New Bergere Chairs

Now that we’re probably moving to a bigger space this summer (I’ll share news as soon I can – don’t want to jinx it!), I’m having a hard time passing up furniture deals. How could I not get these cute little chairs last weekend? They were only $175 for the pair and are surprisingly comfortable…

Now that we’re probably moving to a bigger space this summer (I’ll share news as soon I can – don’t want to jinx it!), I’m having a hard time passing up furniture deals. How could I not get these cute little chairs last weekend? They were only $175 for the pair and are surprisingly comfortable for their petite size. Wouldn’t these be perfect bedroom chairs?

The green fabric is super old and all snagged, so the chairs need new upholstery STAT. I’m thinking I’d like to do a more neutral fabric so I can go with something fun for our windows (maybe yellow drapes like these?).
I’m not usually into using a different fabric on chair backs, but I might like it here.
The first row below shows some paint options I’m considering for the frames. Links are listed below the round up. There’s a mix of high and low fabrics here. For the pricier Kelly Wearstler fabrics, always try checking eBay or etsy for yardages before paying the huge mark up online. These fabrics also often turn up at fabric outlets and in upholsterer’s remnant bins.
Do you have any gray or black/white patterns you’re really loving these days?
Paint colors:
1) Benjamin Moore Gunmetal 2) BM Gray Pinstripe 3) BM Silvery Milk 4) Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray
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49 thoughts on “New Bergere Chairs

  1. I can't believe you may leave your place after all that work.. just kidding, I'm secretly excited because I get to watch you do all this again. :) I love the confetti fabric!

  2. Love the chairs, you always inspire me with your nifty upholstery choices. I love the tiny polka dots – so sweet! I'd also do the back of the chair in a different fabric for something fun!

  3. I love the chairs and can't wait to see what you are going to do with them. The yellow curtains are great, so fun.
    I just upholstered an ottoman with the grey WestElm Ikat print and love it. I also like all the options on spoonflower but it gets kind of expensive.

  4. My husband and I were inspired by you and purchased an antique loveseat with tufting in the back yesterday! We're planning on reupholstering it ourselves. We've been watching online videos like it's our job!

  5. I have to say I adore the Confetti fabric – I'm developing quite a fondness for interesting polkadots the last few weeks. And any of the paint choices would be stunning!

  6. Lovely chairs! What a deal.
    I'd go for a rust/orange taffeta plaid backing, and pull out a neutral from the plaid for the front in shatung, no geometrics or floral unless they are stunning wild. For the wood parts, I'd catch a deep indigo blue that contrasts with the fabrics.

  7. I love those chairs!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm always inspired by your sure-footed approach! (Were they mine, I would sooooo strip the wood and then probably not like it so I'd do something crazy like paint it orange and hate it then have it painted white like I end up doing with everything! But maybe this time at an auto shop place in gloss, so it's like lacquer. Taking me a year to finally enjoy the chairs!! I love confetti (business in the front) with a little snake chain (party in the back) or the buffalo check. :)

  8. My great room is shades of gray, I think I painted it 3 times before I got the right shade, gray is so tricky but soooo worth it when you get it right. And I LOVE those chairs!

  9. Jenny, those chairs are going to look amazing. I can't wait to see them unveiled! I was drawn to the KWID Confetti right away. I'm all about dots at the moment! Also all about curtains- I'm working on some for my home office and may take the plunge on the sew in pleat tutorial you featured a while back. Wish me luck- haven't ever done this before.

  10. Don't paint them! LOVE the Albert Hadley Fireworks fabric in the black and white colourway. Give that a try!!! Can't wait to "tour" your next place!!!!

  11. ooo! what a score. These are great. I did a chair like it with a gray mattress ticking on the front and a vintage crewel work on the back. I love it. Can't wait to see them finished!

  12. Oh, those chairs are amazing. And that price! I'm on the lookout myself. It would be so fun to do the backs and seat cushion in a coordinating/contrasting fabric.

  13. Do you have any gray or black/white patterns you're really loving these days? I got fabric last year from Ikea that has a great gray in it and little pops of yellow… in love, I've been saving for a special project!

  14. Fantastic chairs! Lucky find! I vote for Dorian Gray, and the Brunschwig Greek Key overall, with the Dwell Snake Chain accent in the back… Ohhhh! I love these!

  15. Those are great chairs! We have a Beacon Hill fabric on our site (Annina – Black and White) that I absolutely adore and would look great on those chairs. Good luck reupholstering!

  16. Those chairs are fabulous. You don't usually see Bergere chairs with enclosed arms. I like the idea of doing the different fabric on the back.

    Looking forward to hearing about your new digs. Yay for more decorating projects!

  17. I can't even be happy for you, I am so jealous of those chairs. Can't wait to see what you make of them :) Also, I just painted my breakfast nook BM Chelsea Gray and I loooove it if you are looking for more grays.


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