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Velvet Upholstery

There’s some sort of spring situation happening with our sofa that needs repair. It might be that our couch is just too good at being a trampoline substitute (how can I tell the girls no when I don’t give them a backyard to play in?!). Those springs have taken years of play from my girlies,…

There’s some sort of spring situation happening with our sofa that needs repair. It might be that our couch is just too good at being a trampoline substitute (how can I tell the girls no when I don’t give them a backyard to play in?!). Those springs have taken years of play from my girlies, so I won’t blame one or two of them for surrendering.

I haven’t talked to my upholsterer yet about the fix, but I’m secretly hoping it will be an excuse to change out the fabric. The Sunbrella velvet has been really amazing these past two years or so. Stains wipe up really well. And the fabric is soft and super comfortable. But I’m ready for a change again. (what’s new)
I’m sold on the idea of choosing velvet again. It’s just so soft, and if a rogue juice sippy makes it over to the living room and spills on the couch, the liquid just sort of beads up on top for about 30 seconds before starting to soak in. I call it the golden window of opportunity. Cotton and linen velvets are awesomely kid-friendly.
I’ve let myself get excited by the idea of almost every color velvet under the rainbow. You know, I can honestly say there isn’t a color I don’t love or wouldn’t ever use in a room in some way. After some serious thought yesterday I’ve nailed down the color options to:
Rusty peachy orange (technical term)
Miles Redd
Pinky coral (though not this pink. The sample I have is a little more orange.)
Charcoal. Pretty neutral and hides a multitude of stains.
Mint. (the obsession continues!)
Kelly green (my easy console DIY convinced me that green is a good choice for that room! I have new plans for the tv anyway. Ch-ch-ch-changes!)
Palmer Weiss
Which color is your favorite?
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100 thoughts on “Velvet Upholstery

  1. Oooh, I've totally been looking for a navy velvet sofa. Any ideas on where to find one?

    I was hooked on the mint until I saw the Kelly green. I vote Kelly green! In the warm tones, the pinkish coral is my favorite.

    1. Go to http://www.article.com love my navy velvet sofa! Also got an Italian leather one too. I was worried about online shopping for a big purchase like this but after lits of research i went for it and absolutely love my sofas!!!

  2. Oooh I love them all- but that peachy rust is GORGEOUS- and I'm not typically a peachy type of gal- but it's really versitile and beautiful!

  3. My all time favorite sofa was an olive green velvet with huge pillows with chenille on one side and velvet on the other.
    The arms were big fat rolled things .. we had to leave it behind when we moved to Argentina.
    The chenille had a lot of old gold in it and the fringe was gold and olive so it was a warm color, not too green ..
    I would get the same exact thing again if I could find one.

  4. Are you going to use Sunbrella velvet again? Where can you find it? I have been looking for a rosey pink velvet to redo a chair in my living room, and I am having a hard time finding a reasonably priced velvet in the color I want (or any fun color, for that matter). Any suggestions on where to look?

  5. Love the charcoal one.

    Question: I am planning to use mohair velvet on an antique wing chair, since mohair velvet wears like iron for generations. The color is avery dark, almost charcoal, olive green and I wonder what piping to use? Upholsterer says that mohair velvet does not self-pipe well, makes makes weird piping that looks like caterpilers…and said leather piping would be best. Does everyone agree?

  6. I love velvet… so soft and plush! I have a deep red sofa that's not quite velvet, but velvet-ish. I've been surprised how much dust it shows and the way stains actually show more on the dark color. My lighter coach actually has worn so much better. So I would go for something lighter knowing that. I kind of like the peachy one. :)

  7. Oh you read my mind! Reupholstering my sofa is on the to-do list too…And I'm leaning towards a coral/pink myself.

  8. I love love love velvet. I'm wondering how much your upholsterer charges (or ballpark) for a job like that? I am getting insane pricing in the SF Bay area and just want to know if that's normal or my area. I love the rusty orange but of course it's always smacking of 70's decor a bit. Charcoal is a more modern, if "safer" less fun choice :)

  9. I'm about to order a sofa myself and confused about which color to choose. I would love to say go for the beautiful pink, but LOVE that charcoal, can't go wrong with that color. Or maybe the burnt orange or green…I'm no help! ::)) Whatever you choose will be fabulous as always!!

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  10. Oh, I loooove the idea of a velvet couch. It takes a utilitarian piece and makes it special, but still practical. Plus it's not slippery the way leather sofas are. Personally, I love the mint and the coral options!

  11. I just got a chesterfield from Mitchell Gold done in a charcoal and to be honest, it feels like a big dark boulder sitting in my living room. Not 100% happy with it because it feels so hulking and dark. But I love the classic shape and feel I can reupholster it a million times as we live with it over the years. (though I suppose all that tufting =$) Anyway, it's not a velvet, it's a polyester (which I did because of my 2 kids – I did NOT think that velvet would hold up well to kids! Argh, if only I had seen this post before ordering.) So, the charcoal is probably the most neutral of your choices, but beware too dark a shade of gray. Have fun!

  12. My vote is charcoal grey or kelly green. Though a coral-y pink would be fun – especially when your girls are little!
    I love your upholstery articles, btw.

  13. oh my gosh this makes me want my bed to be velvet…can you imagine velvet sheets. I just might have to look into that! ha

    I love all of these colors!!! truly!


  14. A reminder … if you have a pet especially, dark ( as in charcoal) velvet might show every single hair left behind.
    Just a tip from one who has been there :)

  15. I absolutely adore your blog. I just found totally by coincidence. I love how the blogworld work that way. Someone leads to you to someone who leads you to someone else. I love velvet too btw.

  16. I love velvet but never had experience with it on a seating surface (with my girls) but good to know it is so kid friendly! I learn something new here every day. :) I'm choosing velvet for a headboard project and I'm stuck deciding between teal and mint. I love the mint, but it seems too trendy, like I might get sick of it sooner.

    Good luck choosing!

  17. I'm inspired! Gotta find me a velvet sofa! I always find good ideas on your blog. Just started my first blog. Here's hoping I can inspire others as well!

  18. I think the kelly green would be beautiful and it would coordinate well with all the other bright hues already existing in your space. Although, I'd love to throw your hubby a bone and say bring on the charcoal. Is he the kind of guy that could love a coral velvet couch in his main living space?

  19. Oh that charcoal is YUMMY, I love the whole room :)

    I have an off white velvet has worn like iron, love a velvet sofa !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  20. I like your post and all that you share with us is really informative, I would like to bookmark the page so I can come here again to read your articles, as you have done a wonderful job. Sharing for this nice information with us is definitely a great help for us who are not so very familiar with the topic.

  21. That minty color is gorgeous. That would make me happy every time I looked at it. I love pink/peach with that color, too. A friend of mine just did accents in her bedroom in a blue/mint color with light pink chevron pillows and a white headboard and spread. I want to curl up in there and spend the day reading shelter magazines!

    Go for the mint. It's not predictable like the others. I think it's your secret crush.

  22. P.S. The mint reminds me of your blog background so I rest my case! You long for it so do it! You can always do the others the next time around. ;-)

  23. In reference to "treating" a fabric for stain prevention; I don't know how it works on velvet, but Scotchgard and others have one big drawback – if it cracks (almost microscopic) it then allows dirt to get trapped in the crack and work under it, making it impossible to clean. Choose a naturally stain repellent fiber like wool velvet, which resists the stain long enough for a quick wipe up with plain white absorbent paper towels. Wool velvet wears like iron too, ask the owners of great country houses in Europe, where wool velvet upholstery lasts for generations with normal care, even getting better with age.

  24. Love them all! Would love to see a follow-up post to see what you chose. Do you have any sources for velvet upholstery fabric that you could share? I am looking for green velvet for my own sofa.

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