island (back when you originally posted this).

    I love my chairs but struggling with protecting my hardwood floors. Wondering if you’ve put anything on the lags to protect your floors? I tried stick-on felt pads and the don’t stay on, I’m desperate for an effective alternative!


  15. I would love to spray my chairs too – but am wondering how the paint is holding up?

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