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Things are moving along with the guest bathroom reno! Since we saved so much money on the clawfoot tub (only $200!) I felt like we could spend just a little more on the sink, so I went to my stone guy (where I bought the black limestone surround for my firebox) and looked in his remnant section for something to make a sink out of. I wanted a white marble with really heavy veining, like a statuary marble. I found this large remnant slab that I really liked but it was polished and I wanted a honed finish. After finding out the stone was only $10/sq ft I felt like I could afford to have the stone honed, which added only a couple of dollars to the price per square foot. It’s White Horn marble and the veining is so pretty!

 photo IMG_4893.jpg

I bought a smallish undermount sink from Signature Hardware. The whole sink is 40″ wide and I wanted there to be a shelf and plenty of space on the countertop for putting toiletries, so we decided on something roughly 20″ wide.

 photo IMG_5113.jpg

I got the sink back from the stone fabricator yesterday and I’m in love!

 photo IMG_5257.jpg

 photo cIMG_5242.jpg

I think it will look beautiful with the tile we chose (that still needs to get installed!).

 photo IMG_5253.jpg
 photo IMG_5256.jpg

The only thing we’re waiting for is the sink base. I found a commercial metal worker just on google maps who was willing to take on side jobs. He was such a nice guy (email me if you want his contact info) and he gave me a great price for the sink base and two side table bases. I gave him a really rough sketch and here’s what he showed me after a really quick work up using 1″ square iron rods. (it’s sitting on a brace here)

 photo cIMG_5221.jpg
I was mostly checking for shape here and I told him I loved it, but asked for the curve to get shaved down a little to be a little more smooth.
 photo IMG_5223.jpg

Then yesterday I stopped by to check on the new curve and the color. I wanted the sink base to be a dark color to contrast against all the whites in the room. He got the iron a really dark but still industrial feeling black in the upper right corner here below. Just what I was hoping for! And the curve is perfect too. I wanted it to feel a little like hairpin legs. It’s hard to see with the shadows, but I think it’s going to be just right. :)

 photo IMG_5228.jpg
 photo IMG_5231.jpg

So after the color goes more uniform and black, the metalworker will build some little tabs to help us connect the sink with the base. Also I’m probably going to have to build some sort of french cleat situation to ensure everything stays where it’s supposed to on the wall, but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I’m really happy with the progress so far! Now I just need to get going on all that tile!

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36 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Sink

  1. You're taking it to a whole new level! Congrats on moving from redo to designing custom pieces. You are so talented. :). Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I didn't even realize creating something like this was possible… I guess that's why I leave it to the experts. Beautiful work!

  3. Ok, that is amazing!! Wish you'd comment on your decision for honed marble.
    Have you considered adding towel racks on the side like old sinks often have. I recently added one to my old sink (on the front) and it's really help cut down on visual clutter and enable me to use my other towel racks for bath towels. ..I'm now thinking you don't have the space, but something for the future.

    I think this is one of your MOST incredible creations.

  4. Love that you were able to find something so gloriously appropriate for your tile in the remnant section. So true to your design ethos. Incredible and creative. Can. Not. Wait.

  5. My sentiments have been expressed by previous commenters – 'Wow!', 'Amazing!', 'Love!'. Still, I must say that I enjoy your posts so much (that was said too : ). The sink is divine and I enjoy the non-linear way that you reveal things. I totally forget that you were also doing your bathroom with the kitchen, library, exterior, and all the other million things you are doing! You should have a cape as a permanent part of your outfit!

  6. Aren't these ads that re-direct you driving everyone crazy?? Can't you just leave ads on the sidebar??

  7. Just wow! You are so inventive Jenny. I'm constantly amazed at your fresh perspective and hands on approach to design. why settle when you can create exactly what you want. Really fabulous.

  8. I don't normally leave comments, but your post just amazed me. You are so talented and come up with so many different creative projects that look amazing. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

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