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I’ve always loved seeing images of Ivanka Trump’s old apartment floating around the web. Her home was featured in both In Style and House and Garden in 2007. I hunted down the old In Style magazine on eBay that had some of my favorite shots from her place. It’s so fun to see the details!…

I’ve always loved seeing images of Ivanka Trump’s old apartment floating around the web. Her home was featured in both In Style and House and Garden in 2007. I hunted down the old In Style magazine on eBay that had some of my favorite shots from her place. It’s so fun to see the details!

I wish there were more photos of this stripey Empire sofa on the left here. And I’m loving the small gold detail on the lamp shade! Gorgeous.
Ivanka says in the article that she decorated the apartment by herself, but I remembered reading in the House and Garden issue that (one of my very favorite decorators) Emma Jane Pilkington did it? Either way, the apartment is beautiful. Classic, but young.
If Ivanka didn’t use a decorator, she sure has an amazing eye for details. Look at the design on her brushed silk curtain panels.
I love this room with its library ladder. The blue is so pretty. I’ve seen other photos of the space and the color is actually much deeper and brighter in reality.
I love the punches of red in each room. Red is such a great, energizing color when used in tempered doses.

The bedroom looks pretty chill from this shot…
But then, BAM! Check out the dresser/mirror/lamp combo down at the foot of the bed. SO GOOD!!
(House and Garden)
Her dining room in In Style was pretty enough. I liked the turquoise chandelier, though it seemed small in this shot…
But this version of her dining room is A-mazing. The chandelier fits right from this angle and the scale of the art is much better here. She framed a vintage Hermes scarf.
House and Garden
(via Flickr, not sure of the original source)
Here’s a close up of that super crazy-good lamp with the red lacquered shade. Maybe she has a pair of these lamps and one still lives in the bedroom? And check out the ribbon on the bottom of that armless sofa. Home girl loves her trims. Almost every upholstered piece in the house is trimmed out which makes me think Emma Jane definitely helped decorate.
Ivanka’s home pulls off my favorite look so very well – traditional furniture, modern art, quirky accessories, great lamps. It’s a fool-proof recipe, really. I mean, look at this Napoleon – great colors and what a conversation starter! And how beautiful are those crystal candle sticks? Such a lovely little collection.
Don’t you agree this apartment will still look fresh 20 years from now? It’s a favorite for sure.
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26 thoughts on “An All-Time Favorite

  1. Ah I absolutely love her apartment too! Thanks for sharing the photos, it's so nice to see them again.

    There's no way that she did that herself – that's clearly been done by an interior designer or at least someone who has an awful lot of experience and contacts at amazing stores…..Also an interior like that doesn't spring up overnight, it takes years to curate unless it's your job to do it! It think you're right, Emma Pilkington did it.

    I think it's really classic and won't date. I wish I could like there!

  2. It's a beautiful apartment.

    One of the pages that you posted actually says that Pilkington designed it.

  3. On one of the photos you show it mentions Emma Jane Pilkington.
    Her apartment is an all time favorite. Thank you for sharing it again. Yes this is a home that will be very much in style for years to come…I think due to the fact that much of the furniture is very traditional but freshened with paint. What I love is the mix of different colors the furniture is painted. Black, red, prussian blue and yellow…not sure I would have the guts to do so many colors but it works.

  4. I really like the looks of this apartment although clearly it's for a single woman. Now that Ivanka is married and has a baby I wonder what her apartment looks like.

  5. Jenny! I've just started following your blog and you are totally reading my mind! I love ur design and love this post!! Annnnnnnd, I was born at home too! When I read about Evie's birth, I was so excited because your story was so similar to my moms. I'll have to email u, thanks sooo much!

  6. Thanks for posting this, Jenny! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and there are so many amazing details. I'm new at sewing and have recently discovered the trim aisle. I also love the idea of framing the scarf.

  7. Rather cheeky of her to say that she decorated it herself if she had help from a designer. I love how fresh her apartment looks! Really well done. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So fresh yet adult! Perfect inspiration for a 26 year-old like me getting knee deep in designing her first home. Love the framed scarf idea. Thank you for sharing!


  9. I really like her – and now, I love her apartment! So fresh and classic, all at the same time. And I really like her dress too…I know that's unrelated to this post, but just a side note :)

  10. Your post reminds me how much I miss that magazine and although I think Ivanka probably has incredible taste there is no doubt she had a "little" help and you're right this is incredibly timeless! Happy 2012! Looking forward to everything you have in store for us readers!!

  11. You are so right; it's a wonderful apartment – and NO way did she do it herself! Thanks for sharing – lots of good ideas here.

  12. I am such an Ivanka fan, and also oohed and aahed over her apartment in one of these mags way back. I just want to say that I saw her in person walking on the UES and she is an absolute goddess. She is no waif and she is very tall. Luscious and utterly luminous.

  13. it's a great space! and for one that was published four/five years ago, it seems pretty current.

    it's always a big concern in my mind, if the pieces I'm choosing for my own are age appropriate. I'm in my younger 30s but don't want it to feel like my first apartment, nor do I want to appear to old and stuffy with my decor. not sure if there's a litmus test for that.

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