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More $4 Art Inspiration

Lenya from 7 Year Wedding had a nook in her dining room that was feeling a little drab. She scanned in some trellis scrapbook paper and had it made into an engineering print like I did here.

I love the texture the graininess of the printing process gives to the look. It’s especially good layered with a pretty mirror!

Great job Lenya!!

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10 thoughts on “More $4 Art Inspiration

  1. Wow, that's so pretty! I love how light the pattern is – I almost didn't notice it at first because of all the other stuff on the mantle, but it definitely adds to it. I love this!

  2. What a smart idea – just copying a pattern rather than an image! I have a swatch of vintage fabric from my grandmother's stash that would be a perfect candidate! Thanks, as always for the great inspiration!!!

  3. Beautiful inspiration! Where is that sunburst mirror from? I like how spindle-y it is!!

    Congrats on being featured here.


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