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This post is Sponsored by Clorox. Help stop the spread of germs with Clorox® disinfecting products. Clorox is putting together an eBook on what busy mothers/women can do with just three extra minutes, and I was super excited that they invited me to contribute! I’ve never been more busy than I am right now and…

This post is Sponsored by Clorox. Help stop the spread of germs with Clorox® disinfecting products.
Clorox is putting together an eBook on what busy mothers/women can do with just three extra minutes, and I was super excited that they invited me to contribute! I’ve never been more busy than I am right now and I’m juggling so many things, but I feel more at peace now than I did a couple years ago when I was a new mom. I felt like I had lost a bit of my identity while I was so buried in the newborn phase with Grace and Claire (it was a little easier with Evie). After surviving three of those phases, I figured out a handful of quick fixes that help me feel more efficient/put together. And they’re so helpful now too as I’m trying to find a good balance in my life.

1) Put on your shoes or work out clothes if you’re staying home and just trying to get things done. There is something about wearing shoes that puts me in the efficiency zone. I’m cleaning, I’m busting out projects, I’m doing the laundry. It’s awesome. Also, don’t laugh at me but I started buying old lady shoes for those times when I’m going to be on my feet all day but don’t want to wear running shoes. I bought these loafers and these boots from Aerosoles! (yikes!) I feel like I should be embarrassed but they are so comfy and cute!

2) Put on some jewelry or paint your fingernails. Even when I don’t have a stitch of make up on and my hair’s up in a top knot, if I take 30 seconds to put on some pretty jewelry I feel put together enough to go pick up my kids from school (which turns out is a bit of a fashion show here in NY). I’ve completely fallen in love with Meredith Jackson jewelry, and all these earrings would do the trick.

I also like to have my nails painted. I don’t mind painting my own nails (or using those Sally Hansen sticker packs), but manicures here in NYC are so cheap! Rather than going out for a movie or for dinner, I meet up with my girlfriends for chit-chat and a mani/pedi. My favorite is the shellac manicure. Crazy shiny and lasts for WEEKS without chipping. Not even oil-based paint sticks to this stuff!!

3) Make a list. The fastest way for me to feel organized on a busy day is to sit down and make a list. I use those electronic sticky notes a lot and I still use Teux Deux on my phone and my computer (they sync with each other!).
I use it as an appointment calendar too. If I have an appointment, the entry is made in all caps and I put it at the top of the list for the day. But sometimes an old pen and paper work best for getting my thoughts organized – and it feels a bit more satisfying to write it down somehow.
4) Do something creative! When I had Gracie, my best friend suggested I start a hobby that is easy to pick up and put down – like knitting or playing the guitar or piano. I think it’s so important to do something creative every day, especially if you’re a stay at home mom. Learn to be a better photographer. Take up pastels or charcoal drawing. Teach your children how to draw a puppy or a flower. Push yourself in the kitchen and try new, tricky recipes. Write a blog! :) I’d love to learn how to better sew clothes this year or make the time to sew presents (like these dolls from waaaay back in the day) for my girls for birthdays and Christmas.
And some time in the future I’d love a little studio where I could pop in for a few minutes to paint every day. The mommy fog starts to clear every time I start using the creative side of my brain.
5) Be still and take time to reflect. My life is SO noisy! The streets are crazy and my kids can be pretty loud. I find myself craving a little quiet time by the end of the day. No sounds. No screens. Just sitting still for a couple minutes to reflect on the day. I’ve been using one of these Line A Day journals to jot down a little reminder of something that made me smile. It’s fun to look back during what I know were hard or stressful times and seeing that there was always something to be happy about every single day. Today I wrote a sentence about how Evie’s latest thing is to walk around fake sneezing. “Ah, aaaAAHH, AHHH-CHOOOOOOO!!” It’s so loud and so ridiculous, but I hope I can remember it forever.
I have to add, that I’d like to get better at thinking about other people outside my immediate family for a few minutes every day. Helping out a neighbor or someone on the street — It feels so great to think outside myself every now and again.
I’d love to hear what you do when you have three free minutes in your day. And if you feel like sharing with the Clorox people who are writing the eBook, feel free to head on over to their FB page.
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33 thoughts on “Three Free Minutes

  1. I've seen this clorox sponsored post a couple times, but I have to say I genuinely enjoyed reading yours the most. Those are great things to do with 3 spare minutes…as always, you inspire.

  2. such great insight. (proof that sponsored content can be super useful sometimes!)

    i love your first tip: put on your shoes. i do this too!

  3. We have a journal just like yours that we write a few lines in every day. I think it's a tradition that we'll always try to keep up to remember all those little details!

  4. The three minites turn into much much more if I pick up a paintbrush!! Sometimes though it is so needed.

    I really want to try the Shellac for my nails! Oh and I think your Aersole flats are cute; who would even know!

    Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  5. Love the shoes actually! Those pink ones are pretty killer- and the fact that they are comfortable is even better. Wholeheartedly agree about putting yourself together- even when you work from home like I do. I find I'm more productive and feel better about the day. Great post!

  6. What a sweet and helpful post! It's about being intentional and not letting the day run you, but you running the day. I especially like the tip about the line a day. I'll bet it is fun to look back on. Thanks again. And your Grace is adorable!

  7. I LOVED this post. Such good things to follow, easier said that done (I work at home and get too caught up into jumping from bed to my desk). I also always noticed that you have your nails painted in all pics and made a note to self to start doing that. looks so much nicer, even if my nails are stubby!

    Thanks Jenny!


  8. Great ideas, I especially agree with the jewelry and doing something for someone else! Love your blog!


  9. Please, please, please do not put your shoes on to clean if you live above someone. My neighbors seem to slip out of bed in their stilettos, and I can hear each and every step they take.

    I will also say I never leave the house without some makeup on. Similiar to your idea about nailpolish and earrings, I need some mascara to feel good.

  10. Ok. I never heard of it before your post, but I am now obsessed with Teux Deux! Account created, app purchased, officially in love.

    In the spirit of allowing you to inspire me, I just picked up 2 line a day journals. One for me, and one for Handsome Boyfriend.

    You're my new hero!

  11. Ok first things first, the old lady shoes are classic but in young lady colors so enjoy them. Secondly, I've noticed how much you enjoy a bright colored, well manicured nail. Very fun!! Thirdly, when I have a few extra minutes to spare in my day I read your blog!! And hunt for bargains on kijiji (craigslist) Taking a few spare minutes to throw something away or add it to the on-going goodwill box is always oddly freeing as well. If all else fails, sit, breathe and then get up and get to whatever I need to do.

  12. I can certainly relate to the mommy fog when my kids where babies. Honestly I had a really hard time when they where newborns through to about 2 years. Since my youngest turned 2 (he's 4 now) its been so much nicer, I actually enjoy being a mommy now that they are little people!

    I find that just getting my cleaning done first thing in the morning really clears my head for the day, it opens up the day to possibilities instead of being dragged down knowing you have cleaning to do.

    I draw every single day, my world does not spin without drawing ;-)

    I also garden each day for about an hour. Being in Hawaii we have the space to grow lots of stuff and it kills two birds with one stone for me, the kids hang outside with me and I get to do what I love with them around.

  13. I love this post, Jenny! Thanks to you I discovered Teux Deux and now I cannot live without it! It's really helped organize my life.. and I keep my appointments in it, too.

    And I love seeing my friend Meredith on your blog! She is so sweet and so talented and I wear her earrings pretty much

    I'm also an avid Aerosoles fan.. I'm sorry I just cannot wear 4 inch heels when I am on my feet every day and all day long, I don't know how some women do it! I actually get a ton of compliments when I wear my Aerosole wedges and it makes me laugh a little. :)

  14. i think the shoes are adorable as nothing is more hobbling than achy feet! and it's really difficult to keep a smile on your face when your feet ache.

  15. Ahh so cool that we both have the same line-a-day journal. I feel my coolness has just increased. You are my favorite blogger and I hope my home someday looks like yours. Keep up the amazing work!

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