A Breath of Fresh Air in the Kitchen

My friends over at One Kings Lane were so kind to share photos of this amazing kitchen redo they posted on the OKL blog this week (they even sent me over some outtakes). Isn’t this soft blue-gray color perfection? Such a contrast from the before images! The kitchen belongs to OKL editor Kerstin Czarra. She…

 photo Kitchen0039.jpeg

My friends over at One Kings Lane were so kind to share photos of this amazing kitchen redo they posted on the OKL blog this week (they even sent me over some outtakes). Isn’t this soft blue-gray color perfection? Such a contrast from the before images!

 photo Kitchen57750.jpg

The kitchen belongs to OKL editor Kerstin Czarra. She and stylist Megan Phlug worked together to completely transform this small NYC kitchen with just a little paint, new brass hardware and a few really well-chosen accessories. Not to mention some new lighting, including this chandelier that they made themselves! Amazing, right? Also, that moulding is completely unreal.

 photo Kitchen58124.jpg
Here are a few more photos of the gorgeous, airy space:

 photo Kitchen57876.jpeg
Megan chose these cork floor tiles because they look a lot like marbleized paper. So pretty!
 photo Kitchen57805.jpeg

Adding a mirrored backsplash and taking off the upper cabinet doors really lightened up the space.

 photo Kitchen57735.jpg

 photo Kitchen57829.jpg
Can you believe how much just a little paint completely transformed this kitchen? For more photos and info on this fabulous project, check out the One Kings Lane blog here. Thanks for sharing, and great job, ladies!

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30 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air in the Kitchen

  1. The brass is absolutely striking against the paint color. I'm seeing more use of mirrors in small kitchens and I'm liking it!
    I'm ready to try it inside a glass front cabinet.
    Thanks for the great photos. So inspirational!!!

  2. I love it all! I'm in the process of streamlining my collection of glassware and this is just the boost I need to show it off. The blue + gold looks perfect together!

    Any info on that tree print in the reflection? I know I've seen it floating around, but I can't quite remember where. Thanks!

  3. Love this kitchen! I don't think I've ever seen a kitchen that color before. So beautiful. Love the brass hardware, its perfection.
    I grew up with cork tiles in my kitchen like the ones in this kitchen. They are awesome because they have some give to them. When you are standing in the kitchen for a long time baking or cooking they are great on your feet and back.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome kitchen.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  4. A dutch friend of mine said "blue" in the kitchen always soothes and cools the cook. I love that soft pale hint of blue. Yes, that light is wonderful too and the brass seems such the perfect touch.

  5. I just read the entire before and after story. I myself love the Danish or Scandinavian grey-blue hue too and wish I could do the same for my tiny kitchen!

  6. This looks like something you'd pull off–max impact on minimal budget, with lots of elbow grease thrown in. Hey, isn't that how you pulled off the current kitchen makeover? The colors are different but the idea is similar, no?

  7. Please oh please figure out how to get a DIY tutorial for that light — and thanks for sharing. This kitchen is perfection (at least as far as a 3×6 kitchen can be)

  8. This might be the push I need to put a mirror behind my counter in the kitchen – it's SO dark under the cabinets but no access to an outlet for light solutions. I bet a mirror would be the perfect thing. Off to measure!

  9. Gorgeous. I default to light blue way too much but it's so easy to live with! That light fixture is amazing. Any thoughts on how DIY-able it is? Hope you are doing well!

  10. (Love your comment warning!). Thank you for posting this. Husband and I are just about to move into a rental with a teeny kitchen with little storage and cabinet space. This was so inspiring!

  11. I think this is gorgeous – I see so many things that LOOK amazing, but I'm trying to narrow down what might truly work, in my own, actual,living spaces. With that in mind, I'm trying to apply some "critical thinking," and I wonder if anyone can speak to 2 things I noticed that seem like they could be problematic? First – the drawer pulls seems like they'd catch hands, pockets, little kids' heads, etc. I can picture the corner of my favorite sweater getting ripped clean off! Also – back splashes get filthy – would a mirror in that position just be constantly in need of a Windex?
    I want to stress that I'm not trying to be overly critical and I do think this is a gorgeous upgrade – just trying to hone my arm-chair decorator's eye. Thank you for indulging me. ;)

  12. I love the look but had the same thought as unknown about the hardware– I'm clumsy enough that I'm sure I'd be black and blue from running into those square edges, and the mirror is very cool but in such a splashy area, it would get pretty messy. The color combo reminds me of one of those La Cornue ranges that I love the look of.

  13. I cannot believe how improved this kitchen is. It's gorgeous. Once again I'm hugely jealous of people with 'vision'.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. I have to admit, I am not normally a fan of brass and think it can easily look outdated, but with the light blue it is really pretty. The only thing I am not a fan of is those extra long pulls. They look a bit overwhelming on the drawers.

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